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  1. How To Stop Flys Biting Dogs

    Thanks Juice I will have a look into that stuff then. Havent been here for a while and I do remember you. :D Thanks Mel
  2. Hi, I was outside yesterday day with my dogs and noticed lots of flies on the my dogs. I didnt take much notice as the flies looked like ordinary house flies. Later in the day I noticed my old girl was really being bothered by them and when I took a closer look the tops of her ears were bleeding and I also found lots of droplets of blood on other parts of her body. When the flies come back they were attracted to the bloody bits. Ive never had this problem before and didnt think these ordinary house flies bite/sting, but I watched them gather on her nose, as it was the only area I didnt spray, and after I shooed them away there was tiny little blood droplets on her nose. I grabbed some low irritant aerodguard and sprayed it over her and it did help, but noticed they were bothering her again today. I dont really want to be putting aeroguard on the dogs and wanted to know if there is anything else that works effectively at keeping them away. Thanks Mel
  3. Dangerous Dog Laws

    Thank you for the info
  4. Dangerous Dog Laws

    Yeah a couple of times. Ivy posted some pics for me. Apparently he is very spoilt and much loved. Thats all i can ask for.
  5. Dangerous Dog Laws

    Thanks Mrs Rusty Bucket.
  6. Dangerous Dog Laws

    Hey Teebs Yeah havent been on for a long time. Was a bit over all the crap back at the time.
  7. Dangerous Dog Laws

    Hi all Just wanted some information on the dangerous dogs laws in NSW. Its been a while and cant remember a lot of stuff, but was hoping someone could help me out. Some questions i have are: - how many times does a dog have to be reported to council before they declare it to be dangerous? - can this declaration be reversed after a period of time and if the dog can pass a few temp tests? - does this vary from council to council or is it an overall law for NSW? Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mel
  8. Cansema Salve

    Your last paragraph is what worries me, hence why I would like to talk to a vet that has used this before. I dont just want to get some, wack it on and see what happens.
  9. Cansema Salve

    Dorothea Hofmann is a vet who says she has used it successfully many times before. Dagmar Dagmar is she in Qld?
  10. Cansema Salve

    Thanks Wolfgirl.
  11. Cansema Salve

    Hi Erny, yes it is the black salve stuff. I have read quite a bit about it and it seems amazing. I have had enough of spending $850 to $1000 every 8mths or so getting them removed. My bank balance has seriously depleted. A friend of my mums told me about it the other day and she has used it herself for skin cancers with quite success, but there is different versions of it which are not as good. I just want to be able to talk to someone who has used it on recommendation from their vet, especially a vet that is a bit more open minded to alternatives.
  12. Cansema Salve

    Does anybody know of any vets in australia that have used this on dogs with skin cancers. I really want to try it with my boy who's hemangiosarcoma's keep metastisizing, and surgery is just costing me too much now. I have already discussed an alternative treatment once before with my vet and he wasnt too keen. It would be good to be able to talk to a vet who has used this before.
  13. Uk Soldiers, Springer Spaniel Dies Of A Broken Heart

    i too cried when i heard this this morning
  14. Bsl Victim

    that is absolutely disgusting. If you can please take it further. This person needs to be stopped before more innocent dogs are destroyed.
  15. Jarrah Goes To Italy

    Wow, such a big move. Hope all goes to plan for you guys and Jarrah. Tuscany hey... Im so jealous.