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  1. Be careful with honey as it "can" take the breath away. The best way to give honey is to buy the honey in the squirty pump packs and write 'dog' on it, they way you wont get it mixed up with your honey and get slobber on your toast. With the dog laying on it's side, lift the flew and pour the honey in the side of the mouth on the top gums, this way it wont take your dogs breath away. For kennel cough, the "usually" need OAB's and soft foods (even soaking the biscuits in some cases). Benadryl (cough mixture) can be brought over the counter at most good chemists and pharmacies, it's "usually" what the vets prescribe inconjunction with OAB's anyway. Good Luck, Elise
  2. Put boracic acid powder in the ears. It absorbs the water.
  3. Dear Inspector Rex, May you always treasure your fond memories of Fergie. Thinking of you in your time of mourning. ((HUGS)) Elise
  4. I am so very sorry for your double loss
  5. Elise

    Rip Max.

    Jintanut, I am so very sorry for your sad loss of Max. I, too lost one on the table during a routine spey. Please know that I am thinking of you in your time of grief. Deepest Sympathies Elise
  6. The "main" cause for hot spots is fleas. Another cause for hot spots is when the dog is wet (not being dried properly after a bath). We find Mylanta works well on hot spots, it dries them out pretty quick. If you've got the diet sorted out and you're bathing her in medicated shampoo another couple of possibilities to look at could be:- * thyroid * hormones (is she coming into season) * some dogs have an allergy to a certain bush/tree/plant/grass in the yard. This can make them itch and scratch and lead to a hot spot. * over-washing can irritate the skin Apart from the OAB's, did your vet prescribe a very low dose of steroid? Good Luck, Elise
  7. Did the vet look at her throat by any chance? I had a dog a couple of years back and she had this "funny" cough and she was hungry but couldnt' eat, poor thing had tonsilitis.
  8. My dogs prefer certain flavours over others (of Supercoat). We have that many different coloured bags going at once at the moment, it's not funny.
  9. So very sorry for your loss, Poodle girl........seems it's a rotten month for DOL'ers to have their hearts broken. Thinking of you, Elise
  10. Elise

    For Abby

    Dear Foxy, That is beautiful. May you always cherish Abby's memories forever.
  11. Elise


    I'm so very sorry, Rozzie. What a double blow losing Josey and now, Sasha and on your birthday, too. RIP Sasha.
  12. Elise


