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  1. I have a friend who wants to surrender her Staffy who needs some vet work, but there is no contact number on the website and she doesn't have email and can't print forms etc Could the person in charge please message me a phone number she can use? I am sure I "know" who it is but can't remember. My brain is fried from too many children. Thanks in advance
  2. It's not my job well done it's my dear friend who has gotten her back to a healthy girl.
  3. Say hello to the new Chelsea all healthy and happy ♥
  4. HugUrPup


    :laugh: that makes me feel better. Thanks for the replies :)
  5. I don't see many Frenchies around but gee I would love one.
  6. HugUrPup


    My 15 week old female pup is humping her bed everyday. She started a few days ago. Is it normal?
  7. The dog has now got a microchip in my grooming teachers name :D great ending to a shitty story. It was the person who brought her here in the first place who neglected her.
  8. yep it was suspect.. she admitted today that the dog was never in the pound. She's now blaming a friend who dog sat while she was overseas. There is also a lab full of scabs and gunky eyes that my friend is fostering.
  9. The breeder wanted her back for breeding at 15 months, which is way she remained the owner and the other person was an emergency contact while temporarily caring for her. When it was time to return her to the breeder, the breeder had vanished. That's why she was re-homed to the 3rd person, who is the one who neglected her.
  10. I will update once the paperwork arrives (if it does). It's all a bit iffy.
  11. I think the first question to ask was "was there any money paid". One less than remote possibility is that the person who "rescued" the dog (ie first owner) is the one that let her get into this state. Ok the 2nd owner is the person who apparently (she said) paid to get her out of the "pound". She said the microchip was still in the breeders name but she was down as an emergency contact. The 3rd owner never transferred the details at all so can't be located. The breeder was also not contactable, which is why the 2nd owner got the call. That's her story and she's sticking to it. She is sending the paperwork over the weekend. Let's hope it happens so this dog can legally be re-homed and desexed.
  12. yep, I have edited the facebook page to Chelsea the poodle and it's not about the pound or anything now.
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