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  1. Cavs upset tummy

    Liver treats give my girls the run. And my girls eat a lot of grass as well. Hopefully if you give her digestive tract a break and then do the plain chicken and rice in small meals, all will be well.
  2. It's early days yet. Do you spend a lot of time outside, playing with him so that he is used to the yard and sees it as a nice place where fun things happen? Also, to check if he settles after you leave, drive around the block and quietly stop outside the neighbour's house where he can't see you. I've even parked the car a few houses away and quietly gone in the front door when neighbours were complaining about mine barking, to spy on them. lol
  3. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    I paid $50 which is a lot more than I usually do. Their full price is expensive but when I got mine, they were the original, no copies around. It's already outlasted a $20 bed.
  4. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    I always buy online and only use PayPal because of their guarantee. I bought mine at the Mellow Hub https://www.themellowhub.com/
  5. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    I've had one of those beds for quite a few months now. Probably since last winter and the dogs love it. It washes well and doesn't smell.
  6. Can I bring my puppy home?

    I wouldn't risk it. The best advice I can give is to talk it over with your vet.
  7. dog door recommendations

    I had a dog door installed in the glass of the sliding door as the glass needed replacing. The glazier used the Hakuna brand from Bunnings and the rotten thing wouldn't stay shut so was always flapping in the breeze. We tried 3 from Bunnings and all were the same. So I went with a Pet Walk brand - nice and strong with a good magnet. Because it has a strong magnet though, it is a bit noisy.
  8. Sudden Attack of the Wobbles?

    My old cattle dog did something similar. By the time we got to the vet she was fine. The vet thought it was a neurological incident and possibly geriatric vestibular disease.
  9. Thanks Snook. As I said, I haven't had any problems but I only feed the kangaroo with pumpkin and the salmon with tapioca varieties. I wonder if the bone is found in the chicken/beef varieties?
  10. That's interesting about the Prime 100 rolls. I've been using them for at least a year without any problems. Can you point me in the direction of the reviews please?
  11. Yes you can buy cooked, peeled prawns in supermarket freezers. You can also purchase raw, peeled prawns. If you're happy with some cooked food, my dogs love the Prime100 rolls, especially the salmon variety.

    I know it's not local, but I send mine to Feather Edge - they are great with blade sharpening and servicing with a quick turn around time. They also have some really good tips on their web page. http://www.clippersharpening.com.au/
  13. Teen bitten while hugging dog

    There are warning signs in that first photo!
  14. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    There is a free app called Razor Prank that makes the noise and vibrates the phone. I used it all over my Cav for a few weeks, starting off slowly down near her tail. She is OK with the clippers now.