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  1. Michael at Surefind Kennels (see the banner advertising on the main Dogzonline pages). Will make cages for the back of any vehicle. he is very reliable.
  2. 2x4 dog biscuits

    I understand that the company who made them is no longer doing so. not sure if they are closing down completely or not. Does anyone know ?
  3. I am in Victoria so no use to you. Try to find one reasonably close to home as he/she will need to see your dog to be able to prescribe a treatment regime and help you with her specific problems
  4. There is no doubt that a Veterinary Behavourist would be able to give your dog drugs etc and advise you on care matters, but armed with that advice, you will still have to Iive with her for forever long it takes and only you can answer this. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that my Vet Behavourist is a great source of help and support.
  5. My puppy has parvo

    As I pointed out, there are now reasonably specific regulations in Victoria concerning your rights as a puppy buyer and the breeders obligations. It might be an idea to check these . . .
  6. Buy yourself some clippers and keep the hair in that area short. The same happens to other breeds and, with practice it will look OK. i would not shave. Just use the clippers like stroking down the length of the hair. -if you were closer I’d say come round and I will show you, it really is easy.
  7. My puppy has parvo

    There are very specific regulations about this in Victoria, so do check before you “attack” the breeder
  8. Drink Bowl

    Don’t know anything about the one you mention, I use a Road Refresher which does not spill and is difficult to play with the water.
  9. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    The vet said I can give him three x 450mg if I foresee a problem day (ie lots of male visitors!) but I have never given him more than 2. I have to admit that Ted is much improved, but it has taken us 4+ months to get this far. Don’t expect too much too soon.
  10. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    I used adaptil 24/7 + zylene (up to two 450mg capsules per day) for a 20kg boy. have decreased as he has become more confident and dropped the adaptil altogether.
  11. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    I have not tried deconstructing the capsules, Ted will eat them buried in cream cheese! Fortunately he LOVES cheese and will now take it from my hand.
  12. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    I did not see anything dramatic, just a gradual calming down and a reduced reaction to the world at large. He can still be “spooky”, but comes round quicker and does not hide in his crate all the time.
  13. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Try budgetpetproducts.com.au. I have found it cheaper from them than anyone else
  14. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    Zylkene has been a godsend for my very nervous “rescue” spaniel. You can buy it on line or at some pet suppliers. No prescription needed. My vet behaviourist says my boy can have two or three times the dose on the packet if needed.
  15. When I look at your responses to the various breeds, I have to confess that you do not really want a Gundog at all particularly not one of the working types.I agree with dogsfevr, get a dog that the family want, and take it with you on your hunting trips. As long as it bashes the cover a bit and stays with you , it will be a good companion