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  1. 1 hour ago, Papillon Kisses said:

    My favourite commercial treats are (were with an IBD dog?!) K9 Naturals Freeze Dried Lamb Tripe. It is puppy crack. I would break them in two for the tiny dog. With a puppy I’d have half the mind to get one of the prime 100 rolls that are suitable for growth and dice it into little cubes!

    Ohh it is. We call it puppy popcorn here as its so fluffy. Its not cheap but its so good, super stinky and puppy friendly.

    Prime 100 rolls were what I came here to suggest. My puppy is nearly 5 months and only now is he able to stomach liver treats without getting sick and he's on a raw diet. We use prime 100 and tripe for training,  or the love em puppy treats.

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  2. Kozmicus (not sure on spelling) Hubertus, Graebrook are just a few. 

    Like most breeds there's not many at the moment. Kozmicus isn't breeding for 12 months, they are awesome though. Kenoz/Kenishka in Tassie is where I got my old boy from.

  3. 54 minutes ago, jemappelle said:

    My wonderful supervets also sold their clinic to Best for Pets as they wanted a lifestyle change ie, working less days a week, much less stress etc.  After a couple of years they left.  I have still been using the clinic but it is a continual stream of vets, mostly locums.  I became quite friendly with one of the long term locums and I can definitely see why they like to live that lifestyle and why there is such a shortage of vets.  


    I feel your pain LMO.  I'm thinking I will have to take the non-routine stuff up to Berry vets now, it will be worth the drive.  I have a friend that lives in the Sylvania area that has an awesome vet but that is too far for you.  I can ask on the Sydney Cavalier page if you like.

    Are the Berry vets the one with the tv show??

  4. When Diesel had Bowen a free his back injury, the improvement was phenomenal. 


    When Diesel was having a break,  she watched Bundy run around the yard, then stop to cough and eat grass. He had been doing that for months and we just thought he was weird. She immediately said that something was wrong (I don't remember). I agreed to get Bundy treated and she did a couple of things to him and his entire posture and mood changed. Since that day he has never done those behaviours together again.


    I've had Bowen a number of times done to me at the same time and had really great results with one lady and not so much with someone else.

  5. 47 minutes ago, Rascalmyshadow said:

    Oh what sort of doggie?

    I looked for breeders and decided to be flexible.

    glad I did because she’s fitted in beautifully.

    Maybe we could catch up and go walking.

    We can definitely organise something :)

    He's a whippet. 

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  6. Honestly if you like vizslas,one from the right breeder could be doable. My Viz is the laziest cruisest soul to grace this earth, if he has his people he is cool to explore or just hang at home. We joke the breeder broke the mould with him, she calls him 'speshul' and he's 10 now lol. He lives to sleep. He is my second and will probably be my last  because he is so awesome. 


    Otherwise I think you'd definitely be on the mark with a spaniel of some sort.

  7. Good luck trying to police the desexing, you can't make someone do it even if they agree to it. There's been numerous threads here about desexing contracts and people not following them and there's nothing you can do. 

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  8. I used a guy in Cranbourne as do a few other locals. PM me if you want his details, he and our Bowen lady (who comes to us so will probably go to you too) changed our kelpies life and probably saved it to be honest after he compressed nerves in his spine.

  9. 44 minutes ago, CharbearsMa said:

    Oh, poor bub :( . 

    The frozen bones sound awesome!! I’ve frozen slices of steak, but never bones. Will have to suss that one out! Thanks! :) 


    Oh, they’re those popsicles from childhood!! Thank you! Lol I had no idea what was going on there for awhile. Now I’m having school canteen flashbacks :p

    So that’s just the equivalent of giving honey or something, sugar wise, right? 

    Basically just don’t overdo it and don’t give them a diet version and everything should be right? 





    No they don't get a diet version (there isn't one) but just be sensible. They don't get them multiple times a day every single day of the year, just half or a whole one each on really hot days when it's more than one in a row when I can see they are boiling and over it. 


    Our local IGA sells bones frozen but can't see why you can't do it yourself. 

  10. Zooper Doopers.

    Our 12yo Kelpie is really struggling in this heat, to the point his back end is fairly wobbly (12 months post compressed nerves in his spine) and we find the sugar gives him a bit of a boost as he has lost his appetite the past few days. As they're frozen it really helps my two cool down. They get sick of plain ice blocks and chicken feet don't seem to help with cooling them down at the moment. He can mostly eat what he likes these days (within reason) and our younger pooch doesn't miss out either.


    On warm but not boiling hot days I'll buy them frozen chuck bones to eat, that's tomorrow's treat I think.

  11. We just feed plain iceblocks or frozen chicken feet. If they are looking a bit lethargic they get a zooper dooper for a sugar boost. Sometimes they'll go sit by the freezer to wait for a treat. It makes a big difference.


    Mine dont like cool mats and I've lost their cool coats so thats how we are managing them until we get new coats.

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  12. The only advice I can add, is BREATHE.

    Your posts show a great passion for wanting to learn, but you also need to know when to just step back, breathe and trust your judgement. Sometimes there can just be too much information. 

    Your boy is lovely and labs can be decieving with their build.



    For an example of information  overload, I have significant issues with my fish tank at the minute which are causing me crazy amounts of stress,  i spoke to 3 different people in the last 24 hours. two gave similar information (one person I trust the other I don't) to someone I thought had *all* the answers. If I researched it, I'd be none the wiser (probably rocking in a corner) as it's an unusual issue, so I just had to stop, take a step back and trust my gut and weigh up what I feel is best. If that doesn't work,  then I'll  try something else.


    My point is, with things like this, you just have to roll with it, trial and error. No two dogs are the same. My mum and I both have vizslas,  two completely different builds, and feeding needs. My boy gets up to 2 cups a day and still looks lean, my mum's girl looks like a whale on that much food now, yet a few years ago it was a different story, no matter how much she ate she was skinny (to us, but different vets had different opinions).


    You will learn what's normal for him and what isn't, I can tell in a glance now if mine are getting chubby or if it's just a bloat tummy that day,  but it took time. Trust yourself a bit more, but if you still aren't confident, be guided by the breeder who knows the dogs.

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