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  1. There is a Staffy girl in Harden who needs a new home, she was bought by a family who have chickens and as she has killed a couple of them, the family did not research the breed before getting her, she is not in the pound as the Council would prefer her to stay in her home before she finds another place to go.







  2. Shel - Saving Pets

    Why PetRescue's new communications system will spell the end for growth in mid-sized rescue groups.- - - - -

    PetRescue's end of year tax time donation solicitation signified a major shift in strategy for the organisation:

    - - - - -

    "... The Adoptables campaign was the very first time PetRescue has run a fundraising and adoption drive at the same timeā€¦ the success of the Adoptables fundraising campaign means we are able to begin development of the long-awaited Matchmakers Project - an innovative tech solution to lighten the workload of rescue group members, cut down the number of unsuitable applications, improve the experience for all potential pet adopters and find the right home for pets faster. The Matchmakers Project draws on our learnings from Carsales and Airbnb to develop a new adoption enquiry management system that's faster, more efficient and, most importantly, will save more lives. This is a massive development project that will be rolled out in phases between now and Christmas. We aim to have the whole system live by the beginning of 2017..."

    - - - - -

    This combo donation/adoption strategy looks to firmly position PetRescue as part of the adoption 'process' in the minds of the public.

    This matters for rescue groups and here's why.

    For the smaller rescues - especially those who are majority self-funded - this probably won't affect you. You can use PetRescue to adopt pets, and not much will change, as you don't directly solicit donations.

    However, for you mid-large sized guys who have an ongoing relationship with your donors and supporters (including a donor recruitment strategy based on the back of your adoptions), you guys have some serious choices to make over the coming months. Because you're about to start sharing your adopter's contact details.

    The 'Matchmakers Project' is a tool to help PetRescue better manage their overall communications strategy. Certainly, a bit to help groups and pets - but also a lot to help themselves.

    Up until now, once a person is referred to you (a rescue group) via email, PetRescue loses touch with them. They want to be able to keep their finger in that pie right up until that enquirer becomes an adopter. From there, they can start to work to turn these now known adopters, into donors. And they want these donation from adopters to come to them, and not you.

    This new 'Matchmaker' system will keep a history of successful enquiries on the PetRescue site and fully traceable for solicitation purposes.

    Think of it like this. You buy a phone charger off Ebay. Is the relationship - in your mind - with AAAMark's Mobiles? No - likely it's with Ebay.

    Ebay has a sophisticated communications strategy called 'on-boarding' - which starts the moment you sign up for an account with them. First, they'll get as much detail as they can from you (address, email, phone), then they'll gently start communicating with you. If you purchase an item off Ebay, you'll become a fully fledged member and they can start marketing to you in earnest.

    What happens to AAAMark's Mobiles in all of this? Well, to be honest it doesn't really matter if Mark's business model is selling loads of product to loads of people. In the case of Ebay, it works for both parties. Ebay get commission (and the security of being the 'go to' website), and Mark gets sales.

    But of course, those running charities from the medium, to the enormous (such as the state RSPCA's pulling in tens of millions annually) know the 'big money' isn't in selling (adoptions), but in donations and bequests.

    Sure, adoption fees (probably) pay for (most) pet's expenses. But it's donations and bequests which grow your rescue group's resources. That bequest which buys you a vehicle - or helps you get your first property. Those regular supporters who give $25 a month, which help you generate enough capital to buy some equipment.

    These contributions are what take medium charities to the next level - even to the point where they can start paying their core staff. And you get there through the brand recognition which comes from interacting with your community time and time again until they know who you are and are willing to invest in you through a donation.

    The 'Matchmakers Project' is designed to pull enquiries into the PetRescue communications system, so they can better track WHO is adopting, and create a 'donate-to-PetRescue' solicitation strategy to target these people too.

    So the question to medium to large rescue's is - how strong is your own donation solicitation strategy? Will it compete? Is your own organsation's brand strong enough to outshine PetRescue's brand? (Even when they are muddying the waters as to being responsible for making the adoption happen themselves?)

    If the answer is yes - great! You too will likely make it through this change of process unscathed. Lucky you and seriously, well done.

    However, if you're already finding people can't tell the difference between you and PetRescue - then you have a problem. A really big (and potentially valuable) one.

    So you need to ask yourself; is the value PetRescue providing in terms of adoptions, worth losing a significant chunk of - maybe even all of - your future donation income to them?

    (The answer will be different for every group, and really is as simple as comparing adoption income (after your expenses) to donation income).

    - - - - -

    Okies, this seems a bit shit. What can we do?

    Start preparing your organisation, now. What other avenues for adoptions work for you? Polish up your website and social media channels. Investigate the cost of paid Facebook advertising, local media classifieds and community news tv. Diversification is an insurance policy for what is likely to be seen in the coming months.

    Secondly, go ahead and ask PetRescue to include an 'opt out' strategy for the new 'Matchmaker' system. You should be able to continue to do your rescuing as you do now IF IT WORKS FOR YOU. Opting-out would go a long way to protecting your adopters (your potential donors) from their on-boarding and solicitation strategies. You shouldn't have to share this information - your adopters list - if you don't want to.

    Thirdly, invest in your own supporter engagement/donation strategy. Take the time to start messaging your own supporters regularly to build and secure the relationship. Even phone them to introduce yourself and invite them to be more involved. Real-life relationships are what develop fans into supporters, who will fund the work you do.

    But mostly, remember PetRescue is just a website. A very good website - and one that targets the adoption audience very well - but one that can also be replaced with your own online tools, real life adoption events and a bit of help from your community, if required.

    WTF :dropjaw:

  3. I saw 5 young kids tie up 3 Shih Tzu's outside a shop in Jerrabomberra/Queanbeyan area and tracked them inside Woollies and told them to NEVER tie the dogs up outside as some dogs have been stolen, well they took off quick smart and am sure they will NEVER do it again.

