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  1. Puppy Weight / Feeding Schedule

    Is there no information on the bag of dry food? There is usually a table of recommended amounts/feeds per day etc according to the weight of the puppy, his age and the anticipated adult weight on the side or back of the bag.
  2. Anxious behaviour in Maltese X

    Can’t be much help, I am afraid. I have a bitch that has been car sick since day one —she is now 13! The only thing that keeps her reasonable is having another dog in the car with her, but she never settles and is always delighted when we get to our destination.
  3. Looking for a Breeder

    Did you get pedigree when you bought her? If so, what was her registered(official) name?
  4. Importing new breeds

    No problems except the usual paperwork, quarantine etc
  5. What is the temperature like in the place you buy it from? Take that as a guide? I get my dog food in bulk and store (unopened) in a reasonably airy shed. No problems to date except with one brand that went a bit oily - was still edible.
  6. The Kelpie - Tony Parsons

    You can usually locate difficult books via www.bookfinder.com Very reliable.
  7. Get in touch with IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service) www.ivis.org they have a lot of information on their site, articles, research findings etc + they advertise a lot of short courses from time to time. You have to be a member to access, but it is not expensive.
  8. Interesting read. At present I feed dry but at various times have fed fresh raw (Juliette's natural rearing system) and semi cooked but apart from the time it takes me to feed, I have seen very little difference in the dogs health etc and it is certainly easier to keep them "trim, taut and terrific" on the dry.
  9. Take him to the vet who diagnosed Sparrow asap kidney problems should not be ignored.
  10. Buying a puppy

    Heath62. Don’t be disheartened. In my opinion, some breeders do not make enough effort. We talk a lot about “get to know the breeder” but not enough about the breeder getting to know the potential buyer. It cuts both ways and breeders, if they seek to get the trust of the general population, should make an extra effort to be understanding and helpful. now I will get off the soapbox!
  11. How do you prevent this?

    I use rubber backed carpet like you can put in the garage or carport.. Not pretty, but they are heavy and do not roll up or curl. Additionally, they do not slip and provide a good sound surface to walk on
  12. Puppy

    also, intestinal worms would be coming into my thoughts at three weeks.
  13. The reason for getting her sprayed is that many mammary tumours are hormone driven. Personally, I would get her neutered at the same time (one GA etc) and would no doubt get the op done ASAP, but that might depend on where she is in her cycle.
  14. I have tried Proudi patties - Maddy loved them, but then she is a spaniel!!
  15. Litters Due January 2019

    ESS Wrangham Purple Rain. NRD to Wrangham Holland n Holland due second week in January —fingers crossed!