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  1. Take him to the vet who diagnosed Sparrow asap kidney problems should not be ignored.
  2. Buying a puppy

    Heath62. Don’t be disheartened. In my opinion, some breeders do not make enough effort. We talk a lot about “get to know the breeder” but not enough about the breeder getting to know the potential buyer. It cuts both ways and breeders, if they seek to get the trust of the general population, should make an extra effort to be understanding and helpful. now I will get off the soapbox!
  3. How do you prevent this?

    I use rubber backed carpet like you can put in the garage or carport.. Not pretty, but they are heavy and do not roll up or curl. Additionally, they do not slip and provide a good sound surface to walk on
  4. Puppy

    also, intestinal worms would be coming into my thoughts at three weeks.
  5. The reason for getting her sprayed is that many mammary tumours are hormone driven. Personally, I would get her neutered at the same time (one GA etc) and would no doubt get the op done ASAP, but that might depend on where she is in her cycle.
  6. I have tried Proudi patties - Maddy loved them, but then she is a spaniel!!
  7. Litters Due January 2019

    ESS Wrangham Purple Rain. NRD to Wrangham Holland n Holland due second week in January —fingers crossed!
  8. Sorry, I think the Perth one included collection from my place which the new owner did not have to pay. I often get the dogs collected because it saves me driving an hour to the airport and an hour back again! the collection fee would have been approx $100
  9. It is not expensive - a couple of weeks ago it cost me $145 to send a pup from Melbourne to Brisbane and $313 to send Melbourne to Perth and those prices both included crate hire.
  10. I use JetPets too. They are usually very efficient Which carrier has your breeder recommended?
  11. I have a yard full of bitches, some get on, others hate the sight of each other. I never leave any of them together if I am not at home because one little spark and it is all on!
  12. Red Fox Labradors

    I have seen them in the field, but never among the show bred stock.
  13. While I do not understand the reponse you got to your email, I must say that it is not a club secretary's job to to give an opinion. It is his/her job to explain to you the position of the Club on any topic and give you facts whether he/she agrees with that position or not. He/she is also not there to sell his/her own puppies or indeed recommend the litter of any particular member of the club. All members of the club are entitled to equal treatment. Having said all that, I can tell you that the questions club secretaries get asked vary from things like "where can I buy a dog whistle" to "where can I get an South American green xyz dog". If you don't believe me come and answer my phone and emails for a while!!
  14. https://dogsnz.org.nz/dogsnz/animal-welfare I suppose it had to happen sooner or later!!
  15. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    I read her books ages ago but can't remember much about them. I find that I get a bit from each book I read, but that doesn't mean I'm a disciple. We all do things in our own way and take a bit from everyone. I am sure you have taught Hugo well and he will be OK and just LOVE being an only child!.