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  1. Spitz Breeds

    So did I Gretel, I looked like a beached whale. I blame my massive baby for that though! Lovely photos SC, and love the pic of Alera. When I was putting up my Christmas tree I found a halo that went on Halo (how apt) though didn't get a photo of it. Idiot dog wandered around the house with it on for quite a while, it seems desexing her has killed a few of her brain cells.
  2. Spitz Breeds

    They said to thank you for the photos. They are great :-) Thanks for the compliments, shes my special girl. No problems, any time. I'm hoping to get more photos next season. :)
  3. Spitz Breeds

    Looks fantastic EtH! Glad they're so proud of her!
  4. How Many In Your Bed?

    My dogs sleep under the bed at night, every now and again they might join us for a little bit (eg, the lappie slept on our bed for an hour last night because she was desexed yesterday and wouldn't settle unless she was between us). But on weekend mornings there's me, OH, a Husky, a Lappie and a two month old baby in the bed while we're watching TV and procrastinating over getting up.
  5. Neuter Question

    Thank you!!!
  6. Neuter Question

    Do dogs transferred to neuter register have the same registration number as when they were mains registered or does it change? Also can anyone find the neuter transfer form on the DogsSA website? I must be blind!
  7. Spitz Breeds

    The lightest class is 25kg Stonecutter. I won't put Akira in it because she's only 15-17kg.
  8. Spitz Breeds

    My sister got one of these Minxy and it worked really well for her kitten. Apologies, can't remember where she bought it but a Google for a soft cat pen should find it.
  9. Spitz Breeds

    It'll get better on its own. Halo was the same when she was in kennels and her voice was back to normal after a couple of days.
  10. Histiocytoma

    My Husky has a histiocytoma on her nose that the vet said has become infected - we saw the vet last Thursday. We've been given a cream to apply three times a day. Since Saturday, it has been bleeding a bit. Is it normal for these things to bleed or is it something that we should be heading back to the vet about?
  11. " Are They Good With Children?"

    I normally answer that yes, my dogs are great with kids but we've socialised them to be so, and that the breeds can be great family dogs but all dogs should be supervised with children.
  12. Dogs Chasing Their Tails

    My lappie did it as a puppy, I'd watch her for a bit and if she didn't stop I'd stop her. I did worry she may have a few screws loose! She very rarely does it nowadays and it's only if she gets super over excited and will do a few spins and then stop.
  13. Greyhound Icecream Fiend

    My guys get a Maccas icecream as a special treat too - Hales got one when she got her championship, but she refuses to eat the cone!
  14. Spitz Breeds

    I can still lift Halo, and I'm sure she's heavier than Ziva, so you should be fine. :)
  15. Spitz Breeds

    Congrats Stonecutter!!! :D Gorgeous pic of your little bubba. And gosh you make me laugh! :laugh: