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  1. Depends on the breed and particular doggy family. My girls are often 2 years old or more before their first season. Don’t worry, she will come in when she is ready
  2. Nowadays I don’t bother with ultrasounds as they can be problematical both ways. i wait until 7+ weeks then X-ray to get a count which is usually spot on.
  3. I ask for a pup of my choice for the lease of the girl plus another one if I am also providing the stud. i have always done this and it seems to be acceptable. - otherwise they don’t get to lease the girl!
  4. JRG

    Bark Busters

    I have not used them myself, but have seen a number of posts which are NOT very supportive of their methods. I am sure you will be able to find private dog behaviourists in your area who are better able to advise you.. Hopefully some of the local Queensland folk will come along and be able to recommend.
  5. I don’t think this is important. Things happen in the best regulated places! Surely you want to know for sure that your boy is the father - particularly since you have aspirations of a stud career. for him.
  6. Jason- you have a very tricky situation there and, after 43 years in the dog world, I can tell you that the current set up will end in tears. Over the years I have had dogs that just do not get on, and try as I might, I have yet to find a solution except total separation. Even then, there is always the chance that someone will unknowingly let the culprits out together and, before you know it, the fight is ON! Nowadays, if I see such a situation developing I do not hesitate to send one of the perpetrators to a different home. I used to think like you are doing, that I was letti
  7. make sure you ring the right people. There is more than one company who run “exclusive” pet ID registers and it can be quite tricky trying to find out which register your dog is on!
  8. NB. I could be wrong do you know which register your dog is on? As a registered breeder I get requests from the Central Animal Registry people to sign dogs over to people who have lost the original paperwork and the notice says that if I do not do as they request, they will transfer the dog anyway! - or words to that effect. So I would advise you to send the form in anyway and see what happens. You could also ring them and ask them what to do - I have always found them very helpful (although not very efficient). Tel 03 9706 3187 Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
  9. I would not be happy with an arrangement like this. You should not be asked to negotiate with the current buyer - that is the job of the breeder.
  10. Many bitches do not come into season at regular intervals. Just record the date of seasons and see what her pattern (if any) is. Note that in some States, bitches can’t (legally) have more than two litters in 18 months.
  11. You need very sophisticated computer programs for semen analysis
  12. There is a saying “if you can’t train a dog without an ecollar, you can’t train a dog with one!”
  13. Can you let him try a natural mating to get the idea? An experienced bitch will show him how if he is reluctant!
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