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  1. People With Fat Dogs

    Unless you know the dogs health background and know exactly how/what they are feeding the dog I wouldn't say anything. Your advice no matter how good the intent, would be seen as criticism against themselves and would be ignored.
  2. I was at my Mums the other day and she has 2 border collies...someone was walking their dog on the other side of the street and the dogs were barking and running up and down the fence line. She made no attempt to stop them. When I asked her about it, she said they enjoy running up and down the fence and half heartledly told them to be quiet. I looked at her with utter amazement, looked at the guy walking on the road trying to control his dog and roared at mums two, they immediately halted and just looked at me. I looked at Mum and said that's how its done.
  3. We used to go to a very well known Vets franchise until my girl needed her baby teeth taken out. They quoted me over 600-00 for the removal of 2 teeth and kept asking me if I wanted her desexed at the same time. I kept telling them she is a show dog so No. In the end they had asked me so many times I felt they would desex her anyways. They also said they would shave her front leg, that there was no way around it. I rang the local vet who had operated on my other girl, their quote was 1/3 of the price. Took her down 2 days later, in the end they found 5 baby teeth that had not fallen out, they didn't charge me for the teeth removal, only the anaesthetic cost. Best part was they didn't shave her leg because she is a show dog. Vets need to take into consideration what the customer wants to, not just their own hip pocket. Yes the well being of the dog comes first but its the little things that make a huge difference. In the past 2 years I have heard of so many good stories about these vets and so many bad ones about the other vet. Glad I changed. Pays to shop around.
  4. Apartments Go To The Dogs

    Yes, more & more retirement villages are including in their advertising that people are able tp bring their pet with them. One trap in the fine print of some places, tho', is that is says they can bring a pet.... but once that pet passes on, they can't acquire a new pet. I don't know how widespread this is.... but it has caught a few people. Caution is to read the fine print. My Mother in law lives in a block of units like this, there are a few animals but once they die the owner cannot get another one.
  5. Do You Love All Your Pets Equally?

    Nope. Its like people, you love some, you like some and then you hate some. 2 out of 3 of my dogs I like, the other one I love with all my heart and would run til the end of the earth for her. Dont get me wrong, the other 2 arent lacking in anything, my hubby loves one, my daughter loves the other, So it kinda works in our household.
  6. Nsw Companion Animal Taskforce

    I have been reading the thread and one question I have keeps popping up. Average Joe wants a puppy, the guy next door staffie is pregnant accidently to the dog down the road. Average Joe had no idea about all these regulations about permits etc and buys puppy from next door. How are they going to stop that? Would average Joe even care? If they can buy a puppy for $100-00 from next door why would they buy from a registered breeder for $1000? How is this all going to enforced? Backyard breeders will still be doing what they always do unless the average Joes knows exactly what the laws are and the council/rspca pounce on everyone who has a new puppy and start asking questions about where said puppy came from.
  7. Christmas Presents

    mine are getting an 'an only child hamper' 1x 6 pack Christmas Dinner Muffins 1x bag Ginger Bread Men Biscuits 1x bag Bacon Christmas Trees 1x bag Cranberry Barkscotti They are home made doggy treats made by some lovely ladies that sell them at the local markets.
  8. Oldies In Pounds Or Dumped

    We adopted another dog from the pound, she was around 1 year old. We ended up taking her back because she terrorised my older dog. Maddie was there first, no way would i get rid of her
  9. Stinky Dog Yard

    On my paved area I make up a solution of the Wheelie Bin cleaner/disenfectant. Two caps to a bucket of water and just swish it over the smelly area after I have cleaned up the poo etc. I used a hard bristle broom and gave it a quick scrub while it was wet. Two weeks later and all I can smell is the cleaner.
  10. Show Numbers

    I have been under the impression that we are not allowed to know how many of our breed is being entered. Was told in case you are points hunting and dont want the competition and only enter shows where your dog will be the only one in its breed.
  11. What Is The Age Difference Between Your Dogs?

    6 years and just over a year. We got the 2nd when my dog passed away but the oldest didnt want anything to do with her so we ended up getting the 3rd. 2nd and 3rd dogs play together and will be company for each other in their old age. 1st dog gets to laze around and just be herself.
  12. Petting Dogs At A Dog Show.

    I have long coated dogs and have found poeple tend to ask first before touching. We say no and explain that they are just about to go into the ring or we are getting them ready. Afterwards, go for it. Havent had anyone pat without asking. Have had alot of people stop at AG shows, ask questions and havent wanted to pat in case they mess up the coat.
  13. Breed Misidentification

    Being at a show and the judge thinks the dog is another breed
  14. My two girls are entire, I am not a breeder and have no intention of breeding at present BUT I do show them. I cannot show desexed dogs. If and when they are no longer show dogs and we do not wish to continue the line they will be desexed BUT only then.
  15. Late Show Entries

    Last year when I got new puppy, the show my other dog was entered had just closed. I rang the secretary explained about just getting the pup. She was just doing the catalogue but allowed me to express post the entry. Another show same weekend took my payment over the phone and hubby faxed the entry from work. In certain circumstances I am pretty sure most people are flexiable depending on the closing date. I wouldnt try to enter a show that had closed more then a week before tho, thats just pushing my luck a litle to much.