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  1. Oh good, hopefully we can catch up on Sunday. I hope there are some Bipsy puppies there for me to squeeeee over lol
  2. Are you going to the Bulla show this weekend *kirty* ?
  3. OMG!! That face How could that beautiful baby be a terror lol....... Butter wouldn't melt................ :p
  4. Beautiful baby girl!
  5. Secret it is then. :D You really had me worried for a while!
  6. Yay DDD, glad to see you remember her proper name :laugh:
  7. Clever girl, she knows what her name should be lol!!!
  8. You know what my thoughts are
  9. I'm always gonna call her Secret.
  10. The three musketeers, aka the terrible triplets but best known as the three most gorgeous puppies in the world. I had another puppy fix today and I can't believe how SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE they are! :love: :love:
  11. What a cutie!!! Reminds me of the French bulldog that used to run around with the flower pot on his head :laugh:
  12. I agree T, but she is just soooooo adorable, I am very very VERY sorely tempted with this little girl................. but I don't need another dog.......................... or do I???????????????
  13. I have to say that I've spent a wonderful five hours today getting lots and lots of puppy cuddles, kisses, tail wags, twitchy dreams and playtime. Neko's babies are just the cutest little angels ever! I can't wait to see them again on Wednesday as they are growing and developing so quickly now. Is everyone jealous yet :laugh:
  14. OMG, They are just adorable!!