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  1. 272 written submissions, and none were even called for!!! http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/eic/article/3171 Also the MAV has released a statement: http://www.mav.asn.au/News/Pages/unworkable-puppy-farm-laws-need-to-be-halted-24nov16.aspx I am actually for the first time positive about this thing. We have not won yet in having the whole thing scrapped, but we are closer!
  2. That is how it was. If you click on the link I posted on the last page, you can see all the groups they met with, and all of their transcripts are posted there also.
  3. http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/eic/inquiries/article/3173
  4. Never thought I'd be saying this, but THANK YOU Andrew Bolt! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-on-dog-breeding-laws-daniel-andrews-dog-plan-is-selling-us-a-pup/news-story/a6cce3e527102e08db1f0fca318c8e0e
  5. http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/eic/inquiries/article/3170
  6. It's BS. DABs range from $200, $300, $550, &3,500!!! Not to mention councils wanting ABN and public liability insurance. And what happens if your bitch is due to whelp on the cusp of the DAB renewal? What happens if all the puppies die? I refuse to absorb any more expenses. Costs me a fortune as it is. And that's only if you can afford to build the type of enclosures they are wanting built. Some councils will want indoor enclosures, which are temperature controlled. You know, like the homes they are kicking the animals out of.
  7. I think that's taken from this article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/chip-le-grand/victorias-proposed-laws-breed-resentment-in-the-dog-community/news-story/18beaec641cbe4eb5cd78625c90e0fd5
  8. A cat person found this link yesterday in her travels... http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/word_doc/0007/323629/19102016_Puppy_Farm_Bill_Cat_Applicable_Organisations_Fact_Sheet.docx Basically said "kitten farms" are non-existant, but too bad, we are going to lump you in with the puppy farm bill anyways.
  9. Yep - they have smaller legs when they are to breed standard. I have found she is not the only Grandie in the world with long legs though - they seem to be common in the breed - often long legged pups in the litter, and some with ultra-short legs too - smaller than what the breed standard likes. Having talked to other Grandie owners in Europe, she will likely grow between the size between the adult sized Briquet Griffon Vendeen, and the Grand Griffon Vendeen. Neither of those breeds are found in Australia.
  10. Not really. Most people just assume she's a hairy mutt. Haha! And the ones that do ask breed, have a confused look on their faces.
  11. Ooops! Soz Tintin Jac! I forgot to come back also! :D You can follow Autumn quietly on Insta - as you can see, she is a long-legged kid: https://www.instagram.com/autumn_gbgv/ This is the last pic I posted of her on there, taken last week at the park:
  12. As a pedigree cat breeder I find that offensive. Firstly, average litter size of 4 for cats. Secondly, maximum of 1 litter a year. And thirdly, all my kittens are desexed before they go to their new homes. It's the ferals, and cats at large whose kittens are the ones which majority end up in pounds and shelters!
  13. You've described a typical Boxer. They are the class clown and always want to interact with the other dogs. :) We did low level obedience, agility, endurance and lure coursing with our boy. :)
  14. Thanks for all your kind words! Was it this years RES? If it was Q & Maddie with owner Andrew, they are Autumn's Dad & Aunty!
  15. Just wanted to introduce all of DOL to our newest family member. This is Autumn, and she is a tri-colour Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen pup. Her pedigree name is Laserre Tarte Tatin. We've been dog-less for over a year before she joined our family, as it just wasn't the right time, and then we had to wait on the breeder's list for a while. We are a little rusty on having a puppy around, as we haven't had a puppy since 2002! Autumn has her own Instagram account now too in case anyone interested, username: autumn_gbgv
  16. Granted, I have not lived in Hervey Bay for a decade, you don't know how strict they are. We lived there 6 months, and in that time they doorknocked us, and DEMANDED we register our dogs within 48hrs, or they would have been impounded! They were happy, & healthy dogs, and hadn't done anything wrong, they are just very tough with their pet laws. They were doing doorknocks in the area, to make sure all animals were registered properly. So we registered them, and then got an angry phone call asking why we'd only registered one dog. Um, no! Definitely did both. Computer error saw one not show up on the system. Lucky I'd been given a receipt. No apology at all though. Nasty woman that one! What happens to those who have entire males? No reason to register a prefix if you only own stud dogs is there?
  17. 2. 2nd what Steve said about causing detached placentas or sometimes bruises / clots in the umbilical cord. Oxy causes a "hard" contraction, rather than a natural series of waves. (Ask any woman who was given oxy during the birthing process!). Yes - having had an all natural birth first time around, with normal contractions, compared to my 2nd, where I was given syntocinon, I will take the first option any day of the week thanks. Synthetic Oxytocin was the devil!!! I breed pedigree cats, and have never used Oxytocin, so cannot comment. Some have had very quick natural labours, others longer. I would always give oral calcium liquid a go before I'd even consider oxytocin inj.
  18. I wasn't nasty. LOL - Considering that my kittens all had homes before they were born, it's definitely NOT advertising, and I'm rather offended that you would even say that.
  19. Troy himself has said it many times. Ask in the help forum for a quicker answer. Why do you think all the other threads in the cat forum advertising animals get deleted?
  20. Nope - we don't even know until we get there, but there was a limit of 100 cats (due to space issues). I think there will be either 8 or 9 British Shorthairs though, as I'm taking 5, and my friend has 4 entered. We really need to start having them them over this side of the state don't we jerojath? I've been asked to exhibit some of my Brits in a breed display by the Wyndham City Council in April - not sure if I'm going to or not yet, as I am travelling up to NSW to compete in some cat shows both the previous 2 weekends. I fear it might be too stressful for the cats, and kittens especially. If anyone wants me to forward that info to them here though, just inbox me your e-mail addresses.
  21. Details below: We will be going, as we have 2 adult, and 3 kitten British Shorthairs entered. :)
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