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  1. My dogs sleep under the bed at night, every now and again they might join us for a little bit (eg, the lappie slept on our bed for an hour last night because she was desexed yesterday and wouldn't settle unless she was between us). But on weekend mornings there's me, OH, a Husky, a Lappie and a two month old baby in the bed while we're watching TV and procrastinating over getting up.
  2. Do dogs transferred to neuter register have the same registration number as when they were mains registered or does it change? Also can anyone find the neuter transfer form on the DogsSA website? I must be blind!
  3. My Husky has a histiocytoma on her nose that the vet said has become infected - we saw the vet last Thursday. We've been given a cream to apply three times a day. Since Saturday, it has been bleeding a bit. Is it normal for these things to bleed or is it something that we should be heading back to the vet about?
  4. I normally answer that yes, my dogs are great with kids but we've socialised them to be so, and that the breeds can be great family dogs but all dogs should be supervised with children.
  5. My lappie did it as a puppy, I'd watch her for a bit and if she didn't stop I'd stop her. I did worry she may have a few screws loose! She very rarely does it nowadays and it's only if she gets super over excited and will do a few spins and then stop.
  6. My guys get a Maccas icecream as a special treat too - Hales got one when she got her championship, but she refuses to eat the cone!
  7. As BC Crazy said, it's a little more expensive, but I find the pieces themselves are less dense so there's actually more when you compare weight for weight (on Earthborn Coastal and TOTW Salmon) probably because there's no heavy grains. We're very happy so far, Akira's really doing well on it now and Miss Picky Halo scoffs it down.
  8. We bought the Coastal Catch on Saturday and have slowly started introducing it. Akira's poo was a little sloppy this morning, so at this stage we're not 100% sure if it's going to be right for her, but we'll give it a week and see how she is at the end of it. It was probably a really dumb idea trying a new food a week before she's meant to go into kennels for the weekend though!
  9. I have a voucher for Earthborn, that's why I thought I'd try it. I used to pay more for Pro Plan Sensitive anyway.
  10. Anyone else tried this yet? We're looking at trialling it for our two (the Coastal Catch) as both have high energy requirements and one is allergic to chicken. They're currently on Taste of the Wild, which they're doing great on, but it's much easier being able to buy this straight from PetStock.
  11. There's two differences in opinion in this thread, I can see both sides. Maybe (and I haven't really thought about this, there could be massive problems with it) upon reaching maturity, all dogs should be assessed by a panel of vets for soundness. If they fail the vet check, they aren't able to be shown or bred from again (for example, here they'd be downgraded from main to limited register). It wouldn't be quite so public as being refused BOB based on a vet check.
  12. I currently have a Sibe and a Lappie, and after having my Lappie I am sold that they are the breed for me because I absolutely adore my spunky little Miss. HOWEVER my husband really, really, really wants a Malamute. So when we get a bigger house, I've told him he can have one, however I want to be able to show it. So I'm currently doing my research about what lines I like so that in a few years time I know exactly what I'm after. We will always have Spitz breeds though. We had two gundog puppies come over last week (a Cocker and a Golden) and at the end of their visit, OH said "I am so glad
  13. Mine took five weeks, but I'm in SA.
  14. This. Or at least buy small bags so you don't do your dough if it doesn't work out. Completely agreed. I've had my dogs on a few different foods trying to find the best one - Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Black Hawk. They're now on Taste of the Wild which is great for my allergy dog - I don't think the younger one could care less, kibble is kibble in her opinion. :laugh:
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