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  1. I am hoping to trail in tracking with Fritz my Bullarab this year.

    We've been doing a fair bit of practice in the forest. I've been setting him tracks myself and also having my boyfriend go and get lost in the forest.

    He seems to be doing really well at following the tracks and really enjoys himself.

    I want to enter some trials, but I don't know how 'good' we have to be not to embarrass ourselves completely haha.

    I can't make it to any of the tracking training days until at least May as they're held on weekday mornings?

    Help, advice, anything pleease :)

  2. I'm sick of seeing unrestrained dogs in vehicles full stop.

    The amount of people on facebook ( dog people some DOLers) that post pictures of their dogs unrestrained on road trips really blows my mind.


    I don't really want a 40kg projectile launched at me if we're involved in a crash

  3. Plus Gee and Haw sound very distinct from one another.

    How many times do you listen to your gps and wonder if it told you to turn right or left.

    You could use any words, so long as the dogs know what they mean ;)

  4. Hey guys,

    Considering flying my bullarab boy and myself up to a race in qld this year.

    Was wondering how I go about planning and booking the trip?

    Do I still need to go through an agent like dogtainers or wayrod?

    Can anyone give me rough costs? He's 38.5 kg so Im guessing it's going to be costly!

  5. My number one tip - is make sure that the yard is absolutely secure and they cannot get out. Also when people are opening the front door etc. ensure you have an extra eye on the dogs as I found some of mine would try to escape due to the unfamiliar surroundings and stress.

    Once you've been there a while together and they learn the new routine - they'll be fine.


    I've just moved again and this is Esky's (not quite 5 years old) 7th house. She was really bad at first.. escaped the yard.. I had to send her back to stay with my ex while I triple layeres the fence. . They really just wanted some more bess and shade.. I thinm thwy are happy now

  6. He is a puppy, just a baby.. Have you seen how much human babies sleep?

    The play hard , sleep hard routine is normal. My just turned 1 year old still does it..

    Works his absolute butt off and then sleeps so deeply the apocalypse couldn't wake him up.

  7. I've come across horses many times in our forest adventures.

    We're both allowed to be there.

    A lot of the horse riders have had good control of their horses.

    But off the top of my head I can think of a good 3 occasions that the horses were really scared of my dog.

    Once was in the forest when I was out for a training run.. We spotted them as we turned a corner I stopped and held my dog, to let them pass, they were very friendly, but the horse was unsure.. maybe of the dog, maybe of the scooter..

    I finished a training run in another part of the forest and 2 ladies rocked up with their horses.. Esky was in the cage on the back of my Hilux, and the horses were really really scared of her.. The riders thought it may have been because she was eye level with them.. weird.

    3rd time was more recently with both dogs.. Had fritz offlead Esky on.. Saw the horse, got Fritz on lead and went to stand well off the trail to let them pass. The horse would not move.. it took the guy like 15 minutes of coaxing to get him going again.. Lucky my guys are used to most livestock now, I remember the first time Esky saw a horse, the reaction was priceless

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