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  1. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Thank you, that is exactly what I was after. My brother has now cancelled the surgery and will be looking for a new vet :-)
  2. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Quick question from someone that knows zilch about Labs... My brother has bought a Lab pup from a registered breeder that does appropriate health testing (eyes, hips & elbows). The pup is about 4 months old and is perfectly healthy. My brother's vet has told him the dog needs to have surgery ($4000 worth!!) before the dog is 20 weeks of age or the dog will develop hip dysplasia. There are no signs of lameness or soreness and both parents had good hip scores. Feeling guilty, my brother booked the surgery for this week and told me about it today... What on EARTH is this vet talking about?! Surely this is not the norm?! :-(
  3. Sunday Group 4 BIG: Borzoi - Ch Ahsatan Isadorable (Stasytis) RUBIG: Saluki - Ch Pazada Someone To Talkabout (Talkabout Knls) :D Go Truffle and Chatta!!!
  4. Dol Doggy Census

    Afghan Hound: Sir Walter, Faxon, Lochie, Bluey, Miffy, Airedale Terrier: Abbey Akita: Kyojin, Kuma Alaskan Malamute: Indiana, Kira American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max, Juno, Cash, Loki, Jessie Anatolian Shepherd: Trojan Australian Cattle Dog: Elvis, Matilda, Katie Australian Cattle Dog X : Frosty Australian Shepherd: Banjo, Archie, Lottie, Millie, Alice, Hannah, Hudson, Flynn, Gossip, Ava Australian Silky Terrier: Holly, Rolle Australian terrier: Bailey, Brandy, Jasper Australian Kelpie: Revan, Abby, Bluey, Cahill, Franky, Izzy, Safire, Milky, Kinta, Banjo, Rosie, Skye, Emerald, Gem, Meg Australian Kelpie X:Toby, Cooper Basset Hound : Gemma Beagle : Teagan,Ollie, Ellie, Dusky, Brodie, Billy, Piper, Briar, Scarlett, Buffy, Emmie Bearded Collie: Charlie, Bonnie, Bailie Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael): Fleming, Ivy Bichon Frise: Jag Bichon Frise X: Harper Bloodhound: Earl Border Collie: Roy, Molly, Kirra, Rory, Rumour, Diesel, Kobie, Emma, Kenzie, Maggie, Ella, Shelby, Jayde, Ashli, Mia, 'Bubba', Wyc, Echo, Topolino, Sally, Xena, CK, Wikki, Gemima, Carter, Maddy, Charlie, Border Collie x: Anna, Cally Border collie x kelpie: Jasmine Border Terrier: Tammy Borzoi: Oberon, Boris, Sonya, Kurgan, Ursula, Apollo, Atlas, Adonis, Argus, Alektos, Arinyes, Athena, Aphrodite, Aidos, Andromeda, Ares, Alexander Boston Terrier: Archer Boxer: Bruno, Nelsson, Bondi, Booker Brittany: Zora Bull Terrier: Bonnerville, Atlas, Stitch Bull Terrier (Miniature) Lainie Cane Corso: Ali Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Anouk, Ben, Bree, Ingrid, Jersey, Lacey, Fern, Floyd, Indy, Arnie, Joey, Renae, Bailey, Murphy, Maggie, Millie, Chloe,Toby,Zonda Chihuahua: Chelsea and Pansy, Heidi, Bertie, Moose, Archi,Pepe, Squirt, Limpet, Jasper, Bella, Dobby, Bud Chihuahua x Maltese: Midget Chinese Crested: Louis, Daisy, Cyrus, Madeline, Sarge, Pepper, Fletcher, Darla, Oz, Xander, Faith Chinese Crested Powder Puff x Tibetan Terrier: Dee, Carrie, Benita, Jenna Cocker Spaniel : Maggie,Jesie, Bonnie, Chelsea, Darcy Curly Coated Retriever: Angus & Freddie Curly Coated Retriever x Labrador Retriever: Maggie Dalmatian: Appollo, Cleo Deerhound: Rhys, Calleigh, Bernard, Elfin, Ronnie Deerhound X: D'Arcy Doberman: Opal, Brutus Dogue De Bordeaux: Moose, Chevy, Bella, Molly, Digby, Dexter, Viva, Vegas, Griffen Dogue De Bordeaux x Boxer: Madeline English Cocker Spaniels: Jesie,Bonnie, Chelsea English Setter: Spartan, James English Springer Spaniel: Buddy Field Spaniel: Moo Finnish Lapphund:Halo, Vienna, Jaana,Magnus,Aurora-Rose,Niina,Paddington,Maximus, Ahsoka, Fable, Demi,Varda, Asha, Boots, Echo, Alera, Annika, Ella Flatcoat Retriever: Moraig, George French Bulldog: Lola, FeeBee, Alexis, Claire, Lilly German Coolie: FlashBazil, Latte, Razzle, Willow, Dusty German Shepherd: Java, Odin, Tlaloc, Rebus, Indi, UnoBuffy, Bronx, Sabre, Kynan, Brennan, Jack, Santha, Molly, Max, Jenna, Acteon, Roxy, Scout, Rumour, Skye,Banzai,Imba, Kira, Chloe, Duke