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  1. Another vote for the dremel here, makes life so much easier and I havent made one black nail bleed yet :D At first my guys were a bit concerned but now they lay in my lap as soon as I sit on the ground with the dremel. As for the attatchment i use the round sanding band its like a ring of sandpaper
  2. I want to get a pocket one , I have a handy, a junior I think (bought them off ebay)
  3. Oh Jodie I am so pleased things are looking up. Give him a big cuddle from me. Jacq
  4. I feed pedigree performance puppy to all my dogs, adults included. They dont get just dry though they get meat, pasta ect added as well.
  5. You can all roll your eyes at me if you like, I was simply calling it like I see it. I know several groomers who WILL NOT call them anything but Lab cross poodles. Until they are recognised by the ANKC (if that happens) or someone can show documented proof re stud books and prober pedigrees this is what they are. Sorry for the OT canberra labradoodle, I highly reccomend Dogworld they are great and prices really good.
  6. Go to Dogworld at Hume, Storm and Nicole are lovely people, but your dog is a lab cross poodle.
  7. I have heard nothing but excellent things re Gary and if I need a chiropractor will be driving to Sydney to see him.
  8. Jodie darl not much any of us can say, just remember I am here if you need a shoulder and a coffee or a few wines/whines. Jacq
  9. Good post Kit Kat I am too scared to name the food I feed my guys in conjunction with their raw stuff incase I am percieved as a bad owner cause I dont spend over $100 for 15kg, I spend nearly $50 for 17
  10. Well I wish I had the time to show you the other night my 2 puppies I have here, Mum was fed Bonnie puppy as well as a variety of minces, vegies, pasta, rice etc, whelped 10 healthy large puppies, puppies raised on Bonnie puppy, I have recently changed foods but I am not saying what it is because I dont want other people to bag it, I feed what my dogs do best on, they never get just plain dry food always get things added. I have also seen dogs raised on el cheapo homebrand kibble and have beautiful glossy coats, healthy in every way shape or form. Ok if I wanted to feed just dry I may look a
  11. As far as I am concerned the best dry food is the food your dog does best on, if thats supercoat, inova, pro plan, or woolworths homebrand, (no I dont feed the woolies stuff) try a variety till you find the one that works for you and your dog
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