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  1. Thanks everyone for your great advice. Once we have hopefully got his heart murmur under control, i'll start investigating possible additions to his diet. I don't want to add anything too complicated - with other dogs in the house, protracted food time preparation could cause complete chaos! He always gets to go on outing with me - camping all winter, drives through the summer, even if he can't do the longer walks and runs the younger dogs do. I'll look up Ann Neville as well, as she is only about 5 minutes from me :)
  2. Thanks Erny - he is on Fourflax Flaxseed Oil which has done amazing things for his joints. Currently on a grain free Salmon and Sweet Potato dry food, plus a variety of fresh meats (beef/chicken/fish) and all the tasty leftovers available - because why would you waste them :) Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can sort out what long term meds he will be on for his heart, and then i just wanted to hopefully add some regular things to his diet to help boost his system and give him a fighting chance.
  3. Can anyone provide me with a list of foods, or suggestions for feeding for a dog who has had his second cancerous lump removed. This dog is now 11, and also has developed a heart murmer. We have done our best to remove it surgically - there was 2 years between the lump first being removed and growing back, so hoping the for similar success - but i'd like to give him these best chance by giving him foods which help boost his system. Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Both times I brought in frozen Semen, the agreement with the breeder has been to pay upfront for a breeding. If that breeding is successful and later down the track we want to use the remainder on another suitable bitch, then pay another stud fee. At the end of the day its down to the honesty between people as when you bring in the semen, it is signed over to you and registered in this country as being owned by you. The stud dog owner has to relinquish all control. All collections I have had done have been two collections a couple of days to a week apart. Frozen pellets in vials.
  5. As others have said - have a good think about how high the footplate is off the ground. Depending on how willing your dog is to pull you may have to do a hell of alot of scooting to help out. Having to lower your leg a far distance for each scoot is not going to be fun. And the higher you are off the ground the more trouble you may run into if something goes wrong as well. I have two Pettifer 26 inch scooters, plus my trusty old red which is a 20 inch scooter made from an old bmx frame. Old red rocks, with its chopping board footplate rocks :laugh:
  6. I just checked out the codes of practice for the VCA/DogsVic (Part 20.1) - they list minimum breeding ages, no more than 2 litters in 18 months, no more than 6 times in life without vet cert & permission from vca. But no where there does it list a maximum breeding age. Am i correct i thinking that if its not listed there then they dont have any enforceable rules for maximum ages in victoria?
  7. Our flexi leads are a must have for our Siberians. Only the best quality of course - would never trust a cheapie, and only the strongest. I use them for all pee breaks when travelling and camping, and for general exercise to let them stretch their legs when an enclosed leash free area is not available. I will also use them in the park - and I'm always aware of other people and dogs around us. Dogs are brought in and kept on a short leash when others approach. It's fantastic for people to say they hate them, they shouldn't be used, teaches a dog to pull etc. But when you have a breed which can't be trusted off leash but needs the ability to stretch their legs, good quality tools such as a flexi lead are a godsend. Oh and I don't need anything to teach my dog to pull - hardwired into their genes, and then cemented with training :laugh:
  8. what breed is he? in my breed you bloody well better hope they are somewhat east west as puppies - if they are straight as pups they will tend to toe in as adults. As they get older the feet will come around.
  9. Maybe it got stamped wrong, and you have the 3 numbers for 1 dog, and the numbers for the other are missing. I think mine may have been sorted by dog in the envelope - i can't remember now :laugh:
  10. I got my numbers back - 4 dogs entered all 3 days. The numbers were completly jumbled up. It was like they had some sort of order, but i couldn't figure it out :) Sounds like they may have just missed putting a couple of your numbers in.
  11. No numbers, and my cheque hasn't been cashed.
  12. When i ran our speciality shows, and this was before even the neuter register, I would have let a desexed dog enter in properties (and probably did). They arent competiting for a challenge certificate, the properties arent regular classes, so I don't see what the harm is. Hell, in NSW property classes are a bit of fun and are an enter on the day type of class. Much better in my opinion. It is ridiculous that we dont have standard rules across the country.
  13. You will not know until you have puppies on the ground in Australia :) Very true. Frozen Semen is always a cross your fingers and pray for the best kinda thing. Our last litter was from frozen semen collected in the US about 3 years ago. From a post thaw of 70% we got 5 puppies.
  14. We are currently doing this - importing semen from an 11 year old and a 9 year old. They have just been collected and the 11 year old had 99% motility upon collection and post thaw it was around 80% Super swimmers for a super dog I say. He has sired a litter of 7 naturally in march. Fingers crossed all goes well. You wont know till you have the dogs semen assessed.
  15. I have had some success with Eqyss Mega-Tek Coat Rebuilder You can order it from Pets on the Park. Has worked sometimes, sometimes not. But i keep it handy.
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