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  1. One of these three dogs is very old

    The little white fluffy!
  2. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    gillybob if you're vacuuming on wooden floors I would recommend my canister style vacuum that I got from Godfreys. It's one for tradies to use so have a look around and see what you can find in that type of range and it only cost $179. It is awesome for my tiled sun room - picks up leaves, sticks, fur, dirt and all the other stuff the pup drags in. It also does a very good job on the carpeted mats and scratching posts. https://www.godfreys.com.au/work-hero-cd2-10l-commercial-vacuum
  3. Vet N Pet Direct

    My experiences are all great as well. Must be caught up in the Christmas rush.
  4. Settling in a new dog

    Yes, some sleep a lot and others are non-stop! Your mum needs to look on the bright side, at least she is not trashing the place and eating the walls like me tri girl did. lol
  5. Settling in a new dog

    Glad to read that things are improving, but where are the photos?
  6. Poo bags

    Another vote for nappy bags.
  7. Lymphoma

    Macrolone will help with her quality of life by helping with the pain and generally making her feel well. I had an old cattle dog with cancer on it for quite some time which gave us some really good quality time together.
  8. Sounds like that's part of the problem. Would she follow you in? Perhaps you need to keep walking in and out of the area, dropping little treats, to encourage her to go in, when you have time. You would need to ignore her and go about your business, maybe look in boxes or poke around in shelves, all done quietly. Just take it step by step.
  9. Does she ever go into your OH's office Boronia? Perhaps she could be lured in there, with treats, when he isn't in there at first and build on it. It may be this mysterious room that is part of the problem?
  10. I always think a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good first dog. They are pretty easy coat wise and very loving. And I've never met a snappy or aggressive one and they are easy to train.
  11. I think she's barking at your husband because she is afraid of him so I'm not sure that this is the correct way to stop it. A friend told me recently that her new adult dog was barking and lunging at dogs while out walking so she consulted a behaviourist. The behaviourist came to the house and worked with her and told her, that when out walking, as soon as another dog was in sight, treats should start raining from the sky. The idea is that eventually the dog will realise that when he sees another dog, good things happen. Perhaps you could use this method. So when your husband is approaching, start dropping treats and distracting her (before she starts barking). And your husband should keep up with the no eye contact and throwing treats in her direction, when she is quiet. It is going to take some time to get on top of this so be patient.
  12. Is she not used to men? I'm no expert, but I would start desensitising training. So OH sits quietly on the floor, with dog in room, no eye contact and throws best treats ever (cheese, salami, anything smelly that she loves but keep an eye on the quantity) in her direction. Hopefully she will then slowly start to move towards him on her own accord, so the treats get closer and closer and become more relaxed around him. I had a Poodle here that was petrified of any visitors but I found he was much happier if he was in a crate. After he was resting calmly, I would get the visitors to calmy pop a treat into his crate for him, every few minutes. Luckily I had pre-warned the visitors! lol
  13. I use Nexgard without any problems. And have used Scalibor collars in the past but did find one tick on a dog when he was wearing one. Ticks can blow in as well as being carried in by bandicoots and other small animals.
  14. My 12.5 year old Cav has a grade 4 heart murmur and has just had a dental. She bounced back without any problems. And she is much brighter in herself.
  15. Contact

    Welcome to the forum. I was looking for a puppy earlier this year and had the same problem as you. In the end, I contacted a couple of breeders who were advertising puppies, by phone, and was lucky enough to get the most delightful little girl, even though I was looking for a male.