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  1. Do you know if they are rough/smooth Collies or Border Collies I am no longer on the (02)9674 4824 Thanks Judy
  2. Sorry posted pn the wrong thread
  3. Thank you everyone, too many of us know the heartbreak of losing an amimal that we love so much. .
  4. Her ashes are here. I lite a candle for her last night and will continue to do this so that her soul can find its way back to finally rest in peace at the place she loved and that loved her. :heart:
  5. She was such a inspiration Mita to everyone that knew about her. I can still see her with a mouthful of fur after going at one of the youngster that dare dump into her especially if she was asleep, Such a special femimist old lady, well said!!!! :)
  6. Her ashes are here as she had to have a place for her soul to rest. This was her home, a place where she was so loved and that she so loved. I miss that beautiful sweet baby Bon Bon
  7. This is so beautiful Rach, thank you so so much. I have added it to be old post. We all miss her so much as she was such a character and such a part of the pack. Thank you Rach, I would have thought you had enough of me crying on the phone to you, I just needed to tell someone who also knew just how special this little girl was. :hug: . Waiting on her ashes
  8. Thank you so much everyone for your kidness and support, it is very much appreciated. This beautiful girl deserved to be loved her entire life but at least it happened towards the end and she died knowing one of the most basic thing in life, that she was truly loved :heart: Again thank you!! Judy
  9. This is beautiful tribute to such a beautiful soul. RIP sweet baby Bon Bon Thank you K9 Angel for this and for the kindess shown to Bonnie. Thank you for every one on this post that send words of encouragement to her and who supported this amazing little girl. At least at the end of her life she knew what it was like to be cared about and REALLY loved. Judy
  10. For those who remember Bonnie. It was such a sad day. I had to say goodbye to my beautiful foster baby, dear old sweet Bonnie girl. In December 2010 she was dumped at Blacktown Pound so old, so underweight, so matted and riddled with fleas. I brought her home up in the Country and took her to my lovely vet where it was established that she had cancer and it was expected that she only had maybe 6 months. 18 months later she had put on 10 kilos and had the most beautiful coat. She was a truly beautiful gentle soul who was so happy here where she was loved, looked after and everywhere I went she was right behind me. She would have followed me to the end of the earth and on some of our walks I think she must have thought I had taken her there. I can still hear her stressed barking every time I went out or she could not find me and she would come running trying to be the 1st to greet me when I came home. RIP sweet Bonnie girl, you are missed so very much. Your ashes will be here soon and then you will be back in the home that you so loved and where you so belonged. Love you Bon Bon . :heart: Thank you Rach for the parcels of goodies that you sent to this sweet girl, she enjoyed every morsel :D Judy
  11. Just found this on facebook The Good&Bad Buyers/Sellers of Brisbane NARELLE CONWAY-HOLLOWAY HAS CHANGED HER NAME TO NARELLE HILEY. STILL CRAZY THO :) BEST NOT TO DEAL WITH HER. Bahahahaha love that she thinks changing her name is going to help. :)
  12. She says to tell you she is not THAT particular.....chicken, liver, beef...whatever is opened will be fine!!! Please PM me your address and I will send her some smakos if that's ok. Will do, that is such a lovely thought K9angel Thank you so much from Bonnie who will enjoy every morsel of them
  13. She says to tell you she is not THAT particular.....chicken, liver, beef...whatever is opened will be fine!!!
  14. Well Miss Bonnie has decided that there are only 2 things in life worth eating. In no particular order..... BBQ chicken and Smackoos Picture of her meals these days
  15. Dog love her. I wish there was something I could do to make her all better. Me too