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  1. Spitz Breeds

    Gorgeous babies Evolving - and they are all little characters!!
  2. Spitz Breeds

    You will have to wait a bit for a Swedish Lapphund ;) there won't be any litters for a bit, as Janoby are working on getting the breed established here. But if you are genuinely interested contact them, they know the breed better than anyone here in Australia :)
  3. Spitz Breeds

    Lovely :)
  4. Spitz Breeds

    Love the puppy pics Gretel - and Vienna looks like she doesn't mind the puppy action either! ;) Sorry to hear Echo wasn't invited Evolving - I'm sure it was just overlooked.
  5. Spitz Breeds

    Fantastic Esky!
  6. Spitz Breeds

    so very sorry Mim - run free Lucy
  7. Spitz Breeds

    Big day tomorrow - good luck to everyone :) The FLCV will have a lappie breed stall so if anyone is coming tomorrow please feel free to drop by and say hello.
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Good luck with it - and yes, importing is very expensive!
  9. Spitz Breeds

    Hi kylidelonge & to the spitz thread! Love tamaskans - I looked at the breed myself a few years ago :) I think at the time there was another person looking at importing - not sure if this was you? Anyway, look forward to more pics!
  10. Spitz Breeds

    Suspension? That word doesn't make sense in your sentence :confussed: But yes their tummies were feeling better with the tablets - the liquid wormer had no effect :angry: I was worried giving a 2wk old puppy a tablet that they would choke so I used the liquid. Like Drontal Puppy Worming Suspension, that is the liquid :) This was one thing I read... http://www.dolforums...-puppy-wormers/ I usually end up wearing more puppy wormer liquid then I get down their little gullets :p As soon as they are big enough I have my lot on the tablets - much easier and cleaner to administer!
  11. Spitz Breeds

    Hi all - hope you're all doing well ;) love the puppy pics Toujour & congrats on the title Snofyre. Keep up the pics everyone everyone's fur kids are looking good :)
  12. Spitz Breeds

    welcome Panda :) Love the milk moustaches Toujour ;)
  13. Spitz Breeds

    Lovely pics of your girl Caleebra - looking forward to meeting her in the fur (so to speak!)
  14. Japanese Akitia Inu

    You'd be looking at between 6 - 10 grand to import, depending on the cost of the dog. My advice would be to also do at least one trip to japan and meet the breeders, unless you have great contacts and trust them completely to select the right dog for you.
  15. Spitz Breeds

    Well done Biscuit ;) Loving all the puppy pics guys :)