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  1. What Is This Disease?

    My dear Chloe died from this a month ago she went downhill within 3 hours, was extremely sudden
  2. Best Bowl For Spaniels?

    Welcome to the beautiful world of cavaliers :) as Gretel mentioned, you can get spaniel bowls which you can get online or at petstock/petbarn. I use this one here: http://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/FERPLAST-PARTY-14-SPANIEL-BOWL-19CM-DIA-p-1468 Can we see some photos of your fur baby?? :)
  3. Atlas

    Teebs, I am literally crying tears for Atlas. Losing my Chloe to IMHA 2 weeks ago brings back those horrible memories. Please know that you are in my thoughts and that you gave Atlas the best life he could have dreamed of. You will feel better when he is back home... Run free sweet boy....
  4. So sorry to hear of Penny's passing She was in her favorite place in her very last minutes...your arms.. Run free at the bridge beautiful girl...
  5. Immune Medicated Hemolytic Anemia

    That's sounding very positive, Teebs!! I bet he can't wait to see you :)
  6. Immune Medicated Hemolytic Anemia

    Seeing this thread came up are me sad as almost 2 weeks ago I lost my girl to this. she was 3 and a half. I am praying so hard for you that he will get through this as I can understand the worry you would be feeling right now. I know that dogs can get through this but in my case she went downhill in 3 hours. I don't want to upset you with my story but just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and praying that he makes it through this. Much love... Hugs
  7. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way. Losing one of my girls last weekend reinforced to me how much we need to treasure every single minute with our fur babies xx
  8. 50mm 1.4 Or 1.8 Post Your Pics Here!

    What a gorgeous pooch! Dusted off my 50 again! here is one from last week!
  9. Liberty Dog Rescue - Sa

    Just gorgeous, Snook!!!
  10. 50mm 1.4 Or 1.8 Post Your Pics Here!

    Congrats DSO!!! Looks like you have mastered it already!
  11. 50mm 1.4 Or 1.8 Post Your Pics Here!

    R&B - what a gorgeous pic!! Here is just another one from a couple of weeks ago Baby loooove!
  12. Photoshop Cs5 Free Trial

    What she said ;)
  13. Macro Photo's

    I dont think ive taken a bug photo - freaks me out! Great pic tho!! From my las session - newborn lips... ;) 100mm 2.8
  14. Moo Business Cards

    Oh wow!! Im currently rebranding so once I get my new logo, new business cards baby!! Your pics look absolutely divine on them!
  15. 50mm 1.4 Or 1.8 Post Your Pics Here!

    Snook, such lovely photos! I hope you get back into photography again... your talent would be wasted otherwise.....