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  1. I'm curious as I haven't read up on it before, what are the detrimental effects to health from over-vaccinating?
  2. I love this one too much to bother trying to get an updated one, so here is mine again! :)
  3. That is so completely awesome, Barb!!!! Triple Champion, what a dog!!!!! My news pales in comparison, but exciting for me nonetheless!! It's taken 5 very long years, but Ruby FINALLY got her ADX title, Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!! It was certainly her day at the triple header agility trial yesterday, gaining not only her ADX title but her GD title :) She tries so hard but is a very very different dog to handle than Pippa and even Millie. She needs her paw held over every obstacle and her commitment point for a jump is virtually once she's landed from it :laugh: which makes me feel like an even messy handler than normal, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Saying that, though, she's my best distance dog strangely. If I can lock her on a line of jumps with enough momentum she's off while my other dogs aren't there yet (I should probably train distance work then :laugh: )
  4. Completed it also. Would be interested in the course :)
  5. NRD title finally achieved today, woot woot! Better late than never says the old girl, getting it at 9 years of age!!
  6. Ruby got her third novice retrieving win today for her NRD title! We also had our second attempt at a restricted retrieving trial. Still have heaps for both of us to learn but considering how novice we are at it, she's managed to bring back quite a few birdies! The old girl is really loving being back doing retrieving
  7. How's the shoulder and training coming along, TSD? I'm super, super chuffed with Ruby! We entered our very first restricted trial on the weekend. Never thought I'd get the guts to do that! We didn't get the first bird in novice but she was such a good girl in restricted and brought back ALL her birds!! Woweeee Exceeded my expectations for sure. First run was a double rise. Couldn't see where the bird landed from where I stood, so had to pray on this one Whilst we got out on this run, she still found her 2 birds :) Next up was a double mark, both across water. Fire first, leave, turn for second, send. The second landed further away than the first behind some dead trees and a bit of a hill so you couldn't see it once landed (nor the dog once there). After cheekily running the bank and umming and ahhing about the best place to enter the water, she went across to the area it landed. Had to hope and pray she wasn't messing about with it, but lo and behold, she appeared shortly after with the bird and back across she came. I cheerled the heck out of that! Picked up the second that was in the water, delivered, had a part-ay :D Third run was a mark and blind. When I called her up from the hide she was determined to head in the direction I had shot in for the blind. Finally managed to turn her for the mark, she got that (it landed not very far away over a hill), then lined her up for the blind. We have only ever done blinds on an oval and her confidence is not quite there with it yet. But blow me down! She was off in the right direction with confidence, overshot it so whistled her back, back she came and found it without too much fuss. What a good girl!!!
  8. The little ninja gained her ADX and RN titles the past 2 weekends, which brings us to the end of our training goals for the year already I shall extend on our goals then I guess! I'm not sure how realistic it will be to go for anything else this year due to my schedule, but I may as well aim big and go for ADM and RA ADM will be a massive one, this is the first dog I've had a real chance to try Masters Agility with. Will at least give it a red hot go :D
  9. Sheesh, she's still human, though! Shit still happens even to the best of us.
  10. Oh yes, she won't want to miss out! I will enter her in the odd games trial we have (had already entered her in the one in 2 weeks time), and keep doing Rally with her :) But as for general agility/jumping, no more trials for her. Have just done my online entries for the WA State agility trial in April, an already noticeable difference in my reduced entry fees minus one dog!! Still running the other 2, though, and that isn't cheap
  11. Well done in rally! Masters sure can be tricky My girls have had 3 goes each and have only managed 1 pass each so far. But the errors are mainly mine, not theirs
  12. Millie finally got her JDM title tonight. Woohoo! She has now officially earnt her retirement from agility :)
  13. Pippa gained her CD title this past weekend with her third novice win She also gained her JDM title the weekend before last :) She had her first go at Rally Novice last weekend too, with a nice pass of 99/100. Ruby and Millie each have one RM pass under their belts as well. Really enjoying Rally Masters, it's a nice challenge for the human to remember the signs!
  14. Hope your shoulder is getting better, TSD. Ginny sounds like great fun, too I've gotten back into the retrieving training this week. Ruby is really enjoying herself which is really great to see! :D Today we did a mark and blind then a double rise on land (not too long so she would be successful), then did some hand thrown doubles and 2 bird concepts in the water and practiced deliveries to hand before shaking Relatively simple stuff still but she had a blast and even had some oomph in the old girl - she certainly can get going when there is something worth getting to
  15. My training and trialling time has been significantly reduced the past couple of years and will continue to be so for another year, but I will come play in this thread for fun :) My goals for next year include: Ruby ADX title RM title NRD title And give a restricted retrieving trial a crack just for sh!ts and giggles Millie JDM title RM title Pippa ADX title JDM title CD title RN title Me Hopefully finally graduate uni with my own hard-earned title after my name
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