German Shorthaired Pointer: Pip, Coco, Polo, Riley German Spitz (Mittel)- Amber Golden Retriever: Onslow, Matilda-Rose, Chester, Genie, Ella, Rosie, Bruce, Chloe, Chaos, Ruby, Sasha, Aria, Archer, Lexi Great Dane: Sparkles, Whitney Greyhound: Harry, Kiff, Sally, Clyde, Ryan, Amethyst, Stan, Maddie, Skye, Rosie, Ruby, Roxie, Jazz, Gypsy, Ernie, Gus, Rufus, Joey, Woody, Coconut, Cleo, Freckles, Ziggy, Candy, Jed Griffon Bruxellois: Mocha Hungarian Vizsla: Flynn, Rogan, Kobi, Ari, Belle, Monah Irish Setter: Fionneaghan, Maia, Aneira Irish Terrier: Kate, Duke Irish Wolfhound: Zac Italian Greyhound: Bella, Tari, Blaze, Zoey, Italian Spinone: Roisin. Enzo Jack Russell Terrier: Ringo, Nandi, Chief, Louis, Matilda, Tess Jack Russell terrier X: Thomas Japanese Spitz: Emmy, Angelo Keeshond: Jedi Kerry Blue Terrier: Juno, Joxer, Bahsha, Louie, Cinders, Solo Labrador Retriever: Lestat, Bailey, Tia, Mieka, James, Harry, Lily Rose, Zep Lagotto Romagnolo: Rizzi, Lucca Leonberger: Singe Maltese: Luna, Mia, Basil Maltese X: Chase, Pipi, bella, byron Maremma: Dennys Dog, Grace,Gina, Angel,Honey, Hollie, Snotto, Hairy Beary, Tadea Miniature Fox Terrier: Cleopatra Miniature Long Haired Dachshund: Mini, Rover Miniature Pinscher: Mischa, Cleo Murray River Curly Coated Retriever: Aggie, Soona Neapolitan Mastiff: Miniera, Pacchia, Bruno, Pasquala + 3, 1 week old pups Newfoundland dogs: Annabelle, Katy, Lukey, Xanthe, Maddy Norwegian Elkhound: Odin Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriver: Nova, Darcy, Jovi Papillon: Blaze, Minka, Portia, Tyson, Coco, Tonka, Mailka, Sarge, Dodger Pekingese: Edwina, Lyle Pointer : Kite Audrey Poppin konrad, Badger Poodle (Toy): Chilli, Maggie Poodle (Minature): Caroline, Brody, Prada Poodle (Standard) Merry & Pippin, Poppy & babies. Pomeranian: Daisy, Comet, Jester, Polly Pug: LotusFlynn, Elyse, Ted, Misty, Elly, Poppy, Sally landers,Archie, Beau, Haidee, Millies, Ivee, Jack, Bert, Cheddar, Maggie, Swank, Monte, Boof, Olivia Pyrenean Mountain Dog: Sasquatch Rhodesian Ridgeback: Meisha, Bakari, Boss, Sierra, Kei Rottweiler: Roxy, Feonix, Radar, Neo, Abby, Dyzney, Fame, Jag, Nellie Rose, Baylee, Dee, Zephyr, Mini, Diesel, Fire, Flint Saluki: Bella, Arella, Moss, Lucy, Jadir, Mab, Floyd Samoyed: Mistral, Alchemy, Yngvie, Dante, Bundy, Kamikaze, Fergus, Kato Samoyed x: Jenna Schipperke: Taz Schnauzer (Miniature): Maximus, Coconut,Betty,Jigga, Riva, Amy, Indy, Amber, Grace, Guy, Blue, Connie, Paddington Schnauzer (Standard) Baillie, Remy Schnauzer (Giant): Tara, Darcy Shar Pei: Askari, Acheron, Asante sana, Sirius, Chippy, Christina, Diezel, Cassie, Orsana, Cimba, Sebastian Shetland Sheepdog:Shady, Ruby, Bindi, Casey Merlin, Dexter Shih Tzu : Gizmo, Daisy, Zeus Siberian Husky: Akira, Tikaani,Romeo,Baby.Riddick,Indie, Esky, Blacky, Zuess, Zero, Mya, Suggen, Freyja, Wolf, Rumour Siberian Husky x: Luki Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier: Shaemus, Nellie, Ciara Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Kiara, Zola, Diesel, Kaos, Brutus, Monty, Chaos, Bean, Brock, Benson, Vulcan SWF: Zoe Tibetan Spaniel: Annie, Nina Zena, Lily Tibetan Terrier: Prue, Mindy, Holly, Tara Tenterfield Terrier: Cinder, Zoom,Spirit,Heidi,Kimi, Heidi, Dotty Rescue Bitsa: Keely, Fred & Ginger, Ozzie, Tess, Maverick, Bosco, Kyah, Charlie, Astrid, Mala, Bella, Tiny Tim, Jen Jen, Lilly, Judy, Mini, Pixie, Ozzie, Dozer, Alaska, Logan, Buddy, Leela, Rusty, Pip, Brembo, Satchmo, Henry Welsh Corgi (Cardigan): Shandy White German Shepherd: Casper White Swiss Shepherd: Rakim, Whippet: Herbie, Buzz, Lewis, Rommi, Daphne, Elliot, Mindy, Whiz, Arizona aka Zassy , Griff , Penny, Kibah, Feather, Tag, Puck, Orlando, Ella, Patch, Snips Weimaraner: Ariane, Lulu, Louie West Highland White Terrier: Penny, Mac, Daisy, Mac, Sarah, Andy, Sweep, JJ, Flash, Fergie, Crystal, Glen, Jingles, Jinnie, Loui, Mitch, Maggie, Smiekie, Zac, Roxy, Winnie, Cricket, Nova, Jo, Archie Wire Haired Fox Terrier: Zedley aka Tawnyoak Dream Weaver
  5. Pm's 'cavoodle'

