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  1. Progesterone levels again

    Thanks Rebanne, very excited to say the least
  2. Progesterone levels again

    Very pleased to announce that our girl is expecting.
  3. Progesterone levels again

    Hi, My Girl has been Prog tested since day 7 of her season and her levels have risen very slowly . She was with our boy every day for a period of time and he showed no interest until Day 23 when we had a mating She was Prog tested the day before and was at 53nmol. Are we too late. Would love to hear others experiences especially highest Prog level at time of mating that resulted in a successful litter.
  4. Litters Due September 2017

    Thanks Rebanne, I just tried to down load it , but could not. I am on my iPhone .
  5. Litters Due September 2017

    4 babies born today - 3 girls and 1 very handsome boy .I cannot upload a picture due to size and I don't know how to make it smaller.
  6. Progesterone levels

    After the 2 nd Prog test , the vet assured me that with a level of 1 that she was definitely in season but I was sceptical after ceasing of other signs .Thats why I was asking what the prog levels of a bitch not in season would be .
  7. Progesterone levels

    Yes , I did think this also.
  8. Progesterone levels

    So confused right now. I thought my girl was in season and had her Prog tested. She tested at 1 and then four days later tested again at 1. After this she seemed to have ceased any signs of being in season so I stopped Prog testing her. Fast forward 4 weeks and she has definitely increased in size . She has always run with my stud dog so now I am wondering if she is indeed expecting. I definitely did not see a mating. Hence my question re Prog levels when not in season
  9. Litters Due September 2017

    Pretty sure our girl is expecting, no ultrasound but her girth is increasing Lol
  10. Progesterone levels

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the progesterone level would be in a bitch not season .Thanks in advance. Cheers Sharon
  11. Litters Due September 2017

    Hopefully we will have a litter of Jacks due 12th of September. Bitch was progesterone tested and was at 20 on Monday with a good tie mating on Tuesday. Unfortunately we have not had another mating so hopefully the one mating is successful.
  12. Show Clothing

    Thankyou so much 🙂
  13. Show Clothing

    Thanks so much Jenni, Clothes arrived today and are great. Please let me know what I owe you for postage 😃👍
  14. Show Clothing