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  1. New puppy but existing ones not accepting

    This is a link that has helped me with my Cav pup who gets super excited and screams at the sight of seagulls and kangaroos! You have to make it a positive experience so the old boy relates the pup to nice things: http://www.training-your-dog-and-you.com/Desensitizing_and_counter-conditioning.html
  2. Puppy eating rocks, surgery, help!

    My Cav carried around all sorts of rocks and lumps of concrete as a small pup but has stopped now. Now she carries small toys around a lot, which I am much happier about! Has your kelpie got other things she can carry instead?
  3. The one I am on is in NSW: If you want to find something local, someone on there will probably know! Cavaliers NSW Friends Group
  4. Cav grooming

    I have a 13 year old tri girl (Cav) that has a very easy care coat. She has been desexed since she was about 10 months. I do get her clipped now as she finds the bathing and drying very tiresome on her little old body. Fortunately my new groomer does most of the clipping while the dog is laying in her lap so it isn't so tiring.
  5. Adopting a rescue

    Everyone grieves differently and there is no set time limit before getting another dog. You're not replacing the dog you lost, you're helping to heal the broken hearts.
  6. So you mean the one on this site? As there are puppies listed here: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/golden-retriever.asp Also Facebook pages seem to be the way to go. I'm on a Cavalier group and there are puppies every week listed.
  7. Where are you looking?
  8. Barking Older Dog

    I think this is a Cav thing! My old girl started that when her companion dog passed away (she was also 12 at the time). It also drove me nuts. After a few months I decided to get a pup and that seems to have cured her.
  9. Another vote for the purple horse spray. They look so cute with purple ears. lol It's also an antiseptic so helps the sores heal.
  10. Looking to get a Blue Heeler, need advise please

    Like most dogs, an ACD will want to at least play with it. You would have to train the dog and keep an eye out.
  11. Looking to get a Blue Heeler, need advise please

    I think your situation sounds perfect for an ACD. I have owned two and they have lived long lives. They need physical activity but mental stimulation is even more important. They do have a little bit of a stubborn streak but are easy to train. They do things like if you want them to sit in a certain spot, they will sit a foot away from it. lol They are very loyal and love best to be with their humans, which is inside. Yes they can be barky but if someone is home most of the time you will be on to that straight away. There is a lot of information on the internet about setting puppies up to make wonderful companions which involves training etc. Good luck in your search.
  12. Whenever my dogs have been on cortisone the dosage has been lowered after a a week or two. Hopefully this will happen with your boy and it will help with his water consumption.
  13. Hot spots between toes

    That sounds like a good idea and don't do any more treatments so that the vet can take a skin scraping in case it is mites or something that can be seen under the microscope.
  14. Valmae if you go up to near the top of this page and click on the down arrow next to 'Dogz Online Pages' you will see a link to breeders who may be able to help you. Cavs are very popular so my advice is to ring the breeders you prefer. Quite often they have older dogs they are looking for homes for, but don't advertise them. Good luck.
  15. One of these three dogs is very old

    The little white fluffy!