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  1. Rural/forest here as well .We have a well fenced yard and still get kangaroos etc eating the front lawn/garden area. My dogs never get out of the house yard until we have “scouted” the area and unless someone is with them to keep them under control. Electronic collars etc are not an alternative to training
  2. Interest discussion. I have always found that three is the most unstable number of house dogs I have had. Maybe it is because two get on as friends and that makes one an outsider and fair game for the others. Maybe it is because the boss feels her position threatened. ( notice I refer to the boss as female because in the spaniel world the girls are always at the top! I don’t know anything about the Shepard hierarchy, but you will soon find out!)
  3. I think that not only do they need to be current members of DogsNSW (or equivalent State body) but also have been a member for a period of time not just joining to register a litter. Do you know someone who is a DogsNSW member? If so, they would be able to look at the A.N.K.C. **database to see what registration your breeder and the parents of this pup have. Alternatively you can aiways ring the DogsNSW office. ** not ANKC anymore they changed their name just before Christmas!
  4. The Code of Practice in Victoria applies to all breeders and is supposed to be law so get in touch with the appropriate government department and ask them for advice. As far as I recall, you are entitled to (at least) partial refund if the dog is under three years old. However, if you go this route be aware that you might have to give the dog back.
  5. I like Mareka Ley at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital. (8390 2266) Mareka is also a qualified chiropractor.
  6. I sent a few pups from Vic to New South Wales with Dogtainers- very good service. I got the pups met at Yass so that the new owners did not have to go into metropolitan Sydney. They stop at other places too.
  7. Depends why he is crying. Equally, a pup that stands back might not be very sociable so it all depends what you are looking for. I would wait until they are at least 7+ weeks old before I choose.
  8. No. That is one of the advantages of a crate, you are teaching him that crate=bed and security. You can move it wherever suits you and he will still think of it as his bed and safe haven. you can move the crate a bit at a time so that he gradually becomes used to a new position. Dogs who are properly crate trained look upon their crates as refuges and choose to lie in them when they want to relax. Get one big enough to accommodate his sleepy time toys and leave them in there so that he knows where to find them when he is tired. have to second the others —. He is very Cute!
  9. I agree with the above - no point in getting all uptight, we have all reared Singleton pups with or without a Mum. it takes a lot of organisation and forethought, but it can be done. Cheryl A- please feel free to PM me if you want a bit of support or tips for surviving. It will be a hectic few weeks but very rewarding.
  10. I have a litter at the moment who are almost this age. They have a bed area + a play area adjacent. They already know not to soil the bed area. (Mum can come and go a few ties a day). If it was a single pup I too would favour a Snuggle Safe and definitely a roof over the whole thing as babies can have great talent at escaping when you are not supervising. They are not really into toys yet, but spend the time exploring. They seem to be particularly interested in the boundaries!!!
  11. I took in a mature boy to rehome who was very unsettled. The Vet Behavourist recommended Zylkene which we found very good. It is a naturally derived product which can be bought over the counter or on the net. It took a while to get our boy back on track, but he came good and is now a perfectly adjusted family pet
  12. Mine are “toilet roll inners/cardboard box” mad! Empty juice bottles with kibble or something else that rattles in them are also popular. We never have tennis or other balls except for retrieving training, for playing we use raw apples or oranges.
  13. I’m not a happy camper! There will soon be no independent vets left,
  14. You also need to keep in mind that, these days, the airlines will not accept paperwork accompanying an animal. This is stated specifically in the “conditions”
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