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  1. Rebanne - I am keeping positive thoughts coming your way - hope your girl is still hanging in and gaining strength.
  2. Hi Tully If you want to read my first hand experience of dealing with this, I wrote about it for the Spaniel Journal and it should still be available in their archives section <www.spanieljournal.com> (the magazine is no longer published) (title "Thank God for Butterflies"). It was a tough road but we proved it could be done!
  3. Hi Rebanne - it was a long difficult journey. If you pm me, I will send you my ph number and I can fill you in on my experience with Petals.
  4. I. Had a bitch with this back in 2002. At that time it was virtually unknown and was never diagnosed. She was para.ysed for the rest of her life, and she lived to a good age and whelped 3 heathy litters. As far as I recall she never ate chicken in her life!
  5. The old puppy exercise question

    I’ve had working bred Springers for 45 years and can truthfully say that I have never met a lazy one! hard surfaces etc are to be avoided but otherwise, let them run. By doing so they get fit and strong, and, believe me, they need those attributes in the working life ahead of them.
  6. Meet Banks

    Banks arrived here yesterday. He is a very dark liver English Cocker Spaniel of the working type and is nine week old. Welcome to the Springer world little man! Sorry, photos not great - he moves so fast!
  7. Hydrobath's who to repair

    Bacchus Marsh is a long way from the SE of Melbourne
  8. Advice please

    In Victoria there are regulations (or soon will be*) regarding what compensation you are entitled to according to the status of the breeder and the age of the dog, but, as stated above, you must keep the breeder informed and allow access to reports etc and an opportunity for them to get their own vet opinion. * the laws are changing and I am not sure where we are at present!!
  9. Vet bills again

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-01/high-vet-bills-explained-after-dogs-kebab-injury/10859094 interesting piece from Tassie re Vet expenses
  10. Approriate dog fencing

    I am seriously concerned that you would even think that 4 foot would keep a Golden in! They can be excellent jumpers and clear that with ease!
  11. Puppy Weight / Feeding Schedule

    Is there no information on the bag of dry food? There is usually a table of recommended amounts/feeds per day etc according to the weight of the puppy, his age and the anticipated adult weight on the side or back of the bag.
  12. Anxious behaviour in Maltese X

    Can’t be much help, I am afraid. I have a bitch that has been car sick since day one —she is now 13! The only thing that keeps her reasonable is having another dog in the car with her, but she never settles and is always delighted when we get to our destination.
  13. Looking for a Breeder

    Did you get pedigree when you bought her? If so, what was her registered(official) name?
  14. Importing new breeds

    No problems except the usual paperwork, quarantine etc
  15. What is the temperature like in the place you buy it from? Take that as a guide? I get my dog food in bulk and store (unopened) in a reasonably airy shed. No problems to date except with one brand that went a bit oily - was still edible.