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  1. With regards to putting it on - how about make a Y with the bridle, pull the nose noose up and thread your hand through (so your hand is between he nose noose and the neck piece. Give the dog a treat as you slip over your dogs head (and therefore on the muzzle). It works really nicely for myself and my clients As for the product, I really like it, but I do find the initial period of learning how to put it on confusing for most. It is harder to condition the dog to accept it in comparison to a gentle leader but I think it is kinder on the back of the neck as opposed to under the chin. I don't think it will harm the dog unless you are jerking the dog around on it, which is not what I personally use a head halter for :).
  2. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to get someone to help! LOL! I have a Melbourne Dog Centre Hydrobath. Currently tripping power every time I plug it in. It does not need water in the tank for this to happen. I have called an Electrician, they have said it is likely a plumber issue as I haven't used it for 4wks now and it still shorts the power. Any water in the power cord should be dried out. I have called a couple of plumbers, they don't want to come out to look at it I have called Melbourne Dog Centre but haven't been able to speak to anyone yet (just left messages). I also know from past experience, I need to get it TO them which is the difficult part. Anyone have any recommendation for S.E. Melbourne to come out and fix the bath for me?! It's amazing how much you rely on it!! TIA!
  3. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    I'm so sorry Bubitty. Love to you all and your family. Bubby was the bestest dog <3
  4. Lori Stevens Balance Harness

    All good info Corvus. Will have to look at some of these harnesses too. After using the Lori Stevens balance harness on my pup I'm a convert. I agree about the fleece harness, but if we are somewhere with water, my kids won't wear their harnesses for that reason. I love them for every other type of walking though Hi PK - thanks for pointing that out and yes, that is intentional. Mainly because I only order a small amount and as I'm slowly growing my business I am trying not to have an 'online store' just yet - I don't want to be delayed or overwhelmed with orders coming through and be unable to stay ontop of it. For that reason, I do a pre-order system, or allow people to get in touch with me via phone and email and as my business grows and develops, I will develop my online store to a little more detail. . Please don't hesitate to get others in contact with me, but at this stage I will only take orders via word of mouth I have used quite a few harnesses in my years of dog training and these two (Sally Hopkins and Lori Stevens) remain my firm favourites!
  5. Hi All, Just letting you all know that I'm super excited to now be stocking the Lori Stevens Balance Harness in Australia - can be found here: https://www.blue-9.com/pages/balance-harness/ I have been searching around for a while for a harness that doesn't restrict movement, has an appropriate front attachment, but is also extremely adjustable to fit all body shapes and sizes. I will only be keeping a small amount in stock, so working on a pre-order system. Price will be $50 (postage around Australia is extra) If you are interested - please contact me on [email protected] Here is a recent review on harnesses. I also stock the Sally Hopkins Fleece harness and perfect fit harness https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/20_4/features/Best-Dog-Harnesses-2017_21622-1.html?s=FB_041317
  6. Aussie Pics

    Dame Aussie - I have to laugh because now that DOL has changed and everyones pics are gone, I can't tell who is who anymore! I find my dogs coats go crap when they are desexed. For Kinta I use the Mars Coat King (works a treat) and a Chris Christiansen to brush the rest and loosen the soft coat. Then the collie comb for the finer stuff. I get all my stuff from clipper world or Pet Network
  7. Aussie Pics

    Yep - Panto you got it in one! I love Koda's tail MDD!
  8. Aussie Pics

    We are working on it coZ her name can't sound like "temper" hahaha! at the moment she is Temi. I'm sure I'll come up with something as ridiculous as Bug when she's older LOL
  9. Aussie Pics

    Yes, Panto got Bowie (Swing) from the litter. Tempo is angry with me today - I think she's scared she's going to be sent away like her brothers. She has her 'good puppy' shoes on
  10. Aussie Pics

    Thanks guys! Super stoked for Panto and Mr Bowie too - he's gonna be a fun dog!
  11. Aussie Pics

    I agree!!! I suppose I should also introduce MY new addition.... LOL. I'm a little bit smitten with her - she is totally what I was hoping for! Meet Tempo! http://
  12. Thanks for the recommendations guys. Allerzeit - if you want - feel free to PM me or email me and we can discuss further at length how I can help your friend/ family member :). Can also back up the recommendations of those that I know that have already been recommended on here - Cosmolo, Kaye, and of course Kate Mornement :).
  13. awesome! I love them too!
  14. Excellent point. :) This reminds me animallover, that you may find that your boy pulls less in a harness than he does in a collar, even without it being a 'no pull' one. It goes completely against what everyone says about harnesses but it works that way with my anxious dog. He is a strange little creature though so your mileage may vary. HI AL Not sure if you have purchased your harnesses yet or not, but a front attached harness is definitely not designed for jogging and will adjust their natural gait and may cause injuries down the track. I agree with these recommended here although I'm also quite interested in the Hurtta Y harness (version 2, I didn't like V 1 at all). I like where this sits to allow full range of motion and V2 seems to not be so high up on the shoulder blades. I use the original fleece lined harness and this seems to work really well for my dogs, but unless you can try one, I find their sizing can be a little 'off'. My girls measured a 5 (Aussie Shepherds), but in reality they were a size 4. I wish I could adjust the front section, which you can with the 'perfect' fit. The one that wins out for me for jogging with my dog is the ruff wear front range. So cosy for the dogs and I really love the fit of them :)
  15. This is the official petition link by MP Neale Burgess to stop the bill. Please share this far and wide across Victoria. We need as many voters as possible to use this petition by next week to allow it to be tabled in Parliament. This does not choose what should then be done but asks Parliament to stop the current bill and get a working committee together to work on a better proposed model, this has not been done to date. If we are granted that working committee then the people get to have their say. Please also note that no online petition or activity has to be raised in Parliament. If you print and sign this petition, returning directly to Minister Neale Burgess then your vote will be tabled in Parliament next Tuesday through to Thursday (potentially longer but ideally by next week) and it will make your opinion count. http://www.nealeburgess.com.au/ethical_dog_breeders_petition what we actually need MOST are trained professionals - Trainers, Behaviourists, Vets, Nurses..... anyone who believes that our dogs should continue to be raised in the family home.