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  1. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Hello all haven't been in for ages, Only have Maya left now turning 9 next birthday but will hopefully have a puppy in about 8 weeks.
  2. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Hi everyone Long time since I have been in for a read. For those who remember her my Kim passed away on Easter Tuesday. She has joined Oliver and Elka, Maya is the only gsd we have left now and she will be 7 in March.
  3. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    I still have my girl Kim. She will be 14 in February hopefully
  4. Tear Stains

    Hello everyone, Long time since I have been here but I am after some advice, my baby boy has tear stains and I am wondering how I can get rid of them. I am using shear magic tear remover but it does not seem to be working. Where we live is really dusty as well with minimal grass. Any one got any other ideas.
  5. Hamiltonstovare Puppies From 2005 & 2006

    I remember Hunta she looks good
  6. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Ta rope my Kim was 13 in February and she is very frail it is now just a waiting game
  7. Ch Bluemax My Oliver.

    Rest in peace my beautiful boy Oliver I love you to the moon and back till you are cuddled in my arms again. Ch Bluemax My Oliver 2004 to 31/12/2013
  8. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    I haven't been on here in awhile but for those that know of my boy Oliver, He passed away on New Years Eve of bloat, my two girls and myself are bereft. We are on holidays so it was even more stressful but I collected his ashes today so he will return home with us. Rest in peace my big boy 2004 to 2013.
  9. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    hopefully this poor baby will get a forever home geez people suck I meant to quote Tommy
  10. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Hello Ish must say your big puppies are looking awesome. What happened to Daire
  11. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    My heart goes out to you she had a fab life, I havent been on here for ages but didnt expect this rest in peace old darling
  12. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Hello havent been here for a long time so going back a few pages to have a read. so hello
  13. Atlas

    omg so sorry havent been here for a long while rip wonder dog
  14. Girl 6, Attacked By A Pack Of Dogs Wa

    Poor little bugger dosent matter what the trigger they attacked PTS