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  1. Does anyone know where I can hire a dog hyro bath for a fundraising event?
  2. Nursy


    The dogs are not from NSW. The dogs we have been saving are from pounds in Victoria.
  3. Nursy


    We are looking for foster carers in Victoria. We would like to save more greyhounds in Vic but don't have enough foster carers.
  4. Nursy


    which Vic greyhound rescue? Greyhound rescue Vic & NSW Would this be the group you are referring to? http://greyhoundrescue.com.au/news/4-greyh...ad-to-victoria/ Yes this is the group. Greyhound rescue Vic, is not GAP or GSN.
  5. Nursy


    which Vic greyhound rescue? Greyhound rescue Vic & NSW
  6. Nursy


    Does anyone know of any greyhound foster carers that live in Vic that could help Vic greyhound rescue this year?
  7. Poor baby Have you tried the Siberian Husky Club of Vic http://www.siberianhuskyvic.org.au/rescue/. I know they state that they only do rehoming now for club members, but it might be worth a shot? I have tryed them, but they couldn't help. They said it would be hard to adopt an older dog. I feel sorry for her because nobody wants to adopt her due to her age.
  8. Is there anyone who is interested in adopting a female Siberian Husky who is 9 Years old a the RSPCA shelter in Pearcedale, Vic? Or anyone who knows of someone who would be interested? She would be best suited to someone who has another Husky. Her profile is on their site.
  9. I can't foster, but is there anything that I could do to help? This is so cruel for them to this right before Christmas.
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