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  1. Music is by John Williams " Flight to Neverland" from movie " Hook" Enjoy...
  2. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    We are being bombed again with another blizzard.. Oh well- spring is uh coming in uh 6 weeks..
  3. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    The new full version of this video was posted on the Borzoi.org webpage.. What an honor!! http://www.borzoi.org/index.php Here is the new version.
  4. Borzoi Music Blizzard Video..

    Thank you. Miss Lindsey was quite proud of herself, and little did she know- the storm was far from over. We have another storm coming tommorow- just 48 hours after the storm that dumped 36 inches on us..
  5. Borzoi Can Fly

    Music by Basshunter " I can walk on water I can fly" Could someone embed this for me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8UlfPZ9wtA
  6. Borzoi Can Fly

    yea.. When I posted the video on my website, I put " It doesn't matter the weather... They love to Run!" Thank you for the replies.
  7. Borzoi Can Fly

    Thank you and yes- they can fly...
  8. "is It Good Nina?"

    That's my silly girl!
  9. "is It Good Nina?"

    ;) I know... I was like " child- what are you doing?" as she has her front paw even wrapped around her head..
  10. Enjoy! Music by Perry Como.
  11. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Awww thank you! They have a great place to run in our back yard.
  12. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Thank you all for your comments.
  13. Sighthounds

    ** Okay now I am confused.. I put pictures or videos of my Borzoi, and no one ever replies to them. I put them in the photo section- so am I to talk about my dogs here only?
  14. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Oh they are having a ball! I am literally having to make them come in.. lol
  15. Borzoi In The Snow Music Video

    Yea- she blinds in and was hard to get pictures of because of it..
  16. Updated New Music Video Of My Borzoi

    LOL.... Yea- isn't she breath taking?? LOL
  17. Nina First Music Video

    I swear- when this girl is awake- she is on the move. Little Miss 3 month old loves to play with 8 month old Lindsey. The Music is by Rossini and its the ... * you have to watch it but its really obvious... ENJOY!
  18. Teeth Care Tip

    I waited until I knew it would work obviously. A friend of mine a few months ago gave me a tip on a product that you add to the drinking water that is fantastic on clearing mild tarter from teeth. Now I must say- this is with teeth you know there are no other problems- teeth all healthy, just a little plague or tarter on the teeth. Anyway- she swore by this and of course- it cost money. So I gave the link to a friend that looked it up with hemopathic people, and yes- it works! Even good for people.. Just in 4 days I can see a differenence and thought I thought share it. Anethesia in sighthounds is serious stuff- we have to find a vet that knows sighthounds, and only certain anethesia can be used, and even then- its a risk. To be blunt- we avoid anethesia like a life threatening situation- ie if we did not do it, the dog would die. So- avoiding this at all cost, this is how it started- Zubin is 4- and on his back teeth, you can see a little bit of plague. Nothing serious, teeth checked but we certainly want to avoid anethesia to clean the teeth. In talking with the same friend she said small dogs are at a risk for anethesia as well.. So this is what we did. We gave Zubin one strawberry twice a day. There is something in strawberries known for animals ( black bears for example) and people as well that distroys the plague acid.) Then we took the leaves off the strawberries, boiled them, let them sit, sift out the leaves, and added this to the water. ( same thing as the expensive product..) MY GOD - IT WORKED! In 4 days what little he had is gone! Now- key points- number one- know the teeth are healthy to start with ( we did) Second- look at the gums to make sure no inflamation, redness etc. Finally- make sure the dog has eaten and had water- then wont drink for about an hour after giving a strawberry. Oh and on 3rd day take either a dog toothbrush or an infant one and what is there- will fall off.. Now remember- again- this is not for a dog with advanced plague, tarter. So if your dog has a problem with that, a vet is best- I am talking about head off beginning stages to stop it- or should I say- HEAD IT OFF AT THE PASS...
  19. Sighthounds

    Too cute for words. Aww thank you! She is a little pistol! ;)
  20. Sighthounds

    I swear- when this girl is awake- she is on the move. Little Miss 3 month old loves to play with 8 month old Lindsey. The Music is by Rossini and its the ... * you have to watch it but its really obvious... ENJOY!
  21. Sighthounds

    I can't see Borzoi in him but I am not an expert!! Wolfie x Grey maybe? Either way, gorgeous boy. Hope you find him a lovely home. Me either- but I do see Irish Wolfhound and Ibizan Hound.
  22. Sighthounds

    HI everyone! We have had a rough month. My 4 year old came down with lyme, ( could not believe that one!) but we have a new addition. IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2f05biu.jpg[/img] And here is her page on my site.. http://www.beckonridgeborzois.com/index.ph...lery&id=909
  23. Zubin reinjured his neck and this morning I had to rush him to the vet. He is on 3 meds and 'seriously stupid' as we would say. He is on rim, mthocarbanol and traminadol and half stupid. The vet said to keep him off stairs as he can not navagate and boy do I see why. Its like he is 1960's 'stoned. Can you see a dog at 35 inches at the shoulder at 100 pounds that even steps on his feathering on his front legs? I am glad he is okay- but boy does he look totally out of it. At least he is resting comfortably. ( pardon the comforter on the persian rug- but its his comforter from his double pillow top mattress and he likes it. I put him in the parlor for the night so he wont try steps and sleeping with him tonight as he is use to having someone with him.