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  1. Hello everyone, Long time since I have been here but I am after some advice, my baby boy has tear stains and I am wondering how I can get rid of them. I am using shear magic tear remover but it does not seem to be working. Where we live is really dusty as well with minimal grass. Any one got any other ideas.
  2. Rest in peace my beautiful boy Oliver I love you to the moon and back till you are cuddled in my arms again. Ch Bluemax My Oliver 2004 to 31/12/2013
  3. KOE


    omg so sorry havent been here for a long while rip wonder dog
  4. Poor little bugger dosent matter what the trigger they attacked PTS
  5. 11 year old 8 year old 3 year old the 3 year old is a pain in the ass lol the 2 oldies like to sleep and she wants to play so I was going to get her a playmate but son bought his dog home so she can just play with him.
  6. My two older GSD's do the same, Oliver is worse he has liked himself a sore. it is either stress or maybe pain mine are both on pills now for pain.
  7. It is with great sadness to let any interested persons know that Jean passed away yesterday morning. rest in peace Jeannie
  8. wish my fat fairy never came cause I would have those
  9. Yes but are those poor dogs confined to those cages. Are they used as kennels, looks like it by the picture. And if she does use them as kennels and keepds the dogs in them well good job she got charged, bloody well would deserve it. .
  10. why is it always, what did someone do what occurred prior how it was treated some dogs are just like some people BAD or SICK I had a dog of mine attack me and bite me the 3rd time she was euthanised and my dogs are treated fairly never get belted sleep in beds etc etc She had previously been dehydrated and the vet said her brain mis functioned, hence the irrational behaviour , I gave her a couple of chances but I would never do it again, 1st bite and would be gone.
  11. whoever did it is in their right, my son just got new neighbours with no fence , big boofy dogs with wide powerful jaws, now his dog who was behind a fence has his ear canal ripped out his bottom jaw broken and a huge vet bill. The owner of the other dogs said stiff not paying the bill No fence No dog easy there are plenty of kennels around to put them in. We are in the state we are with dogs and the ever tightening laws because of people like this who let their dogs do what ever.
  12. Maya really would like to get in the dogs bed but alas someone beat her to it
  13. KOE


    Rest easy little one till you meet up again
  14. lol that was GSP stance come chase me and lets playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  15. i used it on a injured nose and amazingly it was great an dalso licked but quick hair recovery
  16. I think this is probably the only way SOME dog owners take notice,
  17. HI Pockets cant wait to see LC in the ring will be interesting to see if they will be scissored. I would think they would be brushed and the feet trimmed. I will have to keep an eye out to see if there will be a list for grooming.
  18. the only thing I see wrong is the officer should have shot it in the head with an instant kill, and the owner should never be allowed dogs again. dogs and I mean any dogs that do that are not needed in society. friggin irresponsible people
  19. i pick the little fellow the other photo is lovely but a child poking their tongue out is not my cup of tea only my opinion
  20. my three shepherds tend to sleep on my bed gosh Oliver has his own pillow but they get off and sleep on their mats during the night would hate to be a housebreaker entering my home oh and my house is very clean by the way
  21. KOE

    Rip Sarah

    RIP Sarah sad as it is it is a nice way to go, go to bed and stay sleeping. I hope my oldies go like that,
  22. eat bones white poo eat meat normal poo lol
  23. I want to move as well but where I am going I can only have 2 dogs there is no way I am rehoming my 10 yo 8yo or 3 yo just so I can move, I will just have to wait until there are only 2. That poor girl will be bewildered wondering where her family is, GSD'S are just too smart.
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