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  1. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Contact Help Save The Furry Ones - Adelaide's Biggest No Kill Cat Shelter. Cats are desexed & then rehomed.
  2. My two Shar Pei girls are due for their vaccinations this month and I am feeling a little conflicted about having them redone. Both are older girls (9 & 10 years old)...They are healthy but are getting old for Shar Pei... One has Shar Pei Fever, thyroid problems and has had a few lumps removed…The other suffers with mild skin problems and has also had a few lumps removed. I previously had the three year vaccination done for them. Lately I have been reading numerous warnings about over vaccinating pets / older pets and I am worried that I might affect their health either way. I tend to follow a more natural care plan and would love helpful some advice on what I should do. Most vets recommend it but I often wonder if this is the best advice to follow as they make a lot of money by vaccinating. Please help as I’d like to be able to make a firm educated decision.
  3. Hi all, Lucky Little Paws Rescue urgently need some foster carers for our beautiful rescued Cats & Kittens. If you have experience with timid/shy cats then we would love to hear from you. We have some shy kittens & cats that need some extra love and care to help them become friendlier. We simply don't have the time to get around to giving them all the attention they need to grow into loving domesticated cats! We are based in Adelaide and need foster carers all around Adelaide. Please if you or anyone you know of can help then let us know. Thank you!! We also have some beautiful Cats & Kittens that are ready for adoption (some even love dogs!!) Contact Stef from Lucky Little Paws Rescue on 0406 396 776 or visit our facebook page - Lucky Little Paws Rescue
  4. Cutest Doggy Song Ever!

    :D aww..too cute
  5. Best Friends Pet Superstore

    No...but I hope they come to Adelaide...
  6. Would You Sell A Puppy..

    No..I personally wouldnt Just as I wouldnt buy from a breeder I didnt like
  7. Pet Rescue -- Share Your Dog-a-like

    I think these pictures are actually people who work for PetRescue...They must just be using them as examples.
  8. Homophobic Breeder?

    Maybe she was worried that living in a gay household might turn her puppy gay?..Bahaha...Stupid woman... I have a lot of gay friends with pets, and lets just say if I die I hope to come back as one of their dogs!! Congrats on your beautiful new puppy...Im sure he will have the best of homes with you xx
  9. Supermarket Conversation

    I love wearing black but Shar Pei slobber seems to highlight my clothes. My car windows are also covered in slobber..I saw a great bumper sticker saying 'no that's not slobber on my window, it my dogs nose art'
  10. Tell Me Why Cooked Bones Are Bad!

    I'd never feed cooked bones to my pets but they thrive on raw bones. My vet couldn't believe how good my two dogs teeth were for their age. I follow barf & swear by it!
  11. Shocking Truth About Cat And Dog Food

    I've been harping on about feeding pets a natural diet for years. People place too must trust into these commercial dog food companies. I'd rather know 100% what my pets are eating. An excellent book to read for those who are interested in a more natural diet is called 'Give your dog a bone' by Dr Billinghurst. Excellent read & life changing!!
  12. Three Cheers. having worked for many years with dogs as guides and therapy dogs ..and having put a big chunk of my life into careful assessment/training/placement ....so that hopefully the public would not be in any way inconvenienced by a dog's inappropriate behaviour ...and that dogs went to those who they could best benefit... I am just a bit 'tetchy' about pet dogs being labelled as 'therapy' dogs at the drop of a hat , it seems. I too have been involved with training and educating Guide Dog and Therapy dog's and 100% agree with you. The very strict process that these dogs go thro is so strict that some dogs that have been specifically bred & trained for 15months don't make it. It would be a massive concern if random dogs were allowed the same privileges as these professionally trained dogs. Thank god Australia has such strict rules in place to prevent this from happening!!
  13. Cesar Milan Australia Nov, 2011

    We have our tickets. Got VIP & get to meet Cesar after the show!! Sitting a few rows from the front!! Can't wait..so excited. Adelaide missed out last time!!
  14. Backseat Buddy Question

    My zip broke on mine too. I purchased a cheap pet seat cover from cheap as chips to place under it. It's a really cheap version of The Backseat Buddy, without the zip. Then I placed my backseat buddy over the top. Works great and gives that extra protection without the cost of replacing it.