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  1. Staffy itch

    No replies so forget it.
  2. Staffy itch

    Our Staffy Oscar , now the hot weather in Brisbane, scratches his under arm making it red. Is there something that has a very good record to stop the itch?
  3. Staffy Itching Scratching

    a quick fix-it for ant bites...rub a piece of cut onion onto the bite; the ouchie will disappear quick as a flash Thank You,that`s new to me, he does get that occassionally, i`ll try that. :)
  4. Staffy Itching Scratching

    :D Thanks for all replies. The vet sold us Mediderm, $29????? it doesn`t work. Epsom salts bath has been suggested and better still ocean salt water, if we can get to it. He does ease on a cool day. We`ve researched a lot, no moses plants or wandering dew around or others. Summer here is hard for him and Staffy`s get it easier. :)
  5. Our Staffy Oscar doesn`t get the Eczema during cool weather here in Brisbane, but in the very hot days now he`s scratching quite a lot and makes it bleed under his armpit. We have been using pawpaw ointment is that ok please? :)
  6. Eczema

  7. Eczema

  8. Eczema

    Yes that`s it, but i`m trying to see if i`m notified of replies to my posts. I haven`t had any notifications by email yet. :)
  9. Eczema

    Our Staffy has severe itching daily, i think it is called (Eczema?). Would someone give some advice where they have had success in solving the problem please? :) Also could you tell me where the user control panel is please?
  10. No Fat Treats

    No allergies just a little excess weight. Thank you all.
  11. Could someone suggest non fat treats for a Staffy please? :)
  12. What Breed

    Thank You
  13. What Breed

    Could you tell me what breed this dog is please? :)
  14. Evening Primrose Oil

    Thank You.