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  1. What Diva said! There is a Facebook group called Dog Transport Australia where they all seem to advertise. There is also a company called Domestic Pet Transport that are running charter flights for pets! Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/domesticpetsau/photos/a.111567837457738/262950968986090
  2. Do you praise and treat her when she goes outside? Praise needs to be over the top and high pitched so she knows you are excited by her wee on the grass!
  3. How about giving her a special treat when she gets home or doing a fun activity in the yard? To make that part of the journey more exciting.
  4. How about fostering for a group and offering to permanently foster a dog that can't be rehomed due to health issues - they may need to be up for end of life decisions sooner, rather than later. A few Sydney groups do this, where are your parents located?
  5. I'd ring the vet to make sure they are dissolving stitches first. If they are, in my experience, they can take quite some time to disappear.
  6. Wow she is cute! (mutters to self, doesn't need another dog and backs out of thread, never to return)
  7. A lot of the seeds off palm trees are toxic so find out what variety it is and do some research. I recall one of the members here having a lot of problems with her dog after consuming some palm tree seeds.
  8. What breed is she? And also, has she been near the succulents or does the palm have seeds? Is she OK if you take her out of the house?
  9. I've had an old dog with suspected idiopathic vestibular disease. He recovered quite quickly and it didn't happen again. He was on Bravecto but I can't remember if the dose was recent or not.
  10. I use this Petway one on my dog with sensitive skin. I use paraben and sulfate shampoos for myself as I have sensitive skin so thought I would try the same for her: https://petwaypetcare.com.au/shop/grooming-products/skin-care-shampoo/
  11. They come in the pewter urn unless you specify differently. From memory it wasn't much cheaper to get the scatter box, if at all.
  12. In the NSW Shoalhaven area we only have one choice - Pets at Peace. I had to push them to get a scatter box.
  13. Depending on the area you live, you may find that there is only company you can use. I have quite a few pets cremated over the years. Some I have scattered and others that I will scatter soon. I have some urns, but once the ashes are scattered I'm not sure what to do with them so I prefer they go into a scatter box now. It is a difficult time but it helps to go in prepared, as you area. Take care.
  14. Bahahaha! The specialness of a Cavalier. I would suggest going back to basics, luring her through with treats, lots of praise etc.
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