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  1. Old Collie Rough Girl From Blacktown Pound

    I too, admire this kind of rescue, and have two palliative cases with me, both with quality of life most definitely!! Congrats LCHCR for your outstanding rescue and compassion. Well done.
  2. I'm going to disagree with this. I think you'd be surprised at how many people actually have no idea puppy farms exist. I didn't until DOL. My boss didn't until me, as with our other nurse we work with. I actually think Stormie being a vet there would be very few who work in the profession who don't know where pups in petshops come from. The general public I agree whole heartedly with you, that many still are unaware.
  3. I agree with Nekhbet. Chris Brown was way out of his depth. As we all know he sadly paraded a PP puppy on TV a while back and Ch 10 copped a lot of heat from animal lovers. They even pulled the segment off Youtube, such was the outrage. Perhaps he needed to repair his image somewhat. Can it be that this is the 'informed' TV vet we are now seeing??? There is no way, holding that puppy he did not know about breeding practices of animals in Petshops whether they be from a factory or a BYB. At least we can take comfort that it would have hit a wide audience again, and if we need Chris Brown on the front of the vehicle like a Ken Doll then so be it!