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  1. There's no problem putting IPO titles on the Vic dogs. Just trial in another state. We have had quite a few gain their IPO1/2/3 in SA.
  2. The dogs either have the drives and nerve to do the work... or they don't. It's really that simple. Contact Eagle Heights Sportdog Club in Vic if you're interested in Schutzhund/IPO. PM me if you need details.
  3. Desexing Choices

    Are there any vets doing lap speys in SA? Thanks..
  4. Dry Food Storage

    Any dry food here goes into large zip-lock bags (hold about 2kg each) and stored in the fridge. No ants ;)
  5. Happy Halloween!

    Just worked out how to add a pic lol. Had so much fun with that app this Halloween
  6. Happy Halloween!

    My sweet Maligator. No chance of dressing up this princess ;)
  7. 3 Day Drive With New Puppy - Tips Please

    That is true... but there is a huge difference between travelling with a dog you know and a new puppy. A new pup just removed from its litter is likely to make a bit of noise the first few nights and need to be taken out regularly. Also depends on what the breeder has done with it too - has the puppy been in a crate on its own? Has puppy travelled in a car? (not just 2 or 3 trips to the local vet). I'm not against travelling with dogs, do it all the time. But wouldn't chance a three day drive with a new pup.
  8. 3 Day Drive With New Puppy - Tips Please

    Fly the dog over when you get home. It shouldn't cost $300 - and even if it does it will be money well spent.
  9. Controlled Barking, Does It Work?

    Or they could do something insanely simple... like put the dog in the laundry with a chew/kong/bone to keep it occupied for that hour...
  10. Leather Dog Collar & Tags Needed

  11. Hmm, yank and crank or paddock bashing... circle work... boring pretty much. I used to make it more fun for both of us by running... and when I swapped over to a horse rope lead because she ate through three of the normal leads... (three bites to freedom - argh)... we could play tug too. Eventually we got into a "fun class" and there was plenty of distraction which you countered with better treats... I think I definitely want to check this club out - I was a bit worried they might be even more punishment based than the regular ANKC clubs and also that evil hound is not perfect like Mia's dogs (or Ness's) so I wouldn't be able to do the stuff. Ie she'd nick off at an inappropriate time. Tho we haven't had that problem in quite a while at training. You will find varied methods between trainers. ASC does not train in a 'class' environment, but rather each handler works their dogs individually with team support and guidance from those more experienced. You MUST have control of your dog at all times. If the dog 'nicks off' you will need to find a way to minimise that risk (through use of a long line perhaps...) These are not general obedience or manners classes. Not everyone is 'competitive' but the vast majority are working towards achieving their IPO titles. The club accepts all breeds and welcomes serious newcomers. Come out for a look and a chat on the weekend if you are interested. I'd be happy to talk more with you and explain more about the sport if you are interested. :) Dory, you will be fine ;)
  12. The 2015 Australian National IPO Open Championship is being hosted by the Adelaide Sportdog Club this year on the 8th and 9th of August Location: Burton Stadium, 400 Waterloo Corner Rd, Burton SA 5110 This event is open to the public. Further details can be found here: https://www.facebook...149757931851809 https://www.facebook...90147001006157/
  13. Sturdy Dog Id Tags?

    Boomerang tags -collar tags http://www.boomerangtags.com/store/list.php?A=G&ID=5
  14. Mythical Dog Car