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  1. Kippers

    Like Tassiee, I would start with a big soft toy not a ball. Start in the house, in the passage. All doors shut so he cannot escape.. sit on the floor and get the pup interested in the toy, then throw a short distanc (1 meter ) and en courage the pup to go after it and as soon as he goes to pick it up, call him back in an excited voice and welcome him with enthusiasm. Do not immediately take the prize (toy). Play with the pup and toy for a while and only then,ask him to give it to you . Start all over again.
  2. Just watch that you don’t create jealousy between the dogs. I would never play with one of the girls unless the other one is confined.
  3. Phantom dog pregnancies

    Yes.don’t bother with an ultrasound. At this late stage and possibly a small litter, X-ray is more accurate.
  4. Licking stitches

    This can work well - just fasten along the dog's back not under her tummy. (Boots (in the pic) had stitches on his chest between his front legs)
  5. Accidentally express bladder?

    The answer is “yes”. When looking after orphan baby pups you have to rub their tummy’s in order to toilet them. So just watch out, you might get poops as well! Their mum licks them for the same purpose.
  6. Agree! try not to be too predictable. Keep him guessing! You do not want him to think that he will get fed every time you put him into his crate. Maybe feed him at different times of the day if that is possible or let different people feed him sometimes. Anything (within reason and safety) to stop his wild anticipation of food!
  7. Getting a new puppy

    Don’t know much about the history of the breed,but they are more related to setters than spaniels. Their style of movement / working is different - they run and air scent then point their game from a distance,, whereas the spaniels sort of bustle, stay close to their handler, ground scent and flush./ startle their game immediately they find it. Horses for courses. I suspect their temperament is different too. - a dog that is bred to stay close to it’s handler would tend to view life differently to one bred to be more independent .
  8. Getting a new puppy

    Except that they are NOT Spaniels !
  9. Lab proof dog beds

    I have used old tyres too they can be fastened on to wood or horse stable rubber matting if necessary
  10. Here is a pic of a little "spare" pen I have in the yard. It is completely enclosed and safe - can be padlocked it needed. ('Fiver' is not quite sure why he has been enclosed!!) I have pushed an old frying pan under the bottom rail. It has two treats in it (but he is not amused). Note that I have not had to come into contact with the dog inside the pen, and I could tie the pan handle to the verandah post if I wanted to keep it within my reach so can remove it.
  11. Not sure that this will help you,but a couple of things in my system of feeding might be of use: 1.i prepare the feed dishes the night before. This means that I can feed all dogs - I have 6 or more - almost instantaneously. 2. Eachdog goes into its own pen and i close all gates. No food appears until all dogs are in. 3 the stainless steel feed dish for each dog is pushed under the gate so that it slides into the middle of the pen. The steel bowls slide really well 4Each dog can eat as fast or slow as it likes without interference should add that i do not have any food aggression problems, but better safe than sorry
  12. Car Sick

    I have a bitch who is now 11 and all her life she has hated the car. Cries, is sick etc. I have tried everything and just given up!
  13. Stud a dog

    Unless your dog is very well known in dog circles , and excels in some aspect eg at the shows or trials You might find it hard to get suitable studs for him.however, you will need to get his hips and elbows xrayed and scored, eyes tested, genetic tests done etc. Stud fee is usually the price of a puppy, but is negotiable. probably your best first move is to approach the breeder of your pup and ask him/her if they would be interested in his services. If they agree then you should probably give them a much reduced fee (or free service) in order to get your boy recognised? Don’t expect to make much money unless your boy isVERY well known! you will find that most breeders of standing have their own boys and will not be interested unless you have something rather special or unique. sorry to sound a bit negative, I have been breeding dogs for 40+ years and only twice have I “fallen across” an unknown dog that I have subsequently used at stud and I imagine other breeders would be the same. - could be wrong of course.
  14. How legit is pups4sale?

    There will be a lot of people who are Registered breeders that advertise on Dogs4sale as well as Dogzonline. You need to check their registration credentials regardless. If they are from Victoria, they should have a PER number and similar ID from other States. Sorry you will have to do your homework - it just got very complicated as of 1st July 2019
  15. Try the Department of Agriculture site: Code of Practice for the. Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses section 5, Sale of Animals. 5(i’j Guarantee read page 23 and the notes on page 24 not sure how this might/might not apply to animals bought in NSW , but you could ask the question.