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  1. Havanese on show in Victoria?

    If you look on the Dogs Vic website, the shows will be listed there.

    Also, this organisation gives free legal advice and hopefully can help: http://lawyersforanimals.org.au/

    After 14 days of being impounded, a microchipped dog becomes the property of the Council, in NSW, so that's why they are saying you have no claim. If I was you I would be making a lot of waves and I would suggest you contact your local Councillor to see if they can help. Be persistent!
  4. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    How far south? I stayed in a nice self contained place at Tuross Head last month.
  5. separation anxiety .. one person's idea .

    I ran into a couple at a dog show that put their dog (with separation anxiety) in the car, in the garage, when they went out (they had 2 cars). She immediately went to sleep and was still there when they came home!
  6. Dropped pasterns in puppy

    I'd love a Japanese Chin - lucky you! And, of course, you can't talk about a puppy without posting a photo! Good luck with his pasterns.
  7. My vote would be for a Havanese as well. Delightful little dogs and don't seem to have any health problems. I have met quite a few Maltese with Cushings in the last few years.
  8. North Queensland Flood - Farm Photos

    This came up in my feed yesterday. The photos are eye opening for us townies.
  9. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    I agree with Diva, Cavs are smart dogs and need mental stimulation as well as exercise. I've taught my girl how to fetch and then keep upping the game, eg, first of all she had to drop it at my feet, then we worked on siting calmly before I would throw it and now she has to make eye contact before I will throw it. There are lots of 'brain games' and tricks online. I also find that mental stimulation is more tiring than the physical. Also, one month isn't a long time for a dog to settle. Good luck and you sound like a great dog owner.
  10. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I'm sure she would! I am looking around for something and if the right dog turns up I might make the plunge.
  11. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    They are gorgeous! My first Cav was tri and she was a bit speshal. lol I have a beautiful Blenheim girl now and am tossing around whether to get her a little friend.
  12. Waking up through the night

    You could try crate training him and having him sleep where he can see humans, or feels not so shut away. What sort of mental and physical exercise does he get?
  13. Corneal Ulcer

    You were very lucky to have a vet that could do the surgery for you. I'm going through a similar thing at the moment with an old cat and all the local vets don't feel experienced enough to do it. One of the downers of living in regional areas.
  14. 14 is a great age for a Cav and some do live until they are 16. If he is deaf, then he will jump at your touch as he doesn't know you're there. As you approach him, bang on the floor or wall so that he can feel that you're approaching by the vibrations. And with deaf dogs, you need to touch them gently until they realise you are there.
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    My experience with eye ulcers tells me that if it is a surface scratch it will heal within 5 days If it is something deeper and the wound becomes like a crater, then a grid keratectomy is required. When my cats have had the grid keratectomy their eyes have healed very quickly. I hope it's the same for your pooch.