    I've got three words for you, Julia: Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  6. "felt threatened".... now that is frightening. Quite a few people will cross the street to avoid walking past my three Deerhounds (who are all on lead, under control and very sedate). Do these people may "feel threatened" by my dogs? If so, could I be reported for going on our afternoon stroll?
  7. I have seen many successful PDTs performed over the years. Prior the common use of drugs such as cyclosporin and tacrolimus, PDTs were quite common. Neurogenic dry eye will, of course, not respond as well to these drugs (I assume you have tried oral pilocarpine?) and PDT would be a great option to consider. The stats commonly given by ophthalmologists I have worked with are 80% success rate, with 10% still not producing enough tears, and 10% producing too many tears, post-surgery. Long term, one of the biggest issues is weight gain, as you need to feed your dog very regularly. Obviously if you feed the same TOTAL amount for the day, but just in 5-6 separate meals, you will be fine. Mineral build-up on the cornea from the "tears" (saliva) can also occur, but can be reduced with drops. Best of luck with you dog.
  8. Box Hill & District June 4

    BIS - Sibe - Kazyon Knls' Gr Ch Canyonlands Blk Crusade RUBIS - Cairn - Scotton's Gr Ch Joymont Secret Mission
  9. Box Hill & District June 4

    Group 4 BIG - Ridgeback - Fairhall's Mzilakazi Ivegota Secret RUBIG - PBGV - Tophill's Ch Rokeena Art Nouveau
  10. Bulla Amenities Show

    BIS - Buckley's Akita - Ch Darqhorse Velvet Underground RUBIS - Gibson & Gilbert's Afghan - Ch Karakush Lyle Lovett
  11. Group 4 BIG - Borzoi RUBIG - Whippet BIS - Cocker RUBIS - Malamute ETA BIS line up: Bichon, Bedlington, Cocker, Borzoi, Sheltie, Mal, Frenchie
  12. You want a sighthound? You want a Grey but he doesn't want a "skinny" dog? You know three hairy Greyhounds (that are "skinny" but don't have the appearance of the Greys that puts some people off...) and I know you love 'em, Kirty... ;)
  13. Pyometra Costs

    Apart from the excessive ear-cleaning charge, I think the over-all cost was very reasonable.