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  1. Thanks, I'm in Laidley so I might look into these guys after I've had bub
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for a club to train at with my Brittany, she needs basic obedience but I'm also looking into sporting with her so clubs that have a bit of a focus on both would be great!
  3. Thanks! They're going to grow up to be best friends, Emma loves the dogs, Ivy is a little too rough at the moment but she settles down nicely once the excitement of seeing 'her baby' wears off lol
  4. Hi! sorry I didn't realise you had asked me for a picture, this one was not too long after we got her, she LOVES my daughter :) She is very energetic but provided they get lots of exercise and mental stimulation they'll cope fine in a small yard, we're on small acreage but she's a sloth as much as she's running around like a nut
  5. Karen really is lovely, we were looking at another breed then we spotted these guys at a show and we went over for a chat, she was happy to tell us anything
  6. Wow how exciting! Do you have your pup now or are you still waiting? I saw on their website they had a litter in April. Did you get one of them or do they have another litter? As I said I am a bit hesitant to contact breeders yet as it might be a while before we are ready to get another dog and I am not even sure my husband will like Brittanys at all. But the more I read about them and see photos of them, the more I like them. Thanks for the link. Yeah I got one of their April litter, a girl they kept to show but she wasn't coming along as well as hoped so they sold her to us as a pet
  7. I just bought a pup off this breeder, Karen is lovely and was happy for us to come out and see the dogs http://www.wameikabrittanys.com
  8. Corie are you still working on these? I never heard from you, I wasn't sure if you continued to work through the list or not
  9. Not so much spelling, all the words are spelled correctly....their grammar however leaves a lot to be desired 175 a peace or 175 a piece? I'm also wondering whether massive is meant as huge or Mastiff That's not what I said, all the words are spelled correctly, they've just used the wrong word for what they want to say, incorrect grammar :)
  10. Not so much spelling, all the words are spelled correctly....their grammar however leaves a lot to be desired
  11. If you want to make it easy to find housemates try near the unis rather than towards the city
  12. My GR gets fed the same amount as Deelee's and I've never had problems maintaining weight, when she was growing I was feeding her more than double that and I had trouble keeping weight ON her! I don't have the sad 'starving' eye problem because Lexi has never been fed from the table or off our plates, any scraps come from the kitchen to her bowl
  13. I had three, tragically lost my old girl about 5 weeks ago, and one of ours is going on a meet and greet today, we've been trying to rehome him for 6 months now. I'm looking forward to being a one dog household again, one because I work full time and I'm also nearing the end of my degree, but we're also expecting a baby at the end of the year...I'll consider another pup in about three years if we're in a better place then
  14. Some 'breeders' like to think they're registered.... They just don't mention their registration is only with the council
  15. I agree. The drawings are awesome, I can't wait to see Cleo's! But can you please swap my spot on the list with Lhok's image of Raiden? ...and can I swap mine for Griff or GG85? That's very sweet of you, I just remembered about this thread and noticed I haven't even posted a pic of my girl
  16. Hugs ktn.....he had a gorgeous life with you, it's so hard to lose them
  17. I'd love a sketch of my JRT who was given her wings last weekend
  18. Thanks guys, I have been reading but feel that every time I reply to someone it's only pushing her further away I still miss her daily, even her crazy barking whenever we got home, she had the worlds most annoying bark, but now when we get home there is just silence, and it's horrible
  19. I agree with all that was posted above...I only just lost my little girl this weekend and even at 11 she was absolutely fearless, it's likely that her non existent fear of cane toads got her in the end
  20. She truly was a 'big dog', all 5kg of her, in fact this is what I'm getting engraved on the plaque on her urn "you'll always be the 'big dog' She taught me a lot of lessons, she taught me what an escape artist truly is, she taught me that there is no one way to train a dog, she was my mate when I had nobody, and when I met the man of my dreams she accepted him as though he'd been there from the beginning
  21. Yesterday was a very sad day as I had to give my gorgeous girl her wings She came into my life when I was 16, she was to be my dog although I'm sure my patents thought the novelty would wear off and she would become a family dog, she was a Christmas present and I was ridiculed by many because the RSPCA had a recent campaign about how pets given as gifts end up in the pound.... Tessy was chosen by myself and I knew I was getting her, that was never going to happen Tess was a typical JRT, she would go after anything that moved, she was what I liked to call a full on dog, she never did things by halves, she was either switched on and incredible or she was switched off and there was no compromise, but she was a gorgeous girl regardless of her mood On Friday night we got home and my beautiful girl was foaming at the mouth, we raced her to the vet but even though they tried all night they were unable to stop her seizures, she was 11.5 years young I miss her so badly, she was the boss of the house and has left a huge hole in the household RIP miss Tessy, you'll always be my #1 This is an old photo, but it's still my favourite..... One of the few moments she was still for long enough to get a nice photo
  22. I volunteer with the Delta Society, so does tlc. some nursing homes are more than happy for people to bring dogs, others say no unless its an accredited organisation because elderly people can skin tear very easily and it is hard to explain that mrs Smith developed an infection on her arm because of a skin tear that was caused from a dog. Organisations such as Delta carry insurance for this reason so I know if my dog causes an injury to somebody then we're protected Saying that a lot of facilities are relaxing their rules and even have resident pets
  23. I do it with Lexi, but for health reasons I need to stop for a while We go to the local nursing home and they love it, even people who aren't verbal just love it when the dog jumps up on their bed and they can pat them and touch their fur, you can see the delight in their faces. It is very rewarding work :)
  24. That's all the listed J Scotts I'll be going to Griffith on the weekend if that's any help lol
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