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  1. If it's only for a minute then perhaps it's the coldness of the spot on hitting his skin that sets him off. If you're not in a tick area, Comfortis is a very good alternative.
  2. Nipping around butt area

    The vet told me that often the base of the tail or down the sides is the closest the dog can get to the discomfort. They don't always feel the pain under the tail.
  3. I still have quite a few of the panels as well. I join them with cable ties. I have them up at the moment, keeping my new garden safe as it has lovely fertiliser smells in it. lol I have also used them under a chicken run to make it fox proof, two joined together to block off a hallway and to section a room for litters of kittens!
  4. Car Sick

    I like the lots of short trips to fun places training. So you might only just go around the corner, open the door all excited with a little treat, hop out and romp at the local park to start off with. Then maybe drive a little further and repeat. Try to do a couple of trips every day, lengthening each time.
  5. Karelian bear dogs

    I'd never heard of these until I saw your post this morning and now I am looking on Gumtree to see a breeder in Wollongong has a litter. They are stunning looking dogs!
  6. Which store allow dogs?

    Locally we have some banks that allow dogs and I saw a dog in a clothing store the other day. A friend of mine takes her dog into quite a few stores in her local area. So I think you just need to ask before you enter. Most garden centers I have been to are happy for me to take my dog in with me as well.
  7. When Will My Dog Be Trained

    Lovely to see Kojak's name come up after all these years. He was a valuable contributor to the forum and is greatly missed.
  8. Home boarding in the Hiills

    If you google pet sitting a few come up - Mad Paws, Pet Cloud and Paw Shake are the ones that spring to mind.
  9. I have a Hoover Ultra Power. It's cordless and I can do the whole house on one charge (3 bed, 2 bath, 2 living areas), it picks up the stuff along the skirting board, has a small head with a light on it so gets under furniture, around chair legs etc. I love it and do a quick run around most days to keep on top of the hair from a Cavalier and 3 Persian cats. It all picks up the bits of grass that get carried in as well. It was just under $300 from Godfreys. Take some dog hair in with you to put on their carpets and give it a go! Edited to include the link: https://www.godfreys.com.au/hoover-ultra-power-stickvac?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxMjnBRCtARIsAGwWnBPw-dsRTW65YAAU-4305770t3JOK4Xningv1-Yx-F8lLzFlo0qNwT0aAtdMEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds My main vacuum is a tradies cannister type which means I can pick up pretty well everything! lol I've heard that the Dyson aren't good if you use carpet powder - something to do with the filters and being bagless.
  10. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    I was given a sample by a local producer of his new grain free pet food. As I had tried a grain free before with similar results to Ixon I was a bit reluctant to try again. He said that with grain free foods I needed to feed a lot less than I did with the product I was using. So basically, the diarrhea was caused by overfeeding. When I looked at the sample bag again, one of it's major ingredient is a legume so I'm not feeding it due to the recent possible association with heart disease that the US FDA is investigating. https://www.fda.gov/animalveterinary/resourcesforyou/animalhealthliteracy/ucm616279.htm It's hard to know what to feed our dogs!
  11. Havanese on show in Victoria?

    If you look on the Dogs Vic website, the shows will be listed there.

    Also, this organisation gives free legal advice and hopefully can help: http://lawyersforanimals.org.au/

    After 14 days of being impounded, a microchipped dog becomes the property of the Council, in NSW, so that's why they are saying you have no claim. If I was you I would be making a lot of waves and I would suggest you contact your local Councillor to see if they can help. Be persistent!
  14. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    How far south? I stayed in a nice self contained place at Tuross Head last month.
  15. separation anxiety .. one person's idea .

    I ran into a couple at a dog show that put their dog (with separation anxiety) in the car, in the garage, when they went out (they had 2 cars). She immediately went to sleep and was still there when they came home!