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  1. Update on Luci a month on. I put her on restricted exercise with no opportunity to jump. I then used massage and heat in the mornings (when she was at her weakest) and encouraged her to get up and walk for short but regular intervals. Basically I treated her as if she had an injury and as she weaned off the second script of antiflams she gradually improved. I separated her from the other dogs so to avoid her getting bumped and gave her a deep cushioned bed to rest upon. I re-presented her to the vet and as she improved (video showed this) he acknowledged she may have had an injury. I must say
  2. Powerlegs that was my concern. I thought such a sudden change is not arthritis like because it was a drastic change. During the consult she was palpated, hip and cruciate/patella checked..her back examined for "sore" points....all ok. All nerve reactions in the hindlegs were as normal. I am one to always fear the worse and so my next request as Rebanne put forward is likely a blood test. I have had a good relationship with this vet for 23+ years and well he has been Luci's only vet outside specialist visits. She is nearing the end of the weaned painkillers and tonight she actually bounc
  3. Thank you for your ideas. I will get some of her on video of her as she is at home. I have already started charting/weighing her food intake and Dogsfevr will look into the massage aspect as that is a therapy I am not familiar with. I have used only light heated massage in the morning when she first rises to her feet...only because I am scared it may not always what she wants.
  4. My sweet poodle Luci is struggling at the moment. In the last fortnight has gone from quite active to downright depressed and unable to rise well in the mornings, general reluctance to get up and proppy gait that is very slow. She is 10yrs old, carrying a little more weight than her breed standard...but has not had any falls or the like to indicate sudden issues. Her depression is getting to me as she used to be the matriarch female dog of the house but now is withdrawn at times. At worst she fell onto her side during a morning pee and just laid there unwilling to try and get up. I have had
  5. Thank you Powerlegs...I am glad you clarified. As I said in my OP I wanted to understand but wanted clarification I guess for how it read. That summary of inward outward goods is to me everything I fear as a donation giver....more than half is in expenses for the less than ten employees...and business expenses...and I cannot see to my eye disbursements to the coal face rescuers who actually deal with the animals being rescued. Am I seeing right? I must be ignorant as I thought in some way it supported the rescues with more than a promotion platform. The heart of rescue must be a littlen bro
  6. This came into my newsfeed and I was wondering can anyone explain the pro/cons or thoughts of the points it is trying to make to a layperson? http://savingpets.com.au/blog/petrescue-is-a-very-good-website
  7. +1 I have owned (or been owned)by many poodles and I can tell you that every male I have had in my life that thought they were wuss dogs has been proven wrong smitten by them ever since. I think that there are many breeds of dogs I dearly would love to own..but when it comes down to it I know I have to base my choice on one that suits my lifestyle, living arrangements and budget. My favorite breeds are Dobermanns, Rottweilers and working breeds...I have owned these but currently need to have a breed that suits my living situation and currently poodles are my breed. No offence meant but you
  8. Pagans Pond...has a lovely ring to it Kirislin. Sorry for your loss....so beautiful that she lived her whole life with you..many horses are not nearly so lucky.
  9. Great news...first time i heard of it, thank you Redsonic. I get depressed when i see so many people looking for lost pets at this time of year...good to hear of a reunion.
  10. Thank you Jumabaar...I worked as a vet nurse for many years (a while ago now) and have seen umpteenth ovariohysterectomies...and yes what you say makes sense. I am seeing this option being offered more and more and have been considering it. Thank you.
  11. I have been reading about less invasive methods of desexing. These include laproscopic techniques and the removal of only the ovaries? Aside from the benefit of smaller surgical entry I read that it doesnt involve the trauma through the ligaments like the standard procedure entails. Does a bitch with only the ovaries removed have the same chance of pyometra as a. a bitch desexed the traditional method or b. an undesexed bitch. Thoughts?
  12. Hugs to the household...sweet old girl now at peace. Beautiful tribute Pers...a good life.
  13. ♥ heartfelt tribute to a beautiful companion. RIP Kajtek.
  14. Nothing is more warming to the heart than an old dog. Beaut shot.
  15. I know it is hard when family members are involved. I know first hand how frustrating and torn you can be and I feel very sorry for you on this. I guess it would be hard for you to offer money for assessing this dog as well...is there an organisation like Lort Smith that your sister could get access to? My concern is that his problem may be just the start of things as his better limbs/joints are carrying the load..and who knows how solid they are. For those who are in rescue here...what are your ideas on getting for help or rescue for a dog in this predicament? I wouldnt be holding back my fru
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