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  1. Update on Luci a month on. I put her on restricted exercise with no opportunity to jump. I then used massage and heat in the mornings (when she was at her weakest) and encouraged her to get up and walk for short but regular intervals. Basically I treated her as if she had an injury and as she weaned off the second script of antiflams she gradually improved. I separated her from the other dogs so to avoid her getting bumped and gave her a deep cushioned bed to rest upon. I re-presented her to the vet and as she improved (video showed this) he acknowledged she may have had an injury. I must say I was not impressed at the candor of the treating vet. She was attended by another vet last week (1 kg lighter as I thought a diet would help her mobility) and had a dental procedure. Id say right now she is back to the 85% mark.
  2. Powerlegs that was my concern. I thought such a sudden change is not arthritis like because it was a drastic change. During the consult she was palpated, hip and cruciate/patella checked..her back examined for "sore" points....all ok. All nerve reactions in the hindlegs were as normal. I am one to always fear the worse and so my next request as Rebanne put forward is likely a blood test. I have had a good relationship with this vet for 23+ years and well he has been Luci's only vet outside specialist visits. She is nearing the end of the weaned painkillers and tonight she actually bounced in excitement and had a play bow. She is still not adopting a free gait (and retired to her heat bed soon after) but it was a brighter moment than I've seen in a while. As her booked reevaluation is a couple of days away I am documenting her days on video...especially her gait and balance.
  3. Thank you for your ideas. I will get some of her on video of her as she is at home. I have already started charting/weighing her food intake and Dogsfevr will look into the massage aspect as that is a therapy I am not familiar with. I have used only light heated massage in the morning when she first rises to her feet...only because I am scared it may not always what she wants.
  4. My sweet poodle Luci is struggling at the moment. In the last fortnight has gone from quite active to downright depressed and unable to rise well in the mornings, general reluctance to get up and proppy gait that is very slow. She is 10yrs old, carrying a little more weight than her breed standard...but has not had any falls or the like to indicate sudden issues. Her depression is getting to me as she used to be the matriarch female dog of the house but now is withdrawn at times. At worst she fell onto her side during a morning pee and just laid there unwilling to try and get up. I have had many dogs till their 18th year but never seen this in a 10yr old dog. The vet has given me umpteenth pamphlets and a short course of painkillers which has eased her discomfort I believe...but I realise this is a short term fix. I have not been offered additional treatment and will ask about Cartrophen Injections. Can anyone give me advise on dietary changes, treatments to pursue and likely expectations. Appreciated.
  5. Thank you Powerlegs...I am glad you clarified. As I said in my OP I wanted to understand but wanted clarification I guess for how it read. That summary of inward outward goods is to me everything I fear as a donation giver....more than half is in expenses for the less than ten employees...and business expenses...and I cannot see to my eye disbursements to the coal face rescuers who actually deal with the animals being rescued. Am I seeing right? I must be ignorant as I thought in some way it supported the rescues with more than a promotion platform. The heart of rescue must be a littlen broken over this ...so many people doing work at a loss to see their passion for saving animals becomes reality. .
  6. This came into my newsfeed and I was wondering can anyone explain the pro/cons or thoughts of the points it is trying to make to a layperson? http://savingpets.com.au/blog/petrescue-is-a-very-good-website
  7. +1 I have owned (or been owned)by many poodles and I can tell you that every male I have had in my life that thought they were wuss dogs has been proven wrong smitten by them ever since. I think that there are many breeds of dogs I dearly would love to own..but when it comes down to it I know I have to base my choice on one that suits my lifestyle, living arrangements and budget. My favorite breeds are Dobermanns, Rottweilers and working breeds...I have owned these but currently need to have a breed that suits my living situation and currently poodles are my breed. No offence meant but you accuse your partner of "joining the blue staffy craze" yet you have fallen in love with a red poodle which has its own FB blog. I have red poodles (which by the way do not stay red) but I can tell you that red poodles are victim to their own craze....many byb that breed for color and not health/temperament/conformation. There are reputable breeders out there but you need to be just as vigilant to the dog you buy. Yes Jinkee is cute but like all poodles you need to consider so much more..I personally dont think he represents all that is whole breed is....poodles are a diverse breed. I would suggest looking into deciding upon a shortlist and then attending some dog shows and meet those who know the breeds well.
  8. Pagans Pond...has a lovely ring to it Kirislin. Sorry for your loss....so beautiful that she lived her whole life with you..many horses are not nearly so lucky.
  9. Great news...first time i heard of it, thank you Redsonic. I get depressed when i see so many people looking for lost pets at this time of year...good to hear of a reunion.
  10. Thank you Jumabaar...I worked as a vet nurse for many years (a while ago now) and have seen umpteenth ovariohysterectomies...and yes what you say makes sense. I am seeing this option being offered more and more and have been considering it. Thank you.
  11. I have been reading about less invasive methods of desexing. These include laproscopic techniques and the removal of only the ovaries? Aside from the benefit of smaller surgical entry I read that it doesnt involve the trauma through the ligaments like the standard procedure entails. Does a bitch with only the ovaries removed have the same chance of pyometra as a. a bitch desexed the traditional method or b. an undesexed bitch. Thoughts?
