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  1. Heart Rate

    I just scrolled up and see that Charles Kuntz has posted. If you haven't seen that post, have a look.
  2. Heart Rate

    Interestingly I checked my young Cavaliers resting heart rate last night (she was asleep) and it was 66 as well! I Googled it as I had no idea and the range is 60-100 bpm I think. My girl is very fit also. I imagine most dogs have an elevated heart rate at the vets, yours might be an exception.
  3. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    They did have a TV show a few years ago. No idea if it is still running though.
  4. I have two Cavaliers. One is a lounge lizard and the other is a fire cracker! She's smart (too smart for me lol), very fast and very active. If you're after an active Cavalier then you need to let the breeder know. There are quite a lot of active Cavaliers around now and a good breeder should be able to link you up with the right pup, if that's what you're after. The NSW Cavalier Club has a website with all the health related information on it. Kelpies are a great dog but very very active! They need a lot of mental stimulation as well.
  5. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    My wonderful supervets also sold their clinic to Best for Pets as they wanted a lifestyle change ie, working less days a week, much less stress etc. After a couple of years they left. I have still been using the clinic but it is a continual stream of vets, mostly locums. I became quite friendly with one of the long term locums and I can definitely see why they like to live that lifestyle and why there is such a shortage of vets. I feel your pain LMO. I'm thinking I will have to take the non-routine stuff up to Berry vets now, it will be worth the drive. I have a friend that lives in the Sylvania area that has an awesome vet but that is too far for you. I can ask on the Sydney Cavalier page if you like.
  6. Goodbye my precious boy

    I'm so sorry to read this. Please take care of yourself.
  7. Elderly female rescue with too much testosterone?

    A read an article recently that said humping can be stress related or from over excitement. And one of my friend's dogs does it when she gets over excited when we are out!
  8. Elderly female rescue with too much testosterone?

    I wonder if it is the other dogs setting her off? She might be fine in a single dog home. I rescued a little Silky many years ago that was quite feral in her behaviour - guarding me, separation anxiety, having a go at much bigger dogs etc. I trial rehomed her as an only dog and she was perfect!
  9. Puppy opinions

    Was she a registered breeder? Did she offer any guarantee regarding the pup vet checked within the first 3 days?
  10. Am I the right owner for my puppy?

    Working breeds need mental activity. As others have said, reward for calmness, have the pup sit before an interaction and start training - tricks are good to tire them. I used to have cattle dogs and when I learnt about the Nothing in Life is Free program they became much easier to handle and live with. Google it, it's easy and becomes a way of life.
  11. Booked a cavalier puppy but haven’t seen it. Help!

    Having strangers come to your home to view puppies, parents etc is very stressful and more so with the current situation. There have been instances of dogs and pups being stolen from breeders as well. Many, many people I know have bought puppies from interstate, site unseen. Have you been sent photos?
  12. I've owned Shih Tzus and while mine were healthy little dogs, they can have the problems you mentioned. Their temperament is very different from a Cavalier (my current breed) and a Havanese. They are very active and can be stubborn so can be difficult to train (one of mine was never reliably house trained). They are also friendly, lovely little dogs and can hold their own with bigger dogs in play. A friend has Havanese and they are lovely little happy, friendly dogs too and if I was younger I would probably have one. And yes, Cavaliers do have a lot of health problems in the breed but then there is no guarantee with any living thing. My first Cav was very stubborn and lived to please herself, the two I have now, one is off with the fairies, sleeps a lot and the other smart, active and switched on. I should also add that my first Cav came from parents not health tested but I talked extensively with the breeder about the longevity of the pup's parents and got to meet a few of her ancestors. She lived to be just over 13 and died from MVD. Perhaps they could look at joining some breed Facebook pages and ask some questions. Hope my ramblings help.
  13. Bowel obstruction

    I replied in your other thread. In my experience it is treated easily with medication.
  14. Suture reaction?

    It's hard to tell from the photo as I couldn't enlarge it but suture reactions are pretty normal. It looks like a reaction to the internal sutures and hopefully some meds will settle it.
  15. Help with our new dog :(

    I used to foster working dogs and quite often they have had separation anxiety type problems as they don't cope well in shelters. If you decide to work with this dog it will be an ongoing routine for the life of the dog. Some dogs calm down really quickly but any new adult dog to the home takes quite some time to decompress and shouldn't be taken off the property during this time. Brain exercises help immensely as is varying your routine when you leave the house (so she can't anticipate what is happening and get anxious) and ignoring her when you return home until she is calm. Fostering calmness at all times is important and perhaps start some basic training in teaching her self control. I took on a retired breeding dog last year and it has taken 6 months for her to show her full personality. She is now starting to show her stubbornness. lol Here's a link that popped up in my Facebook page the other day that might help: