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  1. Stafford Fans

    Bear posing for his photo shoot.. I'll put some more up soon..
  2. Stafford Fans

    Hey guys I work away in the mines at the moment so I've been getting my parents to look after Bear for me but when I come home he doesnt leave my side well i went shopping for my lunches for work and came across the dog toy section. I just had to get him a toy, he hasnt put the thing down yet Ill have to take a photo of Bear with his new toy for you all.. Dura Mater Im not sure if I can help but I'll ask around over this way if you'd like??
  3. Stafford Fans

    Bear goes back to dog obedience next Sunday. Im looking forward to it aswell, we have been walking every day over the last month. Hope everyone is well
  4. Stafford Fans

    I had a married couple walk past my place the other day while i was out the front with Bear playing and they had their Staffy and they asked me straight up if I was interested in mating my "English staffy" with theirs, I very politely answered back that Bear was in fact desexed and to that they left very quickly.. I didnt bother setting them straight that its a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Adelaide Dol Meet - October

    Bear is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier..
  6. Adelaide Dol Meet - October

    I believe I'll have to take Bear to one of these meets one day too.. Where do you normally meet up?
  7. My 15 Week Old Pup Was Attacked

    lol thats all good persephone. yeah the original story made me think about my pup, but I think he should be ok..
  8. Stafford Fans

    So sorry for your loss Tanya. Hope the dogs help with comforting you
  9. My 15 Week Old Pup Was Attacked

    I hope the "pitbull" you are reporting is actually a pitbull.. sorry it just gets to me that nearly every dog attack in the media is by a pitbull.. sorry to here bout your puppy..
  10. Did you tell the RSPCA about the condition of the dog? It was their job to come and get it plus it was also the rangers job to come and get the dog. You should get on the phone and complain to the RSPCA and the member of parliament and the council. Because these people are getting paid to do a job and they aren't doing it. That was just a cop out by them. Horrible for the dog and for you. You cant blame yourself you tried. I guess next time demand them to come and get it or try and take it to the pound. Good on you for trying anyway you did the right thing.
  11. How Can I Teach.....

    Is it recommended to get a clicker to help with training this trick?
  12. Stafford Fans

    My parents old Bull Terrier used to sink too.. What type of Life jacket do you recommend
  13. Wanting Old Towels And Blankets

    You could also try your local op shops.. usually they have a few things they give away..
  14. Stafford Fans

    Hey guys I was just wondering how hard it would be to teach Bear my 9 month old to swim? and what tips you would have? also is it worth investing in a life jacket for him? Thanks guys :rolleyes:
  15. Doggy Day At The Beach

    Will try and make it down from the country. Bear hasnt been to the beach yet