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  1. What arrangements or agreements do you have with the owner of the bitch if you lease her for breeding and owner of the bitch keeps her and rears pups till weaning?
  2. Thank you Rebanne. Yes, the vet gave injectable calcium, It was just under the skin and a one-off to boost her calcium. We do the same to cows but usually in the neck vein as it works quicker. (I'm a dairy farmer) Alba seems to be all good now, despite me letting her feed the pups before the 24 hours was up. I will keep up with the oral calcium till they are weaned.
  3. I had to take Alba to vets last night with suspected milk fever. He said she was in early stages of eclampsia. She is three years old and this is her first and last litter. I have done everything by the book eg; feeding dam high-quality puppy food, no extra supplements etc. Her pups are 11 days old and doing well. Alba suddenly developed dysentery, went off food and water, and was weak/wobbly in hindquarters. The vet gave her a calcium injection under the skin and gave me oral calcium to give her twice a day. I was told to keep her away from pups for 24 hours. The pups were quiet all night, their last feed of her was at 8.00pm. I tried bottle feeding them this morning but they didn't want a bar of it. I have given in and let pups drink off her. She is a lot better today and is eating/drinking and had her oral calcium. The vet is going to ring me this morning. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  4. She has hung on to her puppies. Last scan showed 3-4 pups. She is due on 5-6th April so not long to go. I will take her to vet after easter for a last check up. Exciting times.
  5. Ok, thanks for that, not something that people seem to know a lot about. I've got some antibiotics from the vet today.
  6. Bit of blood coming from the vulva. Possibly she has lost a pup or in process of losing all pups won't know until next scan. Blood is clean, no pus etc.
  7. My three-year-old maiden kelpie has been Artificially inseminated and is four weeks confirmed pregnant. She has started bleeding and I have been to vets and had a second ultra scan. She is healthy and happy and vets have not prescribed any treatment except to keep an eye on her and scan again next week. The vets that actually did the AI have suggested putting her on antibiotics and want to do a telephone consultation with my vets. (they are 6 hours away from where I live). I don't believe in giving antibiotics unless there is actually an infection. Has anyone had experience with this situation? What are your thoughts?
  8. Muzzle and penned up when not supervised. As for "the farm" most problem dogs on farms get shot in the end. I once had a ETT that bit me not long after I got her as a pup. My reaction was a quick back hand. She never did it again to me or anyone else. I dont endorse hitting a dog but if the timimg is right and they have no doupt in their mind what caused the reaction it can work. I didnt think to hit the dog(was more of a tap) it was just a reflex action. This JRT has got away with this behaviour for too long by the sounds of it so a dog trainer may be of more help to retrain humans and dog.
  9. Thats the site I found and have let my breeder know. Hopefuly my girl wont get it. She has just amazed me again with her intuition and brains while moving some cows without any commands from me.
  10. Thanks for replies, I will not worry too much. Ruby is with me most of the time as her and I have a 1,000+ bovines to worry about. I also found a good site online with a lot of good imformation.
  11. They had both been desexed before the boy had his first fit.
  12. Hi, The mother of my kelpie has had epilepsy since she was 3 years old. The breeder who I have a very good relationship with let me know that the dog she kept from the litter has also started to have fits. He is just about three years old now. How worried shoud I be?
  13. Any of you seen Red Dog yet? It comes to NZ 1st December. I cant wait.
  14. No imaging done so far, vets say the treatment will be the same wether fractured or not.
  15. Kora can walk a short distance and then sits down. One of her back legs folds up on her. She can wag her tail and toilet ok. We have been told by the vet to keep her in her crate for six weeks and only to take her out for toilet breaks or outside if warm but to watch her. They didnt xray her but may do when we take her back next week. One of the vets came to farm yesterday so I asked him to go and have a look at her. He thought she was doing ok. She is also on Carprieve tablets till well after xmas. The injury is below her shoulder blades so apparently her chest will help suppport it. She is being really good about it all for such a young dog, poor little bugger.
  16. Our 7 month kelpie bitch was stood on by a cow and has a possible fracture in her spine or at the very least a compressed vertebrae. She is on cage rest for at least six weeks. Has anyone else had experience with this sort of injury and what was the outcome? I am going to dream up some bordom busting ideas, not a problem yet but will be when shes feeling a bit better.
  17. What do the parents look like? The breeder would have more idea than anyone. Have they done this mating before and what were the results? Dosnt matter what his colouring ends up you will love him anyway. I had a chocolate kelpie bitch that I lost suddenly, my next kelpie is a red girl and the colour didnt come into it. They are all individuals. Good luck and enjoy your new pup.
  18. Dont know any dogs with this problem but had a friend, she had op and all ok now.
  19. I was seriously injured in a car accident on my way to work one morning. I had my dogs with me. Someone from another car removed dogs from car and they were taken to the SPCA and checked out. My boss went and picked them up and took them to his place and looked after them till I was able. None of this was pre planned. I was very lucky I had good friends and family to help out in my time of need.
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