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  1. Thanks mate I will ring tomorrow , also waiting on a call back from another.
  2. Hi guys can anyone give me the name of a trainer that does boarding and can do temperament testing also ? I have an emergency care situation .. Thanks in advance I am with Airedale Rescue so not a small dog facility.. Brisbane QLD
  3. Are you talking about our website ? Send a msg through the info section with address details for a quite as we deliver to Sydney , Melbourne etc I think Brendan was putting the dehydrated tripe on the site Saturday but I'll check ..
  4. We Indeed sell fresh green tripe and we also now dehydrate our own green tripe treats :-) Thanks Airedaler :-)
  5. We are lucky to have a holiday program for the dogs :-) people register in our case breed specific. ( but have had other terrier breeds ) as it's with our rescue group . We just advise the dates we need and people closest to you contact you and that's it . We know each other and all have an obsession lol of our breed and so far has worked out fabulous ..
  6. Snip -pets Briggs road raceview More Ipswich but I think she strips her Airedales when she was showing and breeding Barbara bishop is her name
  7. Sigh , it was just an observation and if you were there you may have made the same one , seeing a situation and then reading it can be very different ., They may be 'money hungry' or they may not. Some assumptions being made? Guessing she had saggy breasts? Some bitches go back into shape quickly and some don't. Some have one litter and have big boobs for life and others have several and spring back well. Do you know how many litters she has had? Or is the number an assumption? 'Senior'? Do you know how old she was? Is senior 5 years? 8 years? Older? The 'creator' thing is yes a bit weird. You were talking to the daughter though. Not the dogs owner. She may have had a few things confused (perhaps he bred two dogs which carried the dilute gene to 'create' a litter with blues in it at some point). Whatever we personally think of blues, the fact that they have blues does not necessarily tell us they are 'money hungry'. That is an outside generalisation. They may possibly be 'backyard' breeders ( again an assumption) but even backyard breeders have many motivations for breeding, not all about money. They kept a female pup they bred to continue their line. Many breeders do this. Heck I have done it. That is the point of breeding. To have something to go on with. We don't know how much they sell them for (except it varies) so can not make any judgement based on that either. So exactly how are they money hungry?
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