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  1. I can imagine what they get. I stopped breeding Persian cats because of dealing with people. Stupid comments, in the middle of the night by phone, 'red, like a traffic light'. No red, like red hair was my response. Bought a phone that I could turn the ringer off after that!
  2. I've looked at this for when I am in areas where there is no vet close. It looks similar to the GP consult by phone type businesses - it's a triage service. Here's a link that might help: https://www.vetchat.com.au/
  3. I had this happen to me at a dog park when travelling. It was empty so in we went, 5 minutes later a bloke turns up with two 2 huge dogs, looking on his phone, then sits down and turns away from his dogs to do more on his phone. So annoying. We left!
  4. My 7 year old Cav has become leash reactive in the last few months. We can walk past people's yards and around caravan parks, with dogs behind fences and barking at us, and she doesn't even look at them. But one coming towards us and it's on. So annoying! I try to go the other way before it starts but sometimes the other dogs just appear.
  5. That's great but be aware that he isn't reliably house trained for some time eg up to 9 months of age. I find the boys take a bit longer than the girls and can't hold on for as long.
  6. @Deedsif you Google her name and gofundme you will probably find it. Not much is private these days!
  7. Yes it looks like they didn't have the dog registered before you purchased it. What a shame! I wonder if you could contact the Office of Local Government to appeal this as it is not your fault!? I'd be contacting them first off.
  8. Are you in NSW as it varies from state to state? It sounds like you are, and the registration fee is for the life of the animal, no matter who owns it. Here's more info relevant to NSW: https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-cats/nsw-pet-registry/microchipping-and-registration/
  9. I think you need some specialist help. Removing the dog from site might be the best option for now but I am definitely not an expert. Look for dog behaviourists in your area with good reviews.
  10. Just lovely. Perhaps your little dog is a little deaf!
  11. How much water is he drinking? Perhaps limit it to really small amounts.
  12. Raw meaty bones from the butcher. Firstly though she may need a dental so I would be checking in with the vet first as you don't want any broken teeth.
  13. All I can think of is that you give the bird (and chooks) a treat and the dog one at the same time if it is sitting nicely and calmly. Keep the dog on a lead to (try to) keep it calm, walk calmly to the cage, with lots of praise and reward. Every time the dog starts to get even a tiny bit excited stop, look upwards, stay still and remain calm until the dog is calm and move again. You will need patience! Good luck!
  14. That is so true. Having had one of my dogs attacked on an off lead beach caused me much anxiety for the best part of 20 years and I am not going to read the article as it will bring it all back, however, I have learnt enough from the comments posted. I only ever went back to that off lead beach once, and it was with this dog once he had recovered, on a week day when no one was around. I made it a fun experience for him and we left.
  15. I was just thinking about this attack a few days ago so thanks for posting the link. I was living in the area at the time and it shook the whole community. It's interesting to read a bit about the condition of the dogs and how they were kept. Such a terrible situation.
  16. I'll be interested to hear of her progress and everything crossed she makes a good recovery.
  17. I'm so sorry to hear that @Rebanne. Such a shock but as you said, it was so quick that she didn't suffer. Take care of yourself.
  18. I'm just reading her story now. The appeal was shared on the Cavalier pages but I hadn't read her whole story. Can you tell me what VSOS is please? Also is this condition curable?
  19. As an adult I've had 2 cattle dogs, 3 Cavaliers, a Shih Tzu and a Poodle cross (toy size). My all time favourites are the cattle dogs but as I travel with my dogs a bit I've gone for Cavaliers as they are super easy and are happy to sleep a lot! It's also easy to get them minded if necessary.
  20. Thank you @Princess Fru Fru. I think I have all the info now and can make a decision.
  21. Interesting @Rebanne. Thanks and I will have look at Global Micro. I had forgotten about Australasian Animal Registry and they didn't come up when I Googled. I think that was who I was going to list them with last time I looked at this but I got distracted!
  22. As I understand it, the NSW Companion Animal Register can't always be accessed from other states or has that changed? If it is the current situation, does anybody know which is the best register to put my dogs on in case something goes pear shaped when travelling? Thanks for any help!
  23. I'm a human GERD sufferer and I really can eat whatever I like when on medication so I would also suggest trying another medication. There are a lot available over the counter now so have a chat to your vet and see what else they recommend trying.
  24. I agree ¬Anne¬. I think this is one of the reasons we have such a shortage of professionals eg doctors, vets, teachers etc.
  25. My 15 year old cattle dog collapsed and I rushed him to the vet. Fortunately, my super vet was on duty (gee I miss him!) and he did a few quick tests that showed his abdomen was full of blood. He said, that in his experience, he either had a tumour on his spleen or liver, that had ruptured. Surgery would give him another 8 or so weeks. So I made the decision. This taught me that I need to ask what the prognosis is after the surgery as in those times of panic, everything goes out of your mind.
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