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    Working to keep all my 4 legged kids happy in obedience, agility and staying sane!

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  1. Liver Failure treatment

    SAMe is also useful in liver failure. I have it made up by a compounding chemist. I get my milk thistle from a pharmacy.
  2. Agility Nationals 2018 Accommodation

    We have stayed at Mornington Farmstay when we have flown over to compete at KCC. Dogs can stay inside - it's about a 25 minute easy drive
  3. Hip Scores

    Can I ask who scored them the second time please. I am getting hip x-rays done next week and not sure where I will send them as my last lot went to Rawlinson. Thanks
  4. Milk Thistle Dose And Brand

    Hi - my boy had liver failure. His ALT was 2259 U/L The letter from the specialist after our first consult said........Milk thistle; he needs at least 150mg per day. (I have to be honest and say I ended up buying it from Woolworths). He was also put on SAMe at ~ 425mg per day, metronidazole and Clavulox
  5. Hip Scores

    I am watching with interest.........I have one to do as well
  6. I am in a similar position and celebrate twice a day when the pills have gone down the hatch. So far the one advantage I have is that my oldie was my obedience dog. When he has refused his breakfast or dinner, I have taken him into the training area, ask him to do something like a hand touch or stand while I walk around him, tell him he is brilliant and offer him a treat (with a pill in it) and he has taken it every time. I am thankful for the history of training reinforcement he has.
  7. Training Recommendations In Perth.

    Northern Suburbs train at Carine Open Space on a Sunday morning. They are a training club and have a lot of positive trainers associated with them.
  8. Toller Time!

    Blowing the dust off this thread....... After many weeks, my head is now ruling my heart and I have decided that the female puppy that I kept from the last litter would be much better off elsewhere. My head will also rule my heart when it comes to where this puppy will end up. But happy to chat if you know of somebody who may be interested. If the right home doesn't come up - then she will stay. She is 14 weeks old.
  9. Litters Due April 2016

    My babies go to their new homes on Saturday - hard to believe they will be 8 weeks old. I have loved every minute of this litter - even the 0350 wake ups. Yesterday we had a photo shoot.
  10. Litters Due April 2016

    OUch is all I can say......mine have teeth Doubling weight is great to hear LOTG
  11. Dog Bed For Heavy Chewers

    I have just purchased 5 x Kuranda beds and I am super happy with them. My kids aren't chewers, but the beds are strong and well put together and not easy to chew in my opinion
  12. Litters Due April 2016

    Congratulations on the new arrivals Goldenwei. Breathing a sigh of relief that there were 10 and not more. I hope that it turns out to be an easy litter for you. LOTG - how are the new babies going?