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  1. All my dogs have been cows! There was one particular spot at an off lead park that they all raced to and the current dogs love my friend's cat grass, even though we have the same stuff here.
  2. I also used my 2 dogs at the time - JoJo and Cindy became Jocin. When I was breeding cats a lot of people used parts of their kids names.
  3. Overseas vaccines are different to Australian ones so yes, talk to your vet is the best option. I had my 12 week old pup vaccinated with it without any problems as it was in the area at the time, I lived near bush and saw rats often, and puppies are always picking up things.
  4. I agree with moosmum - when I got my first dog the first thing I realised was that I needed training in how to train and reinforce the behaviour I wanted in the dog. I hope that is included for you.
  5. I would have thought that x-rays would have been taken before referring to physio. Perhaps you should ask that they be done as they may show a problem that is growth related at her age. Good luck with her!
  6. Only one of mine has had an ear infection and that was the first girl, when she was young so a long time ago. I am diligent when bathing them though, to keep the water out and dry their ears thoroughly. I also clip lightly inside the air and feed a good quality diet. Hopefully that works or I have been extremely lucky!
  7. As you can see from my profile pic, I am a Cavalier owner. My last girl lived until just over 13 when she succumbed to MVD - she'd had a heart murmur since 8 but was not on medication until the final few weeks. With recent research and the recommendation of early medication, Cavs are predicted to live about 18 months longer. I think 13 is great for any breed! My friend has a Cavalier who will be 14 in July and has been on heart medication since she was first diagnosed at about 9 years of age. There has been no change in the dog's murmur during this time. Fortunately for me, none of my dogs have been diagnosed with any of the other problems at this stage - my current two dogs are 5 and 6 years. While the breed does have a lot of health problems, reputable breeders are right on top of the testing. There are many Cavalier Facebook pages where you could get more information. Lots of breeds have health problems, and as my vet once said to me, there is no guarantee with any living thing.
  8. I would feed him two small meals a day and see how that goes.
  9. I read somewhere that it wasn't a blanket ban on breeding those breeds, but that health tested (and cleared) dogs could still be bred with. Hope that information was right, being a Cavalier owner.
  10. What's her reaction to the lawn mower? Is she barking and chasing it? If so that is pretty normal behaviour for a working breed and desensitizing should work.
  11. Oh he is gorgeous! If I was 10 years younger I would take him on. All the best Huckleberry. <3
  12. One of my Cavs got bitten by a black ant recently. She was screaming and waving her leg around. Screamed when I went to pick her up to check her over. I only discovered it was a black ant because it was squashed in the fur of her paw, near where she was licking. So it could possibly be a bite from something tiny. I would be taking her out the front, on lead, for supervised toilet breaks and see how she goes. she may now associate the back yard with something scary. Good luck.
  13. I do both my Cavs' feet with the Shear Magic and find them easy. The dogs seem to like it too as they spread their toes! lol I always leave a little fur between the pads though, to protect that sensitive area from pebbles, rocks etc.
  14. I have the Shear Magic and while they are great, they have a narrow small blade so might not be what you're looking for. I use them for bottom of the feet and inside ears as they give a close shave.
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