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  1. I would suggest this too because I have always found it cheaper to use a NZ company than an Australian one. Don’ know why! Even when it is the same dog going to NZ and returning back to Melbourne a couple of weeks later.
  2. In Victoria the pups have to be registered under the prefix of the person who is the registered owner at the date of birth. Which means that the bitch has to be registered in your name before it whelps if you want to use your own prefix. At least that is as I read it!
  3. Troy - I think this question is in the wrong section, please can it be moved so that more people see it and answer? The wording is strange, but I think what it means is that before she can apply for a prefix she needs to join the NSW kennel association and have been a member for at least six months. (During that time she will be able to transfer the registrations of any pedigree dogs she owns into her name.) Once the six months is up she can apply for a prefix and, once that prefix is granted, can proceed to breed using a dog and a bitch already on the mains register
  4. I abhor this trend of take,take take - not that helps TheSharps any. I was always taught that one of the principles of dog breeding was to give back to the breed and expand the gene pool not keep it all for yourself.
  5. One of the problems with trying to develop new stable genetic combinations is the number of genes involved and the extent of variance within those combinations. It requires a vast number of animals, resources and money and very few groups have such resources at their disposal. So we get individuals using a small number of breed representatives to attempt to predict the outcome for the whole breed. In this case it is a number of breeds involved so the statistical answers are even smaller. i am never sure what the ultimate aim is, but good luck to all involved, you are in for a long and
  6. It seems that the people behind the “Australian Lykos Development Project” are the same people selling the puppies, so I’m not sure that their independent Code of Conduct means much to th be outside world. Tread carefully Aussiegal02 !
  7. Unless the regs have changed, this is never allowed within Australia unless an Assistance dog
  8. I agree having just spent a month trying to get a dog on a flight to Perth. Success eventually but at only 15 hours notice and not on the same flight as the owner!
  9. Should also say that Zylkene was recommended to me in the first place by a vet behaviourist.
  10. Have you tried Zylkene? It is made from a natural product derived from milk and I found them good for anxiety. The info gives thunder storm anxiety as one of its uses.
  11. Really sorry to hear that Sooty is sick. We are sending loving vibes in your direction.
  12. You are right, working ESS vary tremendously so It rather depends on the sort of work the pups will end up doing. A dog that is going to be asked to put in 24/7 needs a different structure to a coach potato. My maxim is “go with what you like” but choose something that is sound and middle of the road, not excessive in any way. I ask myself “do I want that look to represent me/my legacy” interestingly, people say to me that they can tell one of my dogs anywhere, so be sure it is a style you like! if you want me to be more specific pm or email me.
  13. I have seen this on a number of occasions — have always thought it to be associated with a biggish litter but I am not a vet either so who knows? However, I am a dog breeder of 40+years and I always use a repro vet for questions during pregnancy.
  14. I do not know of any breeders in Australia but that does not mean that there are none. The smaller/ rarer Gundog breeds are not as popular in Australia as the Labradors because field shooting is not so popular as it used to be and real working bred dogs are hard to come by. There are a few cross breeds eg Murray River Curlycoated Retriever in existence but again, you might be struggling to find one for sale, and it would take years to get the Boykin on the ANKC register You ought to be able to source a working bred Cocker if you are patient - I have two !
  15. On the agriculture.vic.gov.au site in the Pet Exchange Register section there is a para that gives a special button to “Report an Advertising concern” hope that gets you there! Sorry I can’t seem to get the link to work hence the long hand description!
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