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  1. I'm on my second one of these. The first lasted over 20 years. The suction is so good that the carpet lifts and it vibrates as well, so all the loose dirt etc is out and sucked up in no time.
  2. Is his weight good? And is he desexed (needs fewer calories if he is)? It may be that he doesn't need that much any more or he may only need one meal a day with a snack at the other time.
  3. This place is owned by dog and cat breeders and has an excellent reputation:
  4. Interesting as I have never heard of that type of clipper blade. My groomer friend tells me that for poodles, most groomers use a very short blade and then stainless steel combs to get different lengths. She feels that the blade should never touch the dog's skin. Hope that helps! It mgiht be worth having a look on the poodle forum:
  5. I pay $60 in regional NSW - I love my vet! They also have the Best for Pet program which is excellent for pups and old dogs that require more visits to the vet each year, vaccinations and surgeries.
  6. Thank you. It is 15 years since I've had a pup and that was a cattle dog. Phoebe is like a whirl wind! lol She runs everywhere and is jumping up, all the time. Espcially on the cupboard where the dog food is kept. She is responding to training but that puppy excitement is at the front, at all times. lol
  7. Here's a link to a thread I started on a retired Poodle breeding dog that needed a lot of confidence building. Unfortunately it didn't work out with the cats and the dog, but the advice and video links were great.
  8. Here's a photo of a 4 year old blue male that I had here for a few weeks. It's a very different colour to your boy Rascalmyshadow. I wonder if yours is a dark silver and still has a bit of lightning up to do. I was told they got their true coat at 4.
  9. You just need a lid for your pens. When I have kittens, I just peg an old sheet over the top - easy, cheap and easy to keep clean.
  10. I will be interested to see what others think, but I think your Cav puppy at 6 months is old enough to be out in the yard during the day. Or do you not have access to a safe and secure yard?
  11. Just thought I would pop in and introduce Phoebe who is about 12.5 weeks old now. I've only had her since Friday and she is growing like a weed! She is also very smart and has picked up that she needs to sit nicely before I will pick her up for snuggles. The second photo is of her with my tri girl, Grace, who is now 12. This was the first time I caught them snuggled together (took a couple of days) so I took a sneaky photo through the glass.
  12. I think you have hit the nail on the head RuralPug. Because I want him to stay, I feel I need to make sure he fits in, is happy and doesn't have undesirable habits from the start. I had a rescue Poodle x that I adopted that I really should have rehomed. She spent the first two years challenging my cattle dog, luckily he was a very tolerant dog and pretty much ignored her. When I look back I realise I should have found her a home that was a better fit than mine as she would have been much happier. And I've realised I need to use his crate more as, obviously, he feels safe in there. He was much more relaxed with yesterday's visitors when he was in there and even sniffed a few fingers.
  13. Thanks, MrsRB, that article is interesting and I did have a couple of pound dogs that shut down a little, but after a few days they would start to show their true selves. I've had Asha nearly 2 weeks now - the Sunday before last - time flies!
  14. That's interesting. And unfortunately, I can't get him to sit and have been unable to teach it to him. And he won't come over when I invite him but he has started to slowly come to me for a treat, if the Cav takes one first, so that's a good sign. However, this morning when I sat down outside (he peed on the grass, yayyy!!) he put his paws on my leg (and made eye contact with a smiley face) which I would normally ignore but I thought I would try a different tactic. I put on my high pitched excited voice and lightly roughed him up and he loved it. He started zooming around and coming back for more. Yesterday I had him sit on my lap and was rubbing his chest, when I took my hand away he would seek it out and nudge it, so I would then continue. But when I tried it again later in the day he just sat there, looking away. A very interesting dog, this one! Once I 'get' him I think we will be able to move forward more quickly.
  15. Mine get fed usually between 4-5 pm and then shut in for the night between 9-10 pm.