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  1. dog-food bag clip

    Saw these in Inhabit just this afternoon.
  2. dog-food bag clip

    Or extra. large bulldog clips
  3. Setters

    Blueskies — did you see the pm I sent you at the weekend re working English Setter litter?
  4. In my face

    Blow in her face and she will turn away
  5. Meet Banks

    Yes, this is serious Gundog stuff. Usually takes at least 6 months for the (very) basic stuff, but Banks is destined for offical Field Trials, so I do not expect him back for many months! Yes I will miss him, but since I got him as a potential stud dog, he has a lot of growing up to do before I can use him. i have made a good deal with a friend, he gets to trial him, I get to use him over my (working) Cocker girl, and we both, eventually, get a well trained Gundog. in the meantime I have plenty of (working) springers to keep me busy!
  6. Setters

    Working Irish in Victoria and WA if you want any more details, pm me.
  7. Meet Banks

    Banks is great, thank you. He is a really good baby, has never soiled his bedtime pen and is never noisy. He has been to two Puppy Classes and, I am ashamed to say is not the best! loves a game of "chase" and has perfected the art of rolling and standing up again in one movement (while on the run)! Although he hasn't completed the Puppy classes he is off to boarding school next week to begin his training to be a proper gundog. So far all he has learnt towards that career is to collect his dumb-bell and bring it back - which he does with great gusto!! and stay reasonably close when we go for a walk across the paddock. I will keep you posted on his progress
  8. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    Get to the Vet ASAP. Does not sound good!
  9. Let little Rusty have the best home

    Yes! Please do this BEFORE you hand him on to someone else.
  10. dog-food bag clip

    Not much help but I got mine from Lakeland in the U.K. I suppose they sell them over the net.
  11. Rebanne - I am keeping positive thoughts coming your way - hope your girl is still hanging in and gaining strength.
  12. Hi Tully If you want to read my first hand experience of dealing with this, I wrote about it for the Spaniel Journal and it should still be available in their archives section <www.spanieljournal.com> (the magazine is no longer published) (title "Thank God for Butterflies"). It was a tough road but we proved it could be done!
  13. Hi Rebanne - it was a long difficult journey. If you pm me, I will send you my ph number and I can fill you in on my experience with Petals.
  14. I. Had a bitch with this back in 2002. At that time it was virtually unknown and was never diagnosed. She was para.ysed for the rest of her life, and she lived to a good age and whelped 3 heathy litters. As far as I recall she never ate chicken in her life!
  15. The old puppy exercise question

    I’ve had working bred Springers for 45 years and can truthfully say that I have never met a lazy one! hard surfaces etc are to be avoided but otherwise, let them run. By doing so they get fit and strong, and, believe me, they need those attributes in the working life ahead of them.