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  1. Thanks Dogmad, but with having cats I am excellent at cleaning up the smell! lol Plus Grace has never peed in this house as she is never left to roam freely inside any more.
  2. That's interesting. I have never been able to train my Cav girl (she is 12). She is a big marker and goes everywhere! I'm wondering if these two together will just end up having a marking competition.
  3. I would say he has had no toilet training as he came from a bit of a bad situation when he was 3 months old to the breeder that has him now.
  4. I'm looking at getting a retired breeding dog. I have been offered one that marks a lot. He will be desexed but is there a chance I will never get him out of marking? I will get belly bands and train him but am I wasting my time as I want a house dog? I know with stud cats that spray, it can be hit and miss whether they still do this when neutered. Your experiences, please.
  5. Cortisone will make her drink and urinate more. And it starts acting very quickly!
  6. That reminds me of when my cattle dog was a pup. After he outgrew the puppy pen I used it to put all the pot plants in.
  7. Yes you can get it at Bunnings. I'm about to pull up my sunroom marine carpet (today) so if you were close you could have it! You may only need a piece like a hall runner, running from the door to the exit point off the deck?
  8. Another vote for marine carpet. It is cheap and indestructible!
  9. Thanks for that Powerlegs. I managed to score one of the bed pads that I am thinking I will cut in half for my old girls' bed.
  10. I've had good luck with belly bands. The ones I bought were very well made, reasonable in price and did the job. I put a cut up sanitary pad inside and he only peed once! He wore it for quite a few months (overnight) and never got out of it. Here's the link:
  11. Sorry to but in on your thread Bushriver, but TSD I am interested in learning more about Borders as I am looking for a new dog.
  12. I find Comfortis is best for fleas but I once had a vet tell me that dogs often bite around their back end because their anal glands are bothering them.
  13. That's interesting because I have sent quite a few kittens interstate over the many years that microchipping has been law in NSW, and never had any problems transferring the microchip details to the new owners. Also, now, we can do it ourselves online which is even more convenient.
  14. I bought one like this off ebay for my Persian cats and dogs. The one I have has a variable speed so I can start off low and then gradually turn it up, depending on how the cat/dog tolerates it. I'm very happy with it.
  15. Unfortunately I can't see the photo LFF!