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  1. I have a young Labrador and I would like to do some retrieving field training. Does any one know of any one who does retrieving training for beginners ? She has basic obedience. Cheers Dewgreys
  2. Epilepsy Info Please

    I hope we get there Anne, but if not we will give her all our love and comfort. I'm afraid they will get worse, as we are maxed out on meds.
  3. Epilepsy Info Please

    Hi All, I have a dog with idiopathic epilepsy she is a greyhound aged nearly 8yo, her seizures started a year and a half ago, she's had an MRI to determine if there is a cause but none was found. She was just having one seizure every 2 or 3 months but now she has clusters every month. The meds she is on are Phenobarb, Pexion and Keppra, all these drugs are at their max dose. Life is very difficult as she is a big girl and the seizures are violent, she has hurt herself on a couple of occasions once requiring stitches. I love her so much and hate to see her going through this, if I thought for a moment that she was aware or suffering I wouldn't hesitate to let her go but I've spoken to a friends friend who has epilepsy and she says that she is not aware of anything. I hope this is true. My girl is a bit groggy on the meds but she still has a walk and a run every day which she loves, so all in all we're coping. One other thing the meds are very expensive, we have pet insurance for her,(started when she was two) so that goes some way in helping. Does any one use Dr. Charles Kuntz ? I've heard he is very good with neuro conditions. Regards Dewgreys