  4. I just heard a lady on Ray Hadley's (he's away today)not sure who is on, but she said if the dogs are humanely put to sleep she can' see a problem WTF is that :dropjaw: :dropjaw: :eek: :eek: can you image a vet being called out to euthanaise 40 perfectly healthy dogs in one go what is she thinking.

    My local Pound have an arrangement with one of the local greyhound people to take his dogs in to the pound and they will rehome them and that's exactly what they have done very successfully for many years and from memory none have been put to sleep.

  5. Every $10 donation you make today will give a rescue group a free listing on the PetRescue website for one of their senior or special needs pets - the only place where over 20,000 pet adopters come to search for their new best friend every single day!

    This is in an email I got and can presume everyone else got it as well. I thought we all got free listings???



  6. Maree I wholly respect you as a rescuer and understand that you have a long standing relationship with Wagga. I understand that you believe the rangers you work with could not possibly do this. So even if the accusations aren't true; council has finally publicly acknowledged past mistakes and a commitment to change after media scrutiny so it can only be a good thing for staff, rescuers, adopters and the community.

    Thanks Powerlegs I know the rangers I deal with were not a part of any of the instances that happened with the cats as those rangers are no longer working there and haven't been for well over 12 months, as disgusting as the evidence presented I take on board what the volunteers have said and I am not saying it is not true but we have to move on and believe that the council will change things I truly believe it will improve I have faith in them as they cannot afford for it to happen again.

    I also know that many volunteers have gone into some pounds in NSW and demanded change and told the rangers/Council what they needed to do and demand it be done, well that is not the way to change anything as we know, this is why some have been banned and I think they should be.

  7. Who cares what they were told? It is NEVER excusable or acceptable to put 1, possibly 2, LIVE cats in a feeezer.

    1 cat was dead form being hit by a car and was bought in to the pound, from memory by a member of the public the likelihood of it being alive is very remote OR are people saying that cat was alive also when put in the freezer.....

  8. Maybe the volunteers were told right at the beginning over 12 months ago why the 2 instances with the cats happened and like most people don't believe the rangers and just decided to run the story anyway in the papers.

    How did the rangers explain it?

    I and the rest of the world have no idea how they explained it.

  9. What sort of person makes a comment like that about a disabled dog? :cry: Do posts to their website have to be approved or can individual staff members just post as they see fit?

    I just feel ill and so sad that poor defenceless dogs and cats can find themselves at the mercy of people like that. Is this okay with the people of Wagga? Is it still happening? Are rescuers allowed on the premises? I feel helpless because I want to help but I don't know what to do.

    Who are the "people like that"?

    Possibly a pretty low paid council worker driven to distraction by volunteers who think they have all the answers and who rush to FB and the press when their words of wisdom aren't acted upon or policies they disagree with are practiced. Pound workers also get to deal with really difficult pet owners and they never have enough resources to do everything that should and could be done for the animals.

    It happens.

    Sometimes those volunteers who are supposedly all for the animals are in reality all for attention seeking, self aggrandising behaviour. And when their trouble making and failure to be able deal with the practical aspects of too many animals to save and to work with the pound staff sees them booted, they seek martyrdom. And its the animals who pay.

    It pays to remember that there are ALWAYS two sides of a story and that those supposedly championing animals often have their own agendas. Of course government workers are gagged and they cannot speak to the press.

    Whoever said the road to hell was paved with good intentions must have had experience with animal welfare.

    I'm the first to admit that the welfare activists make a mess.

    And you're right, it happens and it happens everywhere. But there is a track record of difficulty within this pound and for some reason other councils whose staff are paid equally poorly and work under the same stressors manage to suck it up and get better outcomes for their animals. In some cases, volunteers are the only ones with any time to help the inmates and over-stretched staff welcome the help.

    Any pound's volunteers are paid nothing and work hundreds of hours under their own amount of stress, it doesn't mean they are there to be whipping boys when staff are challenged over their actions.

    I honestly can't see much changing. Council will make noise about sorting things out and it will all go back to normal.

    Things will change as they have different rangers and a General Manager who will make it work, I feel volunteers should still be able to help BUT they need to sign a confidentially document to stop this sort of thing happening again, also work with the rangers and management not against them it is all about the attitudes of all and for the animals as their top priority.

    The issue happened well over 12 months ago and as Andrea said some volunteers go in like a bull at a gate and do get the staff off side, it's all about working together.

  10. The volunteers were removed over 12 months ago and I for one as a rescue and have taken many dogs from Wagga Pound have nothing but praise for the rangers there and their caring nature for all of the animals.

    Although it is disturbing to see that kitten I can understand how the rangers would mistake the kitten to be dead from their account, how many humans have been taken to morgues or supposedly died in operating theatres and for them to suddenly start breathing again this is no different.

    All dead animals are put in freezers so not sure what the issue is there.

    I just find people believe the written word without knowing both sides.

  11. Has anyone seen the latest PetRescue fundraising effort? They've taken on some tiny kittens and are hand raising themselves...


    One would think that with the number of rescues out there that PetRescue could have tapped into - with many extremely experienced foster carers to boot - why would they now be doing rescue themselves?

    Conflict of interest or not? Love to hear opinions...


    I'm not sure it's productive or appropriate to be negative about someone doing something positive?

    No one is being negative, merely asking for others "opinion"

  12. CPR/myself were personally blamed by Uber for another group in Canberra declining the offer to be involved, so my experience was not a pleasant one, the lady was extremely rude and demanding. The main reason CPR declined was that we don't do puppies therefor had no puppies but that didn't seem to make any difference spent a lot of time over 2-3 phone calls from Uber explaining this.

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