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  1. Xtra Large Dog Door to be fitted into glass

    I have a dog door in the glass. I had to have the glass replaced as it is safety glass and can only be factory cut. The glass needed replacing anyway so it was a no brainer for me. I think it cost about $430 all up for a sliding door size. The glazier also supplied the dog door which turned out to be useless as it never stayed shut, even in the slightest breeze. It was from Bunnings. So we replaced it with this one - lovely strong magnet and no problems: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/253863008798 A quick Google has also shown these: https://australiapetdoors.com.au/product-category/extra-large-dog-doors/ All suitable for pre-cut safety glass.
  2. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    Just a thought for the future, what if you change the routine around around each night?
  3. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I have a Hound Bag which has a lined in plastic section to put the full doggy bags, so no smell. It also has little pockets to dispense the poo bags from and another section for your keys, phone etc. I love it and have had it for many years.
  4. Chicken Frames

    The breeder I got my second cattle dog from fed her adults a chicken frame a day, so I did the same without any problems. Nice dry hard white poos were great if you accidentally stepped in one! However, I did give him other things, eg sardines, 4x2 biscuits etc.
  5. Getting a new puppy

    Training a dog is for life, even though they know how to do something it doesn't mean they will do it. lol I had a trainer tell me that basically, dogs live to please themselves so you have to make the training enjoyable for them. I've adopted older dogs and have been able to train them, however, different breeds are easier to train than others. I've also owned 2 cattle dogs - both awesome dogs. The second one required two long walks (at least an hour) every day and he was from show lines, not working lines. My first one was a rescue dog and an older puppy. She was a more sedate version of the breed which is pretty rare, I believe. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. Chicken Frames

    My 22 kg cattle dog had one a day but as sandgrubber said, sometimes they were covered in skin and fat (never used that butcher again!) It also depends on size - if they are large frame then one should be enough.
  7. Help with cropping videos

    Maybe look at compressing them using an app. This will make the file size smaller. If you Google 'compressing (ipone/Samsung/etc) videos' you will find some apps.
  8. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    I did that after the dog ended up with fillet steak! Now that I only have one small dog, all the pet food is kept in the drawer in the top of the freezer.
  9. If it's only for a minute then perhaps it's the coldness of the spot on hitting his skin that sets him off. If you're not in a tick area, Comfortis is a very good alternative.
  10. Nipping around butt area

    The vet told me that often the base of the tail or down the sides is the closest the dog can get to the discomfort. They don't always feel the pain under the tail.
  11. I still have quite a few of the panels as well. I join them with cable ties. I have them up at the moment, keeping my new garden safe as it has lovely fertiliser smells in it. lol I have also used them under a chicken run to make it fox proof, two joined together to block off a hallway and to section a room for litters of kittens!
  12. Car Sick

    I like the lots of short trips to fun places training. So you might only just go around the corner, open the door all excited with a little treat, hop out and romp at the local park to start off with. Then maybe drive a little further and repeat. Try to do a couple of trips every day, lengthening each time.
  13. Karelian bear dogs

    I'd never heard of these until I saw your post this morning and now I am looking on Gumtree to see a breeder in Wollongong has a litter. They are stunning looking dogs!
  14. Which store allow dogs?

    Locally we have some banks that allow dogs and I saw a dog in a clothing store the other day. A friend of mine takes her dog into quite a few stores in her local area. So I think you just need to ask before you enter. Most garden centers I have been to are happy for me to take my dog in with me as well.
  15. When Will My Dog Be Trained

    Lovely to see Kojak's name come up after all these years. He was a valuable contributor to the forum and is greatly missed.