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  1. Dog Minding/kennels In Perth

    Thanks so much everyone. Will pass on for her to look at :)
  2. Wow, I havent been on DOL for such a long time! Posting for a good friend that has recently moved to Perth. She has a new pup and needs to go away for a few days. She is nervous about putting him in a kennel without a recommendation but doesn't know any doggie people in WA. She was just checking out this site http://perth.topdogminders.com Has anyone had any experience with them? I would love to hear any kennel recommendations anyone may have too. She lives in Cockburn but is willing to travel for somewhere great. Thanks!
  3. Can Someone Recommend A Good Boarding Kennel

    Thanks so much guys :D Fingers crossed someone has availability!
  4. A family member is going away over Christmas and has asked me for a recommendation. The place we use is full already so thought here would be the best place to ask. I imagine quite a lot of places will be booked up this close. She lives in Boronia but shes happy to travel a little if need be. Thanks
  5. A Personal Project

    Gorgeous Shell The colours are beautiful in that first shot.
  6. A Common Held Misconception About Whippets

    Oh these are fantastic Kirislin!!!
  7. Happy Cup Day Everyone!

    Thanks guys KK I hope your cheeky boys are well! Kirislin, I can only push my luck so far!
  8. Happy Cup Day Everyone!

    Thanks guys :D Kja, they really are tolerant of us arent they?! CW EW I agree! A friend gave this description which made me laugh - 'Charche was planning a cup day filled with beer, bets and booty. But he's depressed and resigned now because his mrs on the left has decided to tag along, and she's planning a dignified time at the cup, and she'll keep her man in line' Madam had her own shoot too
  9. Happy Cup Day Everyone!

    Well, I've been pretty crap at posting in here... so much so that I couldnt remember how to upload a photo! Thought I would share a pic from our cup day Hope yours is going better than theirs!
  10. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Thanks I know nothing about Cockers but I can at tell at least tell him what I know about Staffords. If he gets one anything like mine he can run for champion title in the sooky awards
  11. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Thanks for the advice everyone. It paid off I recieved an email this morning thanking me for the info. He had no idea about puppy farms and has called this morning and told them he wont be picking up his puppy. He said he's lost his deposit (only $50)and said he will consider it a contribution to the cause. He is going to let me help him find a pup through a reg breeder. Oh and he said he was originally looking at getting a Cocker Spaniel but he heard they were really sooky. Errrr... and you're thinking of getting a staffy?! Best I fill him in on that too.. :D
  12. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Thanks I did mention that no registered/reputable breeders sell to pet shops. They want to see what homes their puppies are going to. I also mentioned the new laws. Good point about help for the life of the dog.
  13. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Thanks guys. Email sent. Fingers crossed.
  14. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Pers I have included the link in my email to him I also asked if he would consider a rescue.
  15. Help Me Put Someone Off Buying From A Pet Store

    Excellent points! Thankyou :D