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  1. I agree with Rebanne, go for something pronounceable - short is also good because as well as avoiding the prefixes of every other breeder, you need to remember that the maximum field available when registering pups is 32 spaces, so if you have a long prefix you restrict the spaces available to you for pup names.
  2. I take it that are meeting the breeder at their property? If so, have a good look round at the actual place the pup is living in, look at their adult digs (not just the puppies) and when I say look, I mean LOOK. Ask yourself “are these dogs what I want in my life”?. because your baby will only be a baby for a few months and you will be living with the adult for years! i breed dogs myself and am amazed at the number of people who are so magnetised by the pups that they do not give the adults a second glance and please read the paperwork, don’t just sign with one eye on your new baby. Have a wonderful visit and enjoy your new baby. All pics gratefully received - a new Pom , how exciting.
  3. Depends why you are doing it. If you expect your pup to come back to you fully trained, you are destined to be disappointed for the reasons stated above. But if you just think that a few weeks of discipline will do puppy good, then go for it! A long time ago, I sent a spaniel to live with a Game Keeper for a few months, (I was working in Scotland at the time); the experience did her the world of good and she subsequently became an excellent gun dog in spite of me!
  4. In one litter, I had a pup with a kinked tail and there is no history of that in my lines. It was interesting because you could tell where the tail and back legs had developed in the embryo because of the markings and in this case, the tail had developed wrapped round the right rear leg.
  5. Agreed. Tail deformity can occur (developmentally) in any breed. It also depends on what you mean by a “curly tail”. as an aside - does anyone know if Bull Terrier tails were ever docked?
  6. Ah, there’s the rub. If it is registered, you are not supposed to sell it without it’s papers! also, there are regulations that make the breeder obliged to register ALL the pups in a litter at the same time. There are “road blocks” at almost every corner put there by the Kennel Club, the Government, PETA or the RSPCA
  7. FCR 4. If you are not happy with the responses then I suggest that you go out and get yourself some well bred brood bitches and have a go yourself. Then in a few years time, you will be able to let us all know how much each pup has cost you to produce. We are would all be interested to see some good objective research. Let’s face ir, even the Taxman will not accept that dog breeding (except on a large scale) can be a profitable business.
  8. I do not know how you have got that impression because Orivet test all breeds for breed specific problems as well as general parentage issues.
  9. I guess it comes down to whether you factor in the cost of looking after a number of dogs 24/7/365 i agree that in the short term I make a profit, in the long term I never come close! so, how far should the general public expect me to subsidise their purchase?
  10. I think you can also still import dogs that have been legally docked in their home country
  11. I see the biggest problem is who writes the standards, and who is interpreting that standard? People with different interests will put stress on different features/capabilities.
  12. I agree. Once the puppy is paid for and out of the gate the breeder has lost all effective control no matter which register it is listed on. People who think otherwise are fooling themselves
  13. I have seen this too. I think it was in an article about designing children’s play areas.
  14. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am old enough to have been a breeder in the “olden days”. my pups still leave here on the main register because I am proud of them. They are and always have been , working dogs. They still look the same as they always have looked (no long coats and floppy ears etc). They have done my kennel proud as sniffing dogs all over the world. Do you think Dogs Vic or Dogs NSW cares? They do not even acknowledge us when our animals appear in the media etc. So why am I still a member? Because I believe in the Stud Book/Register which should be a record for all dog owners to see the history of their breed and the place of their dog in that history.
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