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  1. Puppy scared when meeting people

    The first thing I would be doing is booking her into a good puppy pre-school. And also, be careful taking her out for walks until after she is fully vaccinated - have a chat to your vet about it. I did take my pup out for socialising when she wasn't fully vaccinated but we went to places where dogs didn't frequent so the risk was minimal. There is a lot known about dog behaviour now than there was a few years ago and perhaps she is going through a fear period (I can't remember the ages). Have a look through this website, read the articles and check out his blog. http://k9pro.com.au/
  2. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    Adult Cavs do seem to be the same price as a pup, and some times even more. You have to consider also, that an 8 week old pup still requires two more vaccinations and desexing and I imagine that is included in the price of the young dog you're interested in.
  3. Most dog rescue has moved over to Facebook. There are a few working dog rescues that might be able to help. I don't have links but Google will help. Hopefully he will find the right home.
  4. Tick treatment for puppies

    I used Nexgard for my pup, without any problems, but am considering switching to the Seresto collar after the latest info released on Bravecto and Nexgard.
  5. Tick or Seed or what?

    They look to have whiskers growing out of them! Whereabouts on the face were they?
  6. Best day ever...

    Hey, photos or it never happened!
  7. I've been researching the pet flap panels for sliding doors and none of them are microchip activated that I have found. Also, a smart cat will just run out between the dog's legs!
  8. House trained dog going toilet indoors

    Give the dogs a cue word when they wee (and treats) - makes it all so much easier if they will wee on command.
  9. 10ml syringes

    If you have a cat rescue nearby they could use them to hand feed kittens.
  10. The euthanasia process

    I've found that the dogs are much easier to handle so haven't required sedation. However, I have used sedation with some of my cats that were stressed so difficult to handle.
  11. RSPCA NSW cuts its links with council

    It's happening in the Shoalhaven as well. Council is building a much needed new shelter and the RSPCA will not be tendering to run it, as they do currently with the old one. The employees have been offered jobs but it means they will have to relocate, or take up a redundancy that has been offered. Sounds like it is going to happen everywhere.
  12. Spasms in front leg

    If you ring say, SASH at Gladesville, and explain the problem they will book you in with the appropriate specialist. With the pain relief I imagine it is the same as with humans, you need to keep giving the meds regularly to keep the pain under control.
  13. Lump in neck & foamy mouth

    The only experience I've had with a dog with her mouth open like an 'oh' was when she had a piece of brisket bone caught across the roof of her mouth.
  14. Spasms in front leg

    All the vet specialists tend to be located at one of the specialist vet hospitals. In what area do you live?
  15. Aggression towards other puppies.

    From your profile pick I see Nugget is a terrier. Experienced Terrier owners tell me that Terriers are very different to other dogs. I second sandgrubber's advice and would seek advice from an experienced Terrier breeder/owner to start with and perhaps that person can recommend a trainer that knows the breed.