  12. Hugs to the household...sweet old girl now at peace. Beautiful tribute Pers...a good life.
  13. ♥ heartfelt tribute to a beautiful companion. RIP Kajtek.
  14. Nothing is more warming to the heart than an old dog. Beaut shot.
  15. I know it is hard when family members are involved. I know first hand how frustrating and torn you can be and I feel very sorry for you on this. I guess it would be hard for you to offer money for assessing this dog as well...is there an organisation like Lort Smith that your sister could get access to? My concern is that his problem may be just the start of things as his better limbs/joints are carrying the load..and who knows how solid they are. For those who are in rescue here...what are your ideas on getting for help or rescue for a dog in this predicament? I wouldnt be holding back my frustration though ....in my instance I would give my sister a. Option to accept my offer to pay for a consultation b. discuss the need/requirement to do what is best for the dog and follow through c. as a last option involve the authorities. Again I understand that sometimes family members when involved can make it even more distressing. In the past I have a. rehomed for a family member and even bought one back to re-home off a family member.
  16. Sounds like this dog needs less concern with whose fault is it (some time has passed under the bridge) and well it isnt going to help this dog and its issues. Personally the fact is wasnt microchipped then is illegal...but is it microchipped now? Is it vaccinated now? Are you calling your sister out on a white lie when you say she tells you the vet is saying the dog is in no pain? No vet I know would decide if a dog is in distress based on the owners financial capability to pay a bill. Apologies but I take a dim view on people who think they are doing the right thing in "saving" an animal by merely keeping it and loving it when it obviously needs a higher quality of care...is there any chance Dollygirl you can present the dog to a independant vet for examination? I would personally put more energy in seeing if there is anything medically possible to help this dogs quality of life. If the dog is deemed to be in pain or distress and despite the fact your sister loves it she is only being another one in the chain of people who are not doing right by this dog.
  17. Thanks Little Gifts..I was under the impression animals were classified as goods which is why I was wondering if this sent a new view. So if a breeder had unknowingly sold a pup with a condition at the time was not identifiable...say at 8 weeks...then at 12 weeks the condition came to attention of both seller and buyer...then can the buyer dictate as in the case above the remedy and not the breeder??
  18. How would it be a greater effect? Only for the costs... what interests me is who makes the decision of remedy...? What I am trying to establish is that in the case of a registered breeder in the same/similar situation does this mean that there is a solid ground for the new owners to refuse remedy put forward by the breeder concerned...and like this case have a court decide? Then I ask- How far would costs be paid/awarded?...for the initial treatment or lifelong? Is it an induvidual call..a contractual law (on selling paperwork) or a personal emotional one?
  19. In light of the petshop/ puppy farmer crackdowns currently taking place I see many different decisions going around which may have implications onregistered dog breeders. An example is this one...where a pup diagnosed with an ailment was not refunded or replaced but instead the seller/breeder had to pay all expenses for the animals treatment. Story here My link I am wondering in situations where people have purchased a puppy which later proves to have an ailment can refuse the breeders option of a remedy and seek renumeration of all costs from the breeder. Is it contractual?
  20. The human face of losing a pet. Owners who lost their dogs in the Adelaide Hills fire share their stories. An artist touched by their loss offers them a generous way to remember their pets. Warning...hard to watch without tears.watch here
  21. I just felt so happy watching this video...I havent lost a dog but can only imagine the joy in the room when missing pets are found! reunited
  22. How evolved? Are you insinuating that I drag my knuckles on the floor like a primate or have little ability to reason because you judge your opinion as paramount here??? Disclaimer:Paramount by the way has nothing to do with parrots. It means of greater importance. Please leave your judgement to yourself and please don't smile as a way of hiding your insulting comment, thank you.
  23. Thank you for your responses. The biggest issue faced is that allergy testing requires at least 8 weeks no meds...we were hoping to do skin test but had to do serum tests as there was not really a sq cm of clear skin to do the testing Currently on pred & antibiotics...Atopia is the next suggested med. Issue is that my dog reacts to pred badly (gastrointestinal issue) so dose is just holding...has anyone an opinion on Atopia/side effects?? It was mentioned that it may be better than the pred long term. Currently I am told that if she is long term on any medication....6 mthly liver kidney tests will be recommended to check that no damage is being done....not the kind of future you want for your no yet three year old dog. I am now considering re-pushing for referral as your responses have given me hope for another chance of finding an answer...this whole thing has left me feeling quite defeated.
  24. Its a parody...not my thing... but I wouldnt say it was gross or disturbing....I see it as lighten up. If you read anything into it other than a person admiring their greyhound...I think you are thinking too deep and/or equating it with some kind of sick sexual act.... Sick in my opinion is the notion that 50 shades is a story of love or sex. This is just a harmless parody that while bizarre and not my humor is not worth the dramatic
  25. Update : well the results were less than interesting....she reacted to none of the allergy perimeters. So we are none the wiser....other than we know the things she doesnt react to :)
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