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  1. Definitely - they can have a sense of humour too. I see this all the time, Ronin is super cheeky with my daughter and his dog friends.
  2. Thanks DDD - yeah the boys are usually bigger and Ronin is a big boy anyway. Thanks Smokey, it really was awesome :-)
  3. I have recently returned home from a 7942km road trip with my husky Ronin. I took him to the snow for the first time and to meet his whole family that he hadn't seen since he was just over 8 weeks old. Here is a little vid of the highlight of the adventure. What fun adventures have you taken your dog on?
  4. Indeed especially after dog sledding training in the morning on Sat and Sunday.
  5. Something a little different - just chilling on a Sunday night :-)
  6. I met Sienna's new puppy yesterday afternoon - I am not going to give anything away, as that is for @Jodipug to share, but I did take a couple of snaps, but will only share with her permission. I can say that the puppy is just PERFECT!!! Such a sweet boy and in my brief meeting (with my Husky) I can say that this dog has a temperament to die for. I cannot explain how truly happy I am for them, sometimes things just seem to align PS. I know Jodi has been super busy with starting back at work, her Pug having surgery and now with the new addition, so I am not sure when she will see the post to update.
  7. FWIW - Bikejoring is a part of Sled dog racing. There is no training or racing at 18C or above - also keep in mind that our dogs are athletes so with an unfit or overweight dog the risk of overheating is far more dangerous. In our sport the dog is in front of the bike. Also paths and roads can shred paws if they are running for a sustained period of time.
  8. Hi Jodi Hoping Ava's surgery went well today? Ronin sends growly kisses to her
  9. Hahahaha - yeah it is a good spot but it is a big river too Good memory Mim, Tigs was attacked and mauled by two beagles of all dogs close to 3 years ago. This was a Staffy this time so it could have been more serious, the puncture wounds are close to his throat and his Tigs owner thinks his harness protected him a bit. He is okay, back at vet today - wanted to do some stitches (or something like that) but decided against it as he would have to get put under and didn't want to, due to his heart murmur. It sounds like he is going to be fine and on ABs The park in the videos is not really a dog park per se. It is on lead only, but if late or rainy and no one is there I let him have a run - I do stand by the gate so I can pop the lead on if anyone is coming in. A few local dog people do the same but we are mindful that not everyone wants dogs running around, so we respect that. If people are there I just keep the lead on and chuck laps. PM me if you want the location Thanks for the comment about Ronin too
  10. Thanks DDD, yeah it is a nice spot on the Swan that we always have to ourselves - 15 minute drive from home...just perfect for the 36 - 40 degree days, even has a nice shady spot to park the car!
  11. That is a good idea, but I am most impressed how chilled the husky is. I do Ronin in the back yard and man it is a snow storm sometimes, but that dog blowing coat is something else LOL All the birdies in the neighbourhood have nice fluffy and warm nests courtesy of Ronin. A neighbour mentioned that there was nest in her place with Ronin's fur in it. :-D
  12. Yeah, I wasn't there but I got a message and photos from his owner. Poor fella wouldn't hurt a fly :-(
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