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  1. Skin fungal infections

    Interesting reading as I have a new dog to the house with what I call 'the yeasty smell'. As she had bad dandruff on her lower back when I got her, I put her on an Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement and that cleared up the dermatitis and got rid of the smell. However she's had a bit of a gastric upset for 10 days, so no Omega supplement, and the smell is back. The vet did a swab the other day from her anus to look at the fecal bacteria and commented she has a lot of yeast around her back end. She also has a couple of tiny yeast related spots on her chin that the vet looked at but is not concerned about. She did mention Malaseb baths and I will get some and use it for a while. I may also clip her a bit shorter. Also quite a few years ago I adopted a Poodle x that had black skin on her tummy and quite a yeasty smell about her. That all just went away with a good diet and regular bathing but I can't remember what I used as a shampoo.
  2. How to deal with dog's daggy bum

    Another thought was thinning scissors. Or a matt breaker with a blade in it. My Cavalier has very long fur around her back legs and for summer I've used a #9 blade with a #5 steel comb to lightly go over her rump and then follow the hair growth around her back legs. She now has much shorter hair that has blended in with the rest of her coat.
  3. How to deal with dog's daggy bum

    What about something like a Mars Coat King that thins out the coat?
  4. Perspective on veterinarian suicide

    I was talking to a locum vet recently, about her locum work. She said that a lot of clients put the guilt on them along the lines of: why does it cost so much, you would do it for free if you really loved dogs/cats etc. That is a big part of it!
  5. Amber is 10 today!

    That is fantastic! Your dedication is amazing and Happy Birthday to Amber!~
  6. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    I also think part of it is the build up and excitement of making the decision, choosing the puppy, buying all the things you need and so on.
  7. Flea and tick - chews vs spot ons

    Which one is the 6 monthly spot on as I've never heard of it. I have used Advantix with good results but it needs fortnightly application for paralysis ticks. I use Nexgard now and haven't had any problems.
  8. Excess Animal Permit Application

    I believe that in Victoria that the process is different for each Council area. It would be worth asking this on your local Facebook groups to see if anyone else has had any problems getting the permit.
  9. I can't figure out how to detach this flap, otherwise I would change it temporarily. I think she will get there, eventually, and I figure if the tiny cat can use it, she will. lol We do a bit of training each day and I tie it up when I go out.
  10. This is Evie who has been with us for nearly 4 weeks. She is a retired breeding girl and is 3.5 years old. We're having a great time introducing her to all the local Cavaliers (we have a very active local Cavalier group) and all the local sites. She has fitted in really well with Phoebe (my blenheim girl) and the cats, the only problem I am having is that she is scared of the pet flap. My flap is hard and has a strong magnet as the door faces south and we get strong southerlies here. Anyway, here are some photos. The first is the first day in the Blue Mountains, the second is after a week at home and then lastly at a friend's house where she will use their soft flap pet door.
  11. Vocal Dog / Barking

    Can you block access so she doesn't see the 6 am walker? Having owned cattle dogs I can relate to the high pitched excited barking. When I got my second one the noise at first light was enough to have them sleep inside, in separate areas. lol
  12. I'm with Papillon Kisses. I have Cavaliers which have a similar coat. Yes the floor has hair on it, as does the furniture, but it is easy to get off. I have a cordless vacuum that does a great job and use it every second day for a quick zip around to keep on top of it. This only takes abut 10 minutes. And if you bath them regularly and use a force dryer to dry the coat, most of the loose stuff is blown out then. I've owned a Poodle x before and the regular clipping is very time consuming and expensive if you get it done professionally.
  13. IBD in dogs frustration

    I would also try the steroids. Normally the dosage is cut right down, over time, in the form of a maintenance dose so the side affects are minimal. My Cavalier had many prescriptions for steroids over her life without any problems. My experience is that it will dramatically improve your dog's quality of life.
  14. Advice for SOON-TO-BE Puppy Owner!

    Your breeder may have already started on house training so talk to them about it. I'm a fan of crate training as I travel with my dogs and they settle really quickly once the crate is set up. Also find a really good puppy school and recommendations for dog training. And my last bit of advice is that training is for the life of the dog, it never stops. Enjoy your puppy!

    But all consults are free so you would have saved that! Maybe it is an error and it should say: This is what you saved as a Best for Pet member!