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  1. They come in the pewter urn unless you specify differently. From memory it wasn't much cheaper to get the scatter box, if at all.
  2. In the NSW Shoalhaven area we only have one choice - Pets at Peace. I had to push them to get a scatter box.
  3. Depending on the area you live, you may find that there is only company you can use. I have quite a few pets cremated over the years. Some I have scattered and others that I will scatter soon. I have some urns, but once the ashes are scattered I'm not sure what to do with them so I prefer they go into a scatter box now. It is a difficult time but it helps to go in prepared, as you area. Take care.
  4. Bahahaha! The specialness of a Cavalier. I would suggest going back to basics, luring her through with treats, lots of praise etc.
  5. All vets charge a dispensing fee and I think it is around $20 now. Also if you get the meds at a bulk chemist they can purchase in bulk for the discounts, vets don't have the turnover or storage area for that.
  6. You pay the non PBS price ie, full price for the medication. I've had to do it on a few occasions. Often it works out cheaper than getting them from your vet.
  7. If he is on a farm there could be biosecurity concerns about letting people on to the property. And did you check this person is registered with Dogs Vic or the relevant authority. Some people thing they are registered breeders because they are registered with Council.
  8. One of my dogs always scratches a lot the day after a bath, no matter what I use!
  9. I have been told by vets that it is common for dogs to attack other cats and dogs that are having seizures. Have you taken Bob back to the vet for a medication adjustment as having seizures every 7-10 days is still a lot for the poor boy. I can only suggest having the dogs separate when no one is home.
  10. The only thing I can suggest is to set up a little pen for Clive so he can still lie next to your desk etc and be safe from Bobbin.
  11. When my Cavalier was going through her chewing phase I put a dried cow's hoof in the crate for her. She loved it!
  12. I've had old dogs with only a few teeth and a cat that had all her teeth removed at 6. They cope perfectly fine, in fact, they seem much happier after the problem teeth have been removed. The cat lived until she was nearly 18 and the vet felt that the fact she didn't have teeth helped her reach that age (dental disease affects heart, liver, kidneys etc). The gums harden so they can still eat dry food and soft bones.
  13. It depends if you want to take your dog on to the breeder's premises which is probably not going to be allowed anyway, due to risk of infection etc. I once took an existing dog with me but she stayed in the car (winter time) and the pup went into the car in a crate.
  14. Royal Canin breed specific one for Cavaliers and sometimes their light one for small dogs.
  15. I've never used the Wellness Core brand either. I feed mine a mixture of dry, freeze dried and raw at the moment in their 2 meals per day. Some times I change the freeze dried to the cooked Prime100 rolls. Mine love the variety and are doing really well on it.
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