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  1. Dog Clippers

    I have Wahl SS clippers and am very happy with them. These are my second set, the first lasted about 8 years. I clip two toy poodles about every two weeks and tidy up (not a full clip) Standard Schnauzer every six weeks or so.
  2. Raw Treats

    You could always freeze small meaty treats. I mostly serve frozen chicken wings and necks anyway :)
  3. Dog Urine Off Carpet

    I make my own general cleaner and it works on carpets too ... One teaspoon wool wash One teaspoon white vinegar Add to a one litre spray bottle of water and gently shake to mix
  4. Special Dog Moment

    Great story! Go Jake
  5. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    From their website ... Rules for Dog Owner’s Please comply with the following rules whilst staying at Sawtell Beach Holiday Park. Keep your dog on a leash or in your vehicle at all times whilst in the park. Pick up all POOP immediately and dispose of properly. No dog is to be left unattended at anytime. Take your dog with you whenever you go out. Boarding Kennels are available nearby for a small fee. Enquiries at reception. Do not allow your dog to bark or make other noise. Pets are only permitted in our Pet Friendly Cabins. We require $100 cash bond on arrival which will be refunded on departure after your cabin has been inspected. Pets are not permitted in the amenity buildings at any time. The closest ‘leash free beach’ is north of the railway bridge on Boambee Beach and Jetty Beach. (see map on reverse). The northern end of Sawtell Beach allows dogs on a leash. For more information check with reception. As the dog owner you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your dog whilst in our park and reserve areas. Management reserves the right to restrict number of dogs per site (2 only) and refuse entry to dangerous breeds and aggressive dogs. Dogs are not allowed during NSW School Holidays. We hope that you and your dog enjoy your stay and thank you for your cooperation.
  6. 52/2015

    Too many fabulous photos to comment on individually. Great work ALL!
  7. Thanks for posting that link ... amazing to read. So much that dogs do that we don't always appreciate. Agree :) You know, I felt guilty when my Labrador died that I cried more for her than my father when he died (and I loved my dad and was very close to him). Now I see I'm not the only one to have felt this way
  8. If you wait until you bring the puppy home, he will tell you his name then
  9. Thank you for sharing this. So sad but true
  10. 52/2015

    Such beautiful photos everyone I won't even try to catch up now ... Way too far behind
  11. We've found the same :)
  12. My Dogs Are All At Emergency

    I felt sick reading this post Hope the recovery continues :)
  13. If you google it you wil find their website with all the info :)
  14. Dogs On Utes

    This occurred in a rural area ... It doesn't excuse the risk. Maybe they were travelling between farms? I don't know. The young owner of the dog was genuinely upset and I don't think this dog will be at risk again ... At least I hope not
  15. Dogs On Utes

    We were at my elderly mother's place today gardening. She lives on a main road in a rural town. I was out the back of the house when I heard a motor bike horn blaring and then my OH yelling - very loudly! The bike was trying unsuccessfully to gain the attention of the truck. I ran to the front yard to see a table top truck veering off to the kerb with a dog hanging from the side by its chain The truck came to a stop and a young guy leapt out to grab the poor dog who was luckily still alive and well! He carried the dog over to us and I think he and the dog were both in shock. He thanked us profusely, and I told him to tie the dog shorter. He maintained the dog had been tied short but had broken the chain the poor dog had grazes to his rear pads but otherwise seemed okay. When they left, the dog was in the cab of the truck. It was lucky my OH has such a loud yell or else the poor dog may have ended up like the dog in National Lampoon's Vacation