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  1. Best day ever...

    Hey, photos or it never happened!
  2. I've been researching the pet flap panels for sliding doors and none of them are microchip activated that I have found. Also, a smart cat will just run out between the dog's legs!
  3. House trained dog going toilet indoors

    Give the dogs a cue word when they wee (and treats) - makes it all so much easier if they will wee on command.
  4. 10ml syringes

    If you have a cat rescue nearby they could use them to hand feed kittens.
  5. The euthanasia process

    I've found that the dogs are much easier to handle so haven't required sedation. However, I have used sedation with some of my cats that were stressed so difficult to handle.
  6. RSPCA NSW cuts its links with council

    It's happening in the Shoalhaven as well. Council is building a much needed new shelter and the RSPCA will not be tendering to run it, as they do currently with the old one. The employees have been offered jobs but it means they will have to relocate, or take up a redundancy that has been offered. Sounds like it is going to happen everywhere.
  7. Spasms in front leg

    If you ring say, SASH at Gladesville, and explain the problem they will book you in with the appropriate specialist. With the pain relief I imagine it is the same as with humans, you need to keep giving the meds regularly to keep the pain under control.
  8. Lump in neck & foamy mouth

    The only experience I've had with a dog with her mouth open like an 'oh' was when she had a piece of brisket bone caught across the roof of her mouth.
  9. Spasms in front leg

    All the vet specialists tend to be located at one of the specialist vet hospitals. In what area do you live?
  10. Aggression towards other puppies.

    From your profile pick I see Nugget is a terrier. Experienced Terrier owners tell me that Terriers are very different to other dogs. I second sandgrubber's advice and would seek advice from an experienced Terrier breeder/owner to start with and perhaps that person can recommend a trainer that knows the breed.
  11. Lump in neck & foamy mouth

    Can you look in his mouth to see if there are any broken tooth, or something stuck in there that could be moving a bit and easing his discomfort? Everything crossed it is easily fixed.
  12. Spasms in front leg

    I would be using heat. I find heat very soothing and it encourages the blood flow. It certainly can't hurt!
  13. Tick Medications

    I live on the South Coast of NSW and use Nexgard and haven't had any problems. In the more than 5 years I have been here the dogs have only had one tick and I was using a tick collar at the time. During peak tick season we don't frequent areas with long grass and bush. Ticks like humid, hot weather. This summer has been dry so not a lot of ticks around, thankfully. There is also a new tick preventative collar called Seresto that has no smell. I use one on the cat (off label for ticks here but not in the US) but the yard is cat safe so he doesn't get out. The neighbour's cat wanders though and he has had a paralysis tick this summer.
  14. New puppy but existing ones not accepting

    This is a link that has helped me with my Cav pup who gets super excited and screams at the sight of seagulls and kangaroos! You have to make it a positive experience so the old boy relates the pup to nice things: http://www.training-your-dog-and-you.com/Desensitizing_and_counter-conditioning.html
  15. Puppy eating rocks, surgery, help!

    My Cav carried around all sorts of rocks and lumps of concrete as a small pup but has stopped now. Now she carries small toys around a lot, which I am much happier about! Has your kelpie got other things she can carry instead?