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  1. Rabies Vaccine Required In Aus?

    Bat lyssa virus is causes almost exactly the same disease in humans so if you are ever bitten then you need rabies vaccination or keep the bat for testing. True rabies doesn't exist and dogs don't need vaccinating
  2. Heat Pads / Snuggle Safe?

    Having the same problem at the moment with the whippets in Qld, despite pj's polar fleece, 2x wool beds, and crate covers the little one wakes me up 3 x per night. Arrrggghhh
  3. We have just got married in Tassie so we had to find accommodation for the 2 whippets They can be a bit naughty and escape one of them got out of fort knox at home. She digs, climbs, squeezes you name it. Plus they are short coated We went to Firethorn while ok it was just a concrete box with one bed for 2 dogs, no run, and a massive great dane next too them. We dropped them off then picked them up 2 hrs later we couldn't do it In the end at short notice we dropped them at Maroochy boarding kennels, they were fantastic, and the girls got the delux suite yep spoilt mutts. They liked the chairs and beds and had there own run. Nice clean facilities
  4. Sunshine Coast Vets

    We use the Palmwoods vet - fantastic service, lovely people and I know one of the vets as well Love them
  5. Video Camera's

    I am after some recommendations on video camera's I am picking up my new pony tomorrow and I would really like to record how we progress. Also I would like to send some video's of my riding home to Tassie for my grandparents as I live in queensland. I haven't had much experience with video camera's so it must be fairly easy to use with good picture quality
  6. All Things Whippet!

    Whippets are great fun, smoochy and just loving My whippets are chalk and cheese One loves being under your feet and being patted The other not so much but I have done training with drive with her and am working on prey drive. We now have a solid sit, stay, heel ,drop etc in prey drive she is great. They love agility
  7. Have a look at Amstaffs4me - there is a big discussion on Member Market place under commercial with heaps of pics of her work I have a set for the whippies and they are great value and quality plus she has heaps of cool patterns and will customise if you ask her to
  8. I Don't Need Another Dog ...

    PokeyLittlePuppy - tell me more I have always wanted a BC, and my 2 are relatively tolerant
  9. I Don't Need Another Dog ...

    The dally pup is just beautiful My complicating factor is I live in Qld
  10. I was mucking around on the internet last night while home alone - I went on the dogs home of tasmania site and fell in love I already have 2 whippets but ...... she is just gorgeous about 18mths old So tempted to find out more about her
  11. All Things Whippet!

    When I spayed Lucy she was soooooo pathetic, I had to carry her out to wee for about 3 days adn lift her on the couch. Interesting she has very thin hair on her chest that gets irritated I think by grass when she lays in it. Bella however was fine and back to normal the next day - "keep her confined and no jumping" yeah right tell the stupid hound she isn't ment to do zoomies and leap on to the bed from the door way.
  12. This place is awesome. http://www.camptailwaggers.com.au/ Self contained cabins with secure yards, dog doors, dogs allowed inside. Lovely bush tracks for long walks. Wonderful service and owners. Also had a boarding kennels if you want to go out for the day and don't trust your dogs Big thumbs up from me
  13. All Things Whippet!

    Rommi and Lewis, Lucy does the same, shoves her nose behind you into the couch - she loves it. Nothing like coming home from a long day at work with a skirt on and getting a cold whippet nose up the back of your leg - makes you jump
  14. All Things Whippet!

    That is a horrible situation - unfortunately I am qld or I would happily foster I bought jama's for my 2 from the lovely Amstaffs4me on commercial market place - they are so so so cute and warm My gorgeous Bella - her ears never settled down Lucy demonstrating her jamas: she is in love with OH My girls: On their bed:
  15. My Gorgeous Paint - Peppi

    Thanks to everyone Peppi is gorgeous with personality to match