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  1. Cut what you are feeding him now to at least half. And stop any treats. Chi's are small dogs with small stomachs, they don't need a lot of food. I look after my MIL dogs who are at least double their ideal weight. They should be around 5kg but generally are 10kg, both are showing early signs of arthritis and joint issues and they're still rather young. When they stay with me they get the following for the day: 1 med or 1.5 small chicken necks in the morning. Mainly to help with their teeth and to stop them bugging the sh?t out of me. 150g-200g of 50/50 lean roo meat and mashed pumpkin for dinner. No treats. If they don't eat it, it gets taken away and they get nothing until the next meal. They lost 3kgs each when they were here for 3 weeks last time and that was with minimal exercise on my behalf. Unfortunately the MIL cannot keep it up and they always end up back on they usual bone biscuits, schmackos, at lib kibble and those little meatball things when they go home and their weight balloons back to 10kg. YOU are the only one who can get your dog to lose the excess weight and you need to stick by it for the sake of your dog's health. You need to ignore those whines and puppy dog eyes trying to tell you he's hungry. And you need to be 100% dedicated to getting him to lose the weight. I'd be careful if you are exercising him 2ks a day. That is extremely stressful on his already weight stressed joints. My advice would be to swim him instead, less stress on the joints and burns more calories. Pretty sure I saw in your other thread you live in Mildura, so swimming him in the river would be a easy thing for you. Good luck with his weight loss.
  2. Yes smoking is a form of cooking, and IMO so is dehydrating [my food dehydrator does meat and it's heated to 55 degrees for 6-10 hours]. Both would change the structure of the bone and make it more brittle. I also agree with SSM, I do worry about where they are processed. The amount of chemicals ending up in human grade food from China is incredible, god knows what is in pet food as I doubt it is as readily controlled!
  3. If you can get your hands on them, turkey necks are a great substitute for chicken necks. They're much larger so less of a chance of being gulped down. I'd also put him on a puppy dry food rather than an adult. I have a 8/9month old GSDX here at the moment still on puppy dry.
  4. What a weird diet and so much effort involved preparing it. Just remember a diet can be made up of natural ingredients but not be natural for the animal its being fed to.
  5. It's normally referred to as mammary tumours/cancer. Most can be removed with relative ease, as long as its still rather small and hasn't spread.
  6. Just remember this is a PURE BREED forum. Whilst some members do own crossbreeds [often from rescues], the point of this forum is to advocate pure bred dogs.
  7. And, I have to say, one I really don't understand. Feral pigs are a huge problem in this country. I don't hold with a bunch of yobs in a ute with half trained dogs and a few cartons of beer going after them but well trained professional hunting dogs.. go for it I say. I've seen it done (on telly) and its quick and clean if the hunter knows their job. Its a lot more humane than intensive pig farming, that's for sure. I guess a lot of people just don't get it. They don't see the damage they do first hand, all they see is the people hunting them and taking photos of their kills. I've heard stories of some boars taking multiple bullets in the head [well aimed ones too] to down the bugger!
  8. Whilst I don't agree with her opinion and her idea probably is best in theory, wasn't there a case in Europe where a breeder bred a pointer and dally together to try to eliminate the uric acid (?) issue found in nearly all dally lines? And it worked, and a few generations down, even specialty dally judges couldn't tell them apart?
  9. Another for aldgate vet. They're decently priced for a small clinic.
  10. No. Dogs that were bred would have needed to be registered with the relevant canine council/ankc for any offspring to be registered. There is no way to get a dog of dubious pedigree registered as a purebred. Jo bloggs should have thought about that before buying a byb dog.
  11. And asking permission of the holder of Dogzonline is not a negative. You don't just decide to fundraise/donate under someone else's business name without asking permission.
  12. Yeah, the strobing is caused by the auto-focus trying to focus and not having enough natural light to do so. The strobing allows enough light to focus.
  13. Like everyone else has said, never too late! I started clicker training with mine at ages 4 and 5 There are lots of really helpful clicker training videos on youtube with some on specific commands/tricks.
  14. Yes, as long as it wasn't green, really slimy, harbouring bugs or a gag worthy smell.
  15. I probably use my Sigma 18-250 most, as I tend to have that on when going on trips just incase we see something out the window to snap quickly. At the moment though it's my 10-20mm because it's my new toy!
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