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  1. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    We are being bombed again with another blizzard.. Oh well- spring is uh coming in uh 6 weeks..
  2. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    The new full version of this video was posted on the Borzoi.org webpage.. What an honor!! http://www.borzoi.org/index.php Here is the new version.
  3. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    Thank you. Miss Lindsey was quite proud of herself, and little did she know- the storm was far from over. We have another storm coming tommorow- just 48 hours after the storm that dumped 36 inches on us..
  4. Music is by John Williams " Flight to Neverland" from movie " Hook" Enjoy...
  5. Borzoi Can Fly

    yea.. When I posted the video on my website, I put " It doesn't matter the weather... They love to Run!" Thank you for the replies.
  6. Borzoi Can Fly

    Thank you and yes- they can fly...
  7. Borzoi Can Fly

    Music by Basshunter " I can walk on water I can fly" Could someone embed this for me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8UlfPZ9wtA
  8. "is It Good Nina?"

    That's my silly girl!
  9. "is It Good Nina?"

    ;) I know... I was like " child- what are you doing?" as she has her front paw even wrapped around her head..
  10. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Awww thank you! They have a great place to run in our back yard.
  11. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Thank you all for your comments.
  12. Sighthounds

    ** Okay now I am confused.. I put pictures or videos of my Borzoi, and no one ever replies to them. I put them in the photo section- so am I to talk about my dogs here only?
  13. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Oh they are having a ball! I am literally having to make them come in.. lol
  14. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Yea- she blinds in and was hard to get pictures of because of it..