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  1. Yes, the uterus is horn shaped so she could quite possibly have aborted one horn and the other horn carried on as normal. It happens in cats quite a lot as they also have two uterine horns.
  2. That's how I got my black and tan girl. The breeder was going to keep her as she has a beautiful, soft temperament but when she found out what a good life she would have with me, she changed her mind. Lucky me!
  3. Is he interested in retrieving? If you can get him keen to chase a ball he will most probably go after it in the water.
  4. It will say on the paperwork whether it is a main registered pedigree or a limited registered pedigree.
  5. Unfortunately a lot of people don't know what a purebred is. Conversation with my neighbour: Me: What breed is your new puppy Neighbour: Poodle x Pomeranian but I think it's a crossbreed as it's microchip papers says Poodle x
  6. Here's a good article from the Camden campus of the Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Having the puppy teeth removed will help with her comfort now and hopefully the jaw will grow into a better alignment without their hindrance. https://www.univetscamden.com.au/blog/canine_overbite_treatment Good luck.
  7. It sounds like the bottom teeth are under the alignment of the top teeth which is an underbite or parrot mouth. In my experience, depending on breed, the bottom jaw keeps growing so like others have said I would be having the lower K9s clipped or removed and waiting for the adult teeth to come in. What breed is the pup?
  8. They all seem to progress differently. Is he on fluid medication? Can she have the fluid in her stomach drained? My tri girl lived a very active life right up until the last couple of weeks. Have you been checking his resting breathing rate?
  9. I think you will find that the parasites are living in the soil. Ask your vet if it is possible to decontaminate the environment.
  10. This came up on one of the Cavalier Facebook pages and some members said that they got a refund after providing proof of desexing.
  11. Nexgard isn't a repellant. From their website: NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA kill fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system, which results in uncontrolled activity of their nervous system and death. This occurs within 6-8 hours of product administration.
  12. Yes she could do with a little more weight but just go slowly. Her hormones will be settling now so you may find you are battling a weight problem if not careful.
  13. I agree with Rebanne. She looks good in the photos so I would think with another 4 kg she would be overweight. Can you just feel her ribs if you lightly run your hands over them? If you need pressure to feel them then she is definitely not underweight, if you can feel a lot of rib then she is underweight. And if she's recently been desexed she will start to put on weight when her hormones settle. She is a lovely looking dog.
  14. Another good resource, if you're on Facebook, would be a Great Dane group that breeders frequent.
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