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  1. Yes - the plush puppy one. Thank you. Just saw the link Will give this one a try.
  2. Crashing this thread. My white chihuahua is a sunbaker too. Cant convince him to stay inside, he just wants to be out there improving his tan. Last year I used one which was increadibly thick and was terrible! Wouldnt spread on and then when I tried washing it off my hands, it just spread everywhere. Is there a thinner, easier to spread dog sunscreen available or are they mostly all like the thick one?
  3. Its only lawn, no garden beds thank goodness. Our dogs arent prone to digging normally but will occasionally make a small ditch for the fun of it.
  4. We bought the powder that is mixed with water and then 'sprayed' onto the lawn, hoping that this way there isnt any pellets for our dogs to eat. Im worried they'll dig up the lawn in search of the smell. If they eat the lawn with the blood and bone on it, would that be enough to make them sick? We were thinking of putting the blood and bone on in the next couple of days so it had almost a week to 'sink in' before we take the dogs there next Saturday.
  5. Im sure this is a really stupid question, but I want to be 100% sure. We will be moving into a new place next weekend. During last week we put down some roll on lawn to cover a large sand patch. We bought Blood And Bone powder that will be watered in. Im just wanting to make sure this will be perfectly safe when our dogs get to the property next week.
  6. I am so sorry. We had to put down the family Boxer in Feb this year. We had the Boxer (Tyson) before I had my son. Tyson was a rescue dog and we got him at roughly 4years old. My son was 6 when we had to put Tyson down at the age of 12. We told my son that Tyson was very old and he went to Heaven. We arent religious, but my son has a concept of what Heaven is. We had Tyson cremated and my son will occasionally say 'Hi Tyson' when he passes the urn. Every now and then he will take the urn and give it a big hug. Its a timber urn, so we arent worried about it breaking or anything. I think its best to get your son used to the idea that Shannon will be going over the rainbow bridge/going to Heaven soon. Maybe tell him to write a letter to Shannon with anything he wants to say to her, so he can say everything he needs/wants to say.
  7. I was just considering the possibilty that my perceptions of Australia were skewed and I must be a crazy, disgruntled Libertine in love, to not want to call Australia home any more. But I tune back in and yep, the small-mind-from-a-big-place mentality seems to be alive, ripe and well! [btw who cares how many dogs someone has why are you so ready to stick your nose in and judge? Oh that's roight ... it's your moral perogative yeah yeah] If you notice, I didnt make a positive or negative judgement in my OP. I said that to me that sounds like alot of dogs. I am not a breeder, so I honestly dont know if 84 is a 'normal' amount for a regular breeder to have, which is why I asked "Surely he was exaggerating...right?". It was a legitimate question.
  8. I went into a animal supply store yesterday (doesnt sell live animals) and one of the workers told me he has 84 dogs. After I gave him this look he said 'oh, Im a breeder.....2 different types'. I still think that sounds like a few too many dogs Lol Surely he was exaggerating...right?
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! My OH mastiff did the same thing! When we left the house we had 4 trees, when we got back, we had 4 sticks!
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats awesome! Can almost hear him laughing! Too cute.
  11. Boooo, why isnt he coming back to WA? I was sick last time he was here and couldnt go. Bummer!
  12. LOVE that suitcase photo hahahaha He is absolutely gorgeous!
  13. So gorgeous!!! My dogs tolerate my cat. They dont snuggle together but they will sometimes play together and when they do, the cat always wins Lol
  14. Most of the time, Mr and Mrs Average dont care where the pup has come from OR they simply dont know better. If they see a cute puppy in the shop all they want is to buy it and take it home. Wondering if it was from a puppy farm might even be a slight selling point because some may think they are rescuing the pup and giving it a 'better life' or something like that.
  15. Web-sites never lie... ;) Haha oh never!
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