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  1. If you have not already maybe have a look at gundog trials . Even find some catalogues and look up any of the prefixes that come up.
  2. Most harnesses are ill fitting and just make it uncomfortable to walk let alone pull. Imagine walking in too tight shoes with the laces tied together. I like to walk my guys in flat collars. But I'll use haltis for walks in urban areas, just gives me some more head control on the event of cats or other scary things haha
  3. Hi, looking for some advice. I want to fly my gsp x from Adelaide to Perth for the sled dog nationals. What is the best way to do this and any companies to suggest? I will be flying over too is that changes anything.
  4. Thanks Ness, I'm tossing up whether to enter the trail on May 21st. If trials are cancelled do you lose your money? Unfortunately I don't know anyone else who tracks in SA to get advice from. Are there any books, dvds or youtube channels that may be of help?
  5. I am hoping to trail in tracking with Fritz my Bullarab this year. We've been doing a fair bit of practice in the forest. I've been setting him tracks myself and also having my boyfriend go and get lost in the forest. He seems to be doing really well at following the tracks and really enjoys himself. I want to enter some trials, but I don't know how 'good' we have to be not to embarrass ourselves completely haha. I can't make it to any of the tracking training days until at least May as they're held on weekday mornings? Help, advice, anything pleease :)
  6. Thanks that worked and I was able to update the details and print it myself. Hopefully they accept the certificate
  7. Trying to get my boy registered as an associate. He was desexed today and on the associate register for it says I need to provide a sterilisation certificate ( got it) and microchip identification. The vets were able to write the chip number on the sterilisation certificate, but I'm not sure if that's what I need. Can someone point me in the right direction
  8. I'm sick of seeing unrestrained dogs in vehicles full stop. The amount of people on facebook ( dog people some DOLers) that post pictures of their dogs unrestrained on road trips really blows my mind. I don't really want a 40kg projectile launched at me if we're involved in a crash
  9. Fritz once, human error, boyfriend left the gate open. Esky.. umm three in the first week I moved here and more since. Bloody cow
  10. Plus Gee and Haw sound very distinct from one another. How many times do you listen to your gps and wonder if it told you to turn right or left. You could use any words, so long as the dogs know what they mean ;)
  11. OMG how cute! I wish all breeders were like you!
  12. Hey guys, Considering flying my bullarab boy and myself up to a race in qld this year. Was wondering how I go about planning and booking the trip? Do I still need to go through an agent like dogtainers or wayrod? Can anyone give me rough costs? He's 38.5 kg so Im guessing it's going to be costly!
  13. This!!! I've just moved again and this is Esky's (not quite 5 years old) 7th house. She was really bad at first.. escaped the yard.. I had to send her back to stay with my ex while I triple layeres the fence. . They really just wanted some more bess and shade.. I thinm thwy are happy now
  14. He is a puppy, just a baby.. Have you seen how much human babies sleep? The play hard , sleep hard routine is normal. My just turned 1 year old still does it.. Works his absolute butt off and then sleeps so deeply the apocalypse couldn't wake him up.
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