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  1. Have a friend travelling to USA soon and looking to rent out her property on northside of Canberra.. Dog friendly and may include some outside runs.. She is taking her show dogs with her.. Think rent is around $500 per week.. ( Yes Canberra is expensive)
  2. Thank you Hershey and family for the meet and greet today.. Hershey is a spunky little man with an awesome attitude.. He looooves cheese and I think his treats will be the way to resolving his anxiety.. His coat is currently at about a #7 so must have been a #10 or shorter when done.. I will be aiming to maintain him in a #5 which will be easier on him.. On initial intro Hershey was reluctant to have his rear end touched a gave me a warning.. By the time I left he had rolled over for a belly scratch.. Hershey doesn't have a nasty bone in his body.. I think the desexing at a mature age has
  3. Much better day today.. Had the joy of giving a cavooodle it's first bath and clip.. Was a darling little thing.. They make up for all the long days.. :-)
  4. Much better day today.. Had the joy of giving a cavooodle it's first bath and clip.. Was a darling little thing.. They make up for all the long days.. :-)
  5. Just for a grooming prospective.... A lady came into the salon today.. Tells me to be careful as dog (cocker spaniel) has infected eye.. says dog has a few mats that need to come off.. Turns out dog hasn't been groomed for at least 12 months.. Ears are so matted (2 inch thick) that they are rotting flesh underneath.. Belly and back came off in one sheet and knots on legs like golf balls.. I started clipping at 10.30am and finished at 5 pm.. Dog had a break every half hour for about 5 minutes each time.. That's about 6 hours of grooming.. Poor dog .. I had tears in my eyes each time I came
  6. Have to agree.. a 4 or 5 is much less likely to burn or damage coat.. Also poorly maintained clippers can overheat the blades.. Having just spent the last hour cleaning blades etc from a full days clipping I know it's not an easy task but makes for less skin damage.. Some people have different ideas.. for example one client that is coming in tomorrow has a schnauzer that she insists on clipping with a 10 and a 5 beard.. Looks like a scalded cat when done.. Pushing her towards a 7 or 5 and hopefully she will see the benefit.. I don't like scissor cuts either.. unless doing a show clip (Br
  7. Had another thought too that may be an issue for him.. At both the groomers and vet he is placed in a cage while waiting or recovering.. This in itself can cause great trauma to an anxious dog.. Does he crate sleep?? Could he be taught to crate sleep?? I teach all of my rescues/show dog/ pets to crate sleep.. It takes the angst out of vet stays and when they need to be confined for any reason... Mine will actively seek the crate when anxious.. No one is allowed to disturb the dogs in their crates and they come out when ready.. Much the same as climbing into your bed when you are exhausted.
  8. I am in Canberra and a groomer that would be happy to take the time needed to work with this dog if necessary.. I could also show owners the basics of grooming so that we don't get back to this situation again.. Highly recommend grooming every 4-6 weeks even during winter.. At least a bath and comb thru. With a matted coat there is NO choice but to go short.. Should still not burn though.. Hot blades will burn the skin much like a men's shaving rash and becomes very sensitive. If needed I would be happy to meet with the family and spend some time getting the dog's trust before even con
  9. Highly recommend Gables... Chat to staff for rescue rates.. Have been wonderful help with all my rescues and staff are always willing to help.
  10. Is there a possibility of making a containment area in current yard? That way dog would still have his family but no access to house.. Dementia is horrible and debilitating at the best of times.. Even without this incident I think the dementia would be hard to deal with and the family would still have to put coping strategies in place. I guess it comes down to the family's commitment to both the dog and lady.. Should a person with dementia be home alone ?? Without knowing her I would say most dementia patients bevome very vunerable to household accidents and is a primary reason aged ca
  11. Sydney - We are asking for your help in an unusual case. Carrie a litte fox terrier x is missing. You may have seen Carrie in your travels around the city centre as she belongs to a gentleman called John who is homeless. He is often in Pitt st, Oxford st and Goulburn st. He is homeless as he is unable to find accommodation that allows him to have Carrie with him. On Saturday 15th June a person came by John and Carrie when they were sitting on Goulburn st and this person kicked Carrie and she was frightened and ran off. Since then John has been searching for her, but has not been able to find
  12. This was on the Victorian government website: Legal Requirements for Dog Owners The law aims to protect animals from neglect and cruelty, and to protect the community from animals becoming a nuisance or danger. If you don't comply with legal requirements, such as microchipping, registration, and confinement of dogs to your property, you can be fined. Check with your council to see if they have any local laws that may require dogs to be desexed, or any other local laws that may apply to dog ownership. Under animal cruelty legislation, if you mistreat or fail to properly care for your dog y
  13. Domestic animal services in Canberra spell it out quite well : Application procedure Persons wishing to keep four or more dogs must make an application under section 19 of the Domestic Animals Act 2000 for a multiple dog licence. An application form can be obtained from Domestic Animal Services. Prior to lodging your application each individual dog must be registered, micro-chipped and de-sexed (unless the keeper holds a sexually entire permit). You are also required to provide a map and photos of your premises, outlining any existing facilities and any proposed construction. A Ranger from
  14. I guess the main thing for ALL dog owners is to know your local council's by laws. I too have lived in remote areas.. Residential housing zones have different rules to those on large properties. I lived in the snowy mountains and the regulation for the block I lived on was 2 dogs.. Next door was a 30 acre property with no limit in place. I do feel for this person as decisions are difficult.. I would not want to see her dogs pts.. Would you feel the same way if she had 7 children in a five seater car? Rules are there to protect everyone no matter how wrong they seem. We all rode in the b
  15. Have seen this posted through facebook.. Dont know that it was a breeder but person enquired about a dog in RSPCA shelter and has since come under scrutiny as has too many dogs without a permit.. We all need to be aware of our local restrictions and abide by them.. ACT is now 3 dogs without a permit... Unregistered rescues have only 3 months grace before they need to be council registered. Permits are difficult to get.. Neighbours are contacted and waste disposal must be correct.. I havent rescued for a while as have 3 dogs here and one is a failed foster as unrehomable (fear aggression)
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