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  1. Thanks, I'm in Laidley so I might look into these guys after I've had bub
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for a club to train at with my Brittany, she needs basic obedience but I'm also looking into sporting with her so clubs that have a bit of a focus on both would be great!
  3. Thanks! They're going to grow up to be best friends, Emma loves the dogs, Ivy is a little too rough at the moment but she settles down nicely once the excitement of seeing 'her baby' wears off lol
  4. Hi! sorry I didn't realise you had asked me for a picture, this one was not too long after we got her, she LOVES my daughter :) She is very energetic but provided they get lots of exercise and mental stimulation they'll cope fine in a small yard, we're on small acreage but she's a sloth as much as she's running around like a nut
  5. Karen really is lovely, we were looking at another breed then we spotted these guys at a show and we went over for a chat, she was happy to tell us anything
  6. Wow how exciting! Do you have your pup now or are you still waiting? I saw on their website they had a litter in April. Did you get one of them or do they have another litter? As I said I am a bit hesitant to contact breeders yet as it might be a while before we are ready to get another dog and I am not even sure my husband will like Brittanys at all. But the more I read about them and see photos of them, the more I like them. Thanks for the link. Yeah I got one of their April litter, a girl they kept to show but she wasn't coming along as well as hoped so they sold her to us as a pet
  7. I just bought a pup off this breeder, Karen is lovely and was happy for us to come out and see the dogs http://www.wameikabrittanys.com
  8. Corie are you still working on these? I never heard from you, I wasn't sure if you continued to work through the list or not
  9. Not so much spelling, all the words are spelled correctly....their grammar however leaves a lot to be desired 175 a peace or 175 a piece? I'm also wondering whether massive is meant as huge or Mastiff That's not what I said, all the words are spelled correctly, they've just used the wrong word for what they want to say, incorrect grammar :)
  10. Not so much spelling, all the words are spelled correctly....their grammar however leaves a lot to be desired
  11. If you want to make it easy to find housemates try near the unis rather than towards the city
  12. My GR gets fed the same amount as Deelee's and I've never had problems maintaining weight, when she was growing I was feeding her more than double that and I had trouble keeping weight ON her! I don't have the sad 'starving' eye problem because Lexi has never been fed from the table or off our plates, any scraps come from the kitchen to her bowl
  13. I had three, tragically lost my old girl about 5 weeks ago, and one of ours is going on a meet and greet today, we've been trying to rehome him for 6 months now. I'm looking forward to being a one dog household again, one because I work full time and I'm also nearing the end of my degree, but we're also expecting a baby at the end of the year...I'll consider another pup in about three years if we're in a better place then
  14. Some 'breeders' like to think they're registered.... They just don't mention their registration is only with the council
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