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  1. Stafford Fans

    thanks guys for the comments. we know he definatly isnt very staffy. but i do see alot of staffy in him sometimes just when he does stuff. when my bro in law said he looks more like a ridgeback x i was like nah... but then we saw one and i was like... LOL thats diesel except that it had the big floppy ears! LOL! and with alot of research he looks more like a RR x rainy do you have any pics of your brother pup? he does act like one sometimes teh way he frollocks around! but he does act alot like a staffy which is what we were mainly after the staffy personality. when we got him we were going to get pedigree but i felt so sorry for all the staffys withought papers and staffy x that needed good homes. looked around a bit but none of teh rescues at the time were right for us. we looked for a while but they were either not good with small children (i have nieces and nephews that come over alot) or they were DA and had to be rehomed as the only dog. then we looked at a few litters. we finally found the boy we wanted but we missed out by 5 min we looked at more litters but we were always like... ummm... maybe... we will get back to you. but when i came across diesels ad i knew he was menat for us. we drove over an hour and as soon as i saw him i had this feeling. my other half only wanted a pure staff (but we could both see the pup wasnt a pure) but we both fell in love with him. he is my baby and we love him no matter what. i asked my OH the other day if he regrets getting diesel as he isnt a pure staffy and he is a mutt (i hate the word but wanted to see his reaction) he covered diesel ears and told me to "shh you might hurt his feelings" lol anyway as this is a SBT forum perhaps i should post some pics of a real staffy bonnie 9 weeks with my niece ashlyn who likes to play dress ups with bonnie (bonnie loves it) all my 3 i love this pic... hehe diesel and kimba kissing in the background <3 my pretty girl will have to look for some more... she is a bit camera shy and everytime i pull it out she looks away or runs away LOL! thanks for looking
  2. Stafford Fans

    Hey guys, i joined a few weeks back and was wondering if you could help me we got diesel as a staffy. we got him off people who couldnt keep him anymore. the vet records showed that he was a staffordhire bull terrier. the old owners were lovely people who seemed to know alot about staffys. we asked many questions. they said they saw the mother and she was definatly staffy but they only saw a pic of the father. he was pure but whos to say the pic wasnt of a different dog?!? when he was 9/10 weeks old he got really sick and lost alot of weight. especially in his face. it happened so quickly within a matter of days and the vet said that it would take him a long time to fatten up. so we never thought anything of it. the vet said he thought he was staffy and when diesel was a bit older at puppy school the vet there said that he was staffy or very staffy with a tiny somethig else. she thought perhaps mastiff as she has seen so many around as people want bulky pups and alot of people buying "pure staffs" lately have ended up with staffy x mastiff. was just wondering what everyone thinks my boy is x with??? his nose is quite long and pointy. some people think he has EBT in him and some people have said ridgeback. others mastiff. he is my baby and i will love him no matter what. you will see that from different angles he looks different. and this is what its like LOL! his face just cant make up its mind what it wants to be!!! 7 weeks old 10 weeks old...he is sick here 14 weeks about 16 weeks i think same day around 19 weeks same day 4 half months newest pics (almost 5 half months) with sister bonnie comments would be muchly appreciated. thankyou
  3. Stafford Fans

    hey all, im new to this site and just found this forum!!! im a very big stafford fan!!! here are a few pics of my babies bonnie 11.5 months diesel 5 months
  4. Then And Now..

    bonnie 8-9 weeks? bonnie 11 months diesel 7 weeks diesel 5 months