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  1. This came up on one of the Cavalier Facebook pages and some members said that they got a refund after providing proof of desexing.
  2. Nexgard isn't a repellant. From their website: NexGard and NexGard SPECTRA kill fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system, which results in uncontrolled activity of their nervous system and death. This occurs within 6-8 hours of product administration.
  3. Yes she could do with a little more weight but just go slowly. Her hormones will be settling now so you may find you are battling a weight problem if not careful.
  4. I agree with Rebanne. She looks good in the photos so I would think with another 4 kg she would be overweight. Can you just feel her ribs if you lightly run your hands over them? If you need pressure to feel them then she is definitely not underweight, if you can feel a lot of rib then she is underweight. And if she's recently been desexed she will start to put on weight when her hormones settle. She is a lovely looking dog.
  5. Another good resource, if you're on Facebook, would be a Great Dane group that breeders frequent.
  6. This just came up in my FB newsfeed. I had heard of the Facebook group and was interested to hear of how it evolved. Scammers make it so hard for legitimate breeders and the members of the public looking for a pup.
  7. I do my dogs' glands and I definitely don't stick my fingers in their anus! Let me see if I can find a video on how I do it. ETA:
  8. As there is a huge gap next to that tooth, I am thinking it is a different tooth.
  9. Normally the breeder would have taken the pup back. Has this not happened? If not, then I presume she is helping them rehome the puppy. It's a little unclear from the post who you will be dealing with so who has the pup?
  10. I find Feather Edge really good, why not contact them and ask. It is their speciality! http://www.clippersharpening.com.au/general-pages/home.phps
  11. They like to pee on soft things. At 4 months she won't be reliably toilet trained so I think it is human error. If you can't watch her for a period of time you need to take her out to toilet before hand.
  12. The only thing I can think of is to cover the carpet with old towels, quilts etc and keep the dog contained to one area.
  13. With my last pup, she would jump all over me as I was trying to get out the laundry door with a basket of washing. The puppy school trainer told me to put a dog bed near the door and drop a handful of treats on to the bed just as I was about to step out. The idea was to get the pup (and older dog) to jump into the bed as I was stepping out the door, in readiness for treats. It worked! Maybe you could adapt that idea and making sure there is no interaction with the dog unless he/she is sitting quietly. Hope that helps.
  14. I would still contact the breeder you got your girl from. I got my last breeder rehome by making contact. She was going to keep the dog that I now have but decided she would have a better life with me when she learnt of my situation.
  15. I have recently taken on a retired breeding bitch. The only 'problem' that I am aware of is a small increase in the risk of mammary cancer down the track due to not being desexed earlier. However, there are no guarantees with any living thing.
  16. How about if you raise the dish that she doesn't have to bend her head down? She does look wobbly in those photos. A friend lost her old cat to this disease recently. The poor cat got very constipated.
  17. High pitched squealing stopped my girl - must be immediate and then pup praised as soon as he stops. Another way is to redirect them with a toy and play a game. Heaps of info on the internet on puppy raising if you need more help.
  18. That's interesting asal. I always thought she was crossed with a Border Collie as she was very similar in shape and size. She was such a lovely dog. Only had to tell her not to do something once and that was it. She even told off visiting dogs for barking at the dogs on the other side of the fence.
  19. My first dog was Cindy, a cattle dog cross, from the RSPCA. She was the perfect dog for me as a newbie dog owner, in my early 30s.
  20. I just scrolled up and see that Charles Kuntz has posted. If you haven't seen that post, have a look.
  21. Interestingly I checked my young Cavaliers resting heart rate last night (she was asleep) and it was 66 as well! I Googled it as I had no idea and the range is 60-100 bpm I think. My girl is very fit also. I imagine most dogs have an elevated heart rate at the vets, yours might be an exception.
  22. They did have a TV show a few years ago. No idea if it is still running though.
  23. I have two Cavaliers. One is a lounge lizard and the other is a fire cracker! She's smart (too smart for me lol), very fast and very active. If you're after an active Cavalier then you need to let the breeder know. There are quite a lot of active Cavaliers around now and a good breeder should be able to link you up with the right pup, if that's what you're after. The NSW Cavalier Club has a website with all the health related information on it. Kelpies are a great dog but very very active! They need a lot of mental stimulation as well.
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