    Rozzie, I am so very, very sorry for your sad loss. I have walked a mile in your shoes and share your pain. Please know that we are thinking of you in your time of grief, sadness and sorrow. Deepest Sympathies & ((HUGS)) for your loss of Josey. RIP Josey. Elise
  13. Dear Divine, Thinking of you in this time of sadness. RIP Patchie.
  14. RIP Ringer & Ray, thinking of you, Gillbob. (HUGS)
  15. RIP Bronson & Tia...........thinking of you, Christie in your time of sorrow. Elise
  16. Hi Kristy, I am so sorry for your loss of Holly. Grief hits hard and I am thinking of you in your time of sadness. Elise
  17. I am overwhelmed that people I have never met have sent me such lovely messages of condolences and it's really appreciated. It's been a week since Tulip has passed on and I still miss her like crazy. I lay in bed and look at the empty spot where she used to sleep and my heart aches and the tears fall freely. Everyone who knew Tulip and saw Tulip in recent times is shocked that she has departed, a healthy and well cared for bitch in her element of mother-hood. The pups are doing well. They are a delight and whilst we are trying to embrace ourselves in them for Tulip's sake, I'm saddened that they will never know their mum. I bottle feed them and cuddle them and love them around the clock, just like I did their mum. It seems so unfair that BYB's just breed for the hell of it and put two dogs together because they have opposite anatomies with no thought or consideration into genetic testing or pedigrees or complimenting each other etc.... No cost would have been spared on Tulip, I just couldn't get her anywhere in time. For closure I have since clocked the distance and she passed away 1.4 (one point 4) km's down the road. She was a much loved bitch and loyal companion and I will honour her memory forever. Thankyou for your kind thoughts and well wishes. Elise
  18. I did a deal with my butcher and I buy a 23kg box of necks for $1 kg ($23). These are good as they are the WHOLE neck and they come with plenty of meat on them. Being the WHOLE neck they can gnaw until their hearts content and get the meat off but they can't get through the bone so there is no chance of splittering or bits being of bone being pulled off and the gnawing keeps their teeth clean. That way when I get my bones, I know the WHOLE box is WHOLE necks and I'm not getting scrag and left over sharp bones left over from what they've cut off their t.bones etc.... I find that the "dinosaur" bones (marrow) are too heavy for the youngster to carry around. Brisket was too hard to come by. I don't mind the lamb flaps, good fat builders but very expensive and hard to come by.
  19. Tulip came to ME at 10 months of age. Her and I bonded and she was my shadow. She slept on a bed beside my bed. If I was on the computer, she could be found next to me by my chair. If I was in the kitchen preparing tea, she would be there. She idolised the ground I walked on, and I, hers. I would pet her until my arms were about to drop off and she would boof me and paw me until I started all over again. We were "in love" with each other. I have a "special needs" child who had bonded with her and he learnt to show on her and his first show ever, he took a class in group at an All Breeds show with her. She was a very pretty bitch and very feminine and I loved her dearly as did all who came into contact with her. On 2 November, Tulip gave birth to 5 healthy puppies naturally (3 boys, 2 girls), she was c.section for the last boy who was stuck, who is now healthy and fighting fit and the biggest in the litter. She was an excellent mother who wee'd and poo'd and fed them all. She was not left alone in a whelping box to trample the litter as I was with her all day, everyday 24/7. The pups were also sup-fed. The pups nails were trimmed every 2nd day to avoid mastitis AND Tulip fed from alternate sides so she wouldnt' get mastitis. Tulip was on several meals per day and she was given every delicacy she wanted. Tulip whelped her litter in the lounge room in air conditioned comfort and was given beaten eggs with milk and honey throughout labour. She was vetted regularly and her c.section scar was healing nicely and her sutures removed. She was on antibitoics post op and given calcium twice daily. Her mucous membranes were a good colour. She was eating, drinking, she was toileting fine and her temp was POINT 4 of a degree higher than normal, the vet said for a post operative bitch who was lactating, this was fine. On Thursday 18 November, Tulip fed her babies at 6pm, they were all wee'd and poo'd and were sleeping happily. Tulip ate well throughout the day. Tulip went to lay inthe walk-in pantry which is massive on a bed I made for her there. At 7pm she got up and was holding one back leg up. I thought she had pins and needles from laying on it and so rubbed her leg and her back. She's put the foot down but would not weight bear on it. I checked her vitals. Her heart was good (I have stethocscopes), Her colour was good, she had no mastitis, her vaginal discharge was clear, she was not huffing and puffing, she was responsive and wagging her tail and snorting and kissing me as she always does. I decided to have her seen to anyway. I thought perhaps a pinched nerve, maybe her siatic, maybe her pelvis, maybe her neck was out. Three skin kids and two baskets of puppies and Tulip were loaded into the car. Tulip was laying on the backseat of the 4WD on a nice soft polar fleece blanket with her head and paws in my sons lap. At no time was Tulip sick NOR did she look sick or give the appearance that she was un-well or dying. At most, it "seemed" she need anti inflammatory or manipulation as I thought she was "out" somewhere either from the c.section or the birthing process. Just down the road, she stood up and I said "Tulip sit down." I was doing 40km/h in a 100km zone. Tulip did a u.turn and sat down. I said "Tulip, drop". She dropped and we continued on. I asked my son how she was and he said "She's good mummy, I'm patting her." I continued on. THEN, "Mummy, Tulip's doing something funny." I pulled into the shoulder of the road. I jumped out of the car and went running around to the back passenger door. Using my knee to help lever her down to the ground, I scooped her up and performed CPR & EAR on her to no avail. I sat in a green ant nest and was eaten alive whilst I worked on her for over half an hour. My kids were distraught and screaming. The vet said it wouldn't have mattered where I was driving her to, she wouldn't have made it. The vet said she would have had to have had the turn she had in the car in a vet surgery to even survive and even then, it would be doubtful. She died so suddenly and so unexpectedly, a healthy bitch. It is believed that she had a clot (post operative) which caused a stroke that killed her. Tulip was in peak condition in the prime of her life (not 4 until the next month). This was her FIRST litter, she was not mated to anything or everything, she was hipscored, elbow graded, thryoid tested and vetted whenever she needed to be. Much thought and consideration went into this breeding, my first litter in well over 4 years. My family and I are shattered. We are all in total shock and disbelief. I walk around aimlessly wondering where my shadow is. Nothing, will ever replace her. Tulip left behind 6 x 16 day old motherless puppies. They will never know their mother. They will never have the interaction from the most wonderful temperamented bitch ever. Comments made about Tulip were:- * I have never seen her look so good. * Mother hood agreed with her. * Her coat is in excellent condition. * She looks the best I've ever seen her. * You can't tell she's had a litter. * She's in her element. * The vet upon examing her before he did the c.section said "She doesn't complain much does she?" Never under estimate the hand of GOD, go hug your babies because you never know when their time is up. No more will she "snort" at me. No more will she "howl" at an emergency siren. I now just lay and stare at her empty bed beside mine. I look at the 6 beautiful and helpless legacies she left me and pour all my love into them. They are being bottle fed 3 hourly and have started on "slop". I would have forsaken the whole litter to have my girl. RIP Tulip, you were my life, my shadow, my companion. :D :D :D ;) Elise
  20. I wold take the dog off dry food all together. I would feed chicken and rice and lots of mashed pumpkin. Pumpkin fills them up and so does rice so they wont they think are starving. The cooked chicken adds the flavour (of course so does the pumpking). I would feed her nothing else until she has reached her goal weight.
  21. Y'know that is a very good idea about approaching your neighbours. Where I used to live, I got on with the neighbours just fine. As we had 6ft chain wire mesh fencing, their dogs could see mine and vice versa. My dogs would take their bones over to the fence line as if to say na na na na we gotta bone and so I approached the neighbours and asked was it okay if I gave their dogs bones when I gave mine bones so they knew no one was baiting their dogs if they saw a bone in the yard. They said this was fine and it helped me because my dogs were such tormenting sh*ts to the neighbours dogs and I didnt' want to be like "give this kid an icecream but no that one". If I had the hydrobath going, I'd go get their dogs and do them too, it was no hassle to do an extra two and I knew then that they had been treated. Also used to trim their doggy's nails up for them to save them going to the vet when they weren't comfortable in doing it. I "think" it's all about the approach. Good Luck
  22. Bringing in a rescue from time to time, we had a flea problem and I was determined to eradicate it and I did. Firstly, I bathed all the dogs in a flea solution (nucidol). I even went as far as to do the goat and the cows much to the neighbours chagrin. Then we quarantined them. THEN, after making sure the house was devoid of living creatures (kids, dogs, cats etc......) I turned off all electrical appliances and gas, computers, fridges, freezers etc....and let a flea bomb off in every room of the house (toilet and bathroom included). THEN, I got out there like Arnold Schwarznegger with a big pressure wash (gurney) with nucidol in it and I sprayed every tree, bush, shrub, blade of grass. THEN, I washed EVERYTHING using sanpic disenfectant (all their bedding etc....) When the dogs were dry, the got Frontlined. The cats got advantaged. NO MORE FLEAS. Now rather than treat the whole lot again when a rescue or newbie comes in, it's like welcome to my haven, here is your worm and flea treatment. I find it easier to treat the newbie than all of the others. It's a process of illimination, you just can't do one and not the other. IF you live in a highset house where dogs can get under it, throw lime under there and close off underneath the house by boarding it up.
  23. "Apparently" this was a build up of possum poo. The possum used to visit the verandah and poop and the dog had access to it everyday. Over a period of time, it built up toxicity in the dog. It failed the vets and even a blood test failed to reveal anything, when she died, they did a PM and that's when they found the possum poo still undigested.
  24. POSSUM POO. I knew a lady that rescued a welfare saint when she was months old, got her to the great age of 11 years and some months. She was spoilt rotten, loved beyond reason. When I had a litter I had no hesitation in giving her a pup. She suddenly when from a healthy puppy to a very sick one, every one was baffled, me (the breeder), the vets etc..... It turned out she had eaten possum poo which was toxic, she lost her battle and went to GOD. LEFTOVER XMAS HAM: Some people after xmas are sick of ham, turkey etc... stays in fridge until the salt crystalises on it and then throw it out to the dogs. It is toxic to dogs and can kill. My vet in Sydney used to put a sign in her window at xmas advising all her clients not to give their dogs the left over ham bone.
  25. YES Toohey, I will explain. Darcy said in her post So, if it's natural she wants, gelatine has natural glucosamine in it. "Some" vets will actually ask you to try this first in "some" cases. A very good horse & dog chiropractor/manipulator swears by this. I have tried it with success. Due to the fact that gelatine does have a swelling compound, it will not hurt the bowels. It is actually used in such products as Metamucil.
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