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  1. I can't figure out how to detach this flap, otherwise I would change it temporarily. I think she will get there, eventually, and I figure if the tiny cat can use it, she will. lol We do a bit of training each day and I tie it up when I go out.
  2. This is Evie who has been with us for nearly 4 weeks. She is a retired breeding girl and is 3.5 years old. We're having a great time introducing her to all the local Cavaliers (we have a very active local Cavalier group) and all the local sites. She has fitted in really well with Phoebe (my blenheim girl) and the cats, the only problem I am having is that she is scared of the pet flap. My flap is hard and has a strong magnet as the door faces south and we get strong southerlies here. Anyway, here are some photos. The first is the first day in the Blue Mountains, the second is after a week at home and then lastly at a friend's house where she will use their soft flap pet door.
  3. Vocal Dog / Barking

    Can you block access so she doesn't see the 6 am walker? Having owned cattle dogs I can relate to the high pitched excited barking. When I got my second one the noise at first light was enough to have them sleep inside, in separate areas. lol
  4. I'm with Papillon Kisses. I have Cavaliers which have a similar coat. Yes the floor has hair on it, as does the furniture, but it is easy to get off. I have a cordless vacuum that does a great job and use it every second day for a quick zip around to keep on top of it. This only takes abut 10 minutes. And if you bath them regularly and use a force dryer to dry the coat, most of the loose stuff is blown out then. I've owned a Poodle x before and the regular clipping is very time consuming and expensive if you get it done professionally.
  5. IBD in dogs frustration

    I would also try the steroids. Normally the dosage is cut right down, over time, in the form of a maintenance dose so the side affects are minimal. My Cavalier had many prescriptions for steroids over her life without any problems. My experience is that it will dramatically improve your dog's quality of life.
  6. Advice for SOON-TO-BE Puppy Owner!

    Your breeder may have already started on house training so talk to them about it. I'm a fan of crate training as I travel with my dogs and they settle really quickly once the crate is set up. Also find a really good puppy school and recommendations for dog training. And my last bit of advice is that training is for the life of the dog, it never stops. Enjoy your puppy!

    But all consults are free so you would have saved that! Maybe it is an error and it should say: This is what you saved as a Best for Pet member!

    Is it Best for Pet? If so, it's worth it for pups/kittens and oldies. My oldest cat got an eye ulcer at the end of last year when my preferred mobile vet was overseas. So I took my cat to the clinic where she used to work as they had her records. I foresaw that this was going to be a tough year for her, fortunately, and I put her in the Best for Pet program which was $100 upfront I think and $37 a month. She gets all consults free, free annual vacc (not that I am doing that now she is nearly 12), $250 off her dental, 10% off medications and other services etc. She's had over 20 consults this year I think so I have already got more than my money's worth! For a pup or kitten there is a big discount on desexing.
  9. Xtra Large Dog Door to be fitted into glass

    I have a dog door in the glass. I had to have the glass replaced as it is safety glass and can only be factory cut. The glass needed replacing anyway so it was a no brainer for me. I think it cost about $430 all up for a sliding door size. The glazier also supplied the dog door which turned out to be useless as it never stayed shut, even in the slightest breeze. It was from Bunnings. So we replaced it with this one - lovely strong magnet and no problems: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/253863008798 A quick Google has also shown these: https://australiapetdoors.com.au/product-category/extra-large-dog-doors/ All suitable for pre-cut safety glass.
  10. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    Just a thought for the future, what if you change the routine around around each night?
  11. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I have a Hound Bag which has a lined in plastic section to put the full doggy bags, so no smell. It also has little pockets to dispense the poo bags from and another section for your keys, phone etc. I love it and have had it for many years.
  12. Chicken Frames

    The breeder I got my second cattle dog from fed her adults a chicken frame a day, so I did the same without any problems. Nice dry hard white poos were great if you accidentally stepped in one! However, I did give him other things, eg sardines, 4x2 biscuits etc.
  13. Getting a new puppy

    Training a dog is for life, even though they know how to do something it doesn't mean they will do it. lol I had a trainer tell me that basically, dogs live to please themselves so you have to make the training enjoyable for them. I've adopted older dogs and have been able to train them, however, different breeds are easier to train than others. I've also owned 2 cattle dogs - both awesome dogs. The second one required two long walks (at least an hour) every day and he was from show lines, not working lines. My first one was a rescue dog and an older puppy. She was a more sedate version of the breed which is pretty rare, I believe. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  14. Chicken Frames

    My 22 kg cattle dog had one a day but as sandgrubber said, sometimes they were covered in skin and fat (never used that butcher again!) It also depends on size - if they are large frame then one should be enough.
  15. Help with cropping videos

    Maybe look at compressing them using an app. This will make the file size smaller. If you Google 'compressing (ipone/Samsung/etc) videos' you will find some apps.