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  1. Correct. Except that the breeder only has to own the bitch (at least that is the rule in Victoria). You can agree with the owner of the sire to use him “at Stud” and for that service pay the owner a “fee for service”. There are rules and conventions about using a dog for Stud, but that’s another topic! The owner(s) of the sire and the owner(s)of the dam have all got to sign the application to register the litter which (in Australia) has to be done by the owner of the bitch and registered in their kennel prefix.
  2. Yes, it is rather complicated. as Rebanne says the only official registries are the ones accepted Internationally. These associations keep and guarantee the Stud Book. Ie they record all litters that are officially registered as pure bred so that the pup’s pedigree can be traced back hundreds of years. This means that when you buy an officially registered puppy of the breed of your choice, it is guaranteed to be of that breed with no additions of other breeds going back for hundreds of years. ( most Stud Books were started in the 1800’s. Occaisionally people try to falsify reco
  3. It is a frightening thought that it could happen to any of us! Hope they are found soon and those responsible brought to justice.
  4. JRG

    Advice please

    My sympathy to you -Poor baby. I have been following this conversation carefully because the law is different in different States. I could see small claims in Victoria maintaining that you should not have sold the pup, knowing that it was “faulty” (ie not fit for purpose) and awarding the purchaser full recompense + expenses. I hope for your sake that is not the ruling in WA. You need to remember that currently animals are treated the same as inanimate objects by most of the Law. As a breeder you should never pass your problems off on to someone else.
  5. JRG

    Advice please

    Except this one!
  6. I think I would be making some Satin Balls for him (can someone supply the proper recipe please - I just make it up as I go along and call them Puppy Cakes). I also mix in Ossol which is a really good supplement for growing and lactating animals.
  7. I have to agree. The older inhabitants have to get some degree of priority! the newcomer (whatever the variety) has to fit in with the others not the other way round.
  8. Try the Dogzonline advertisers. There is certainly one advertises there from Melbourne area who is excellent
  9. I second this - great nutrition. Well received by all. Biggest problem is finding a store with it in stock!
  10. JRG

    Pup only

    If your pup is on the Limited Register there is not much you can do without the approval of the original breeder. Did you realise that there are some colours in your breed that are not acceptable?. Perhaps better talk to the breeder about your plans and see if she will help you swap for a pup that suits you better.
  11. Some of my dogs will only each when the food is tipped on to the concrete - I think it is because the stainless steel bowls move about and make a noise. Their water buckets are stainless also, but hooked to the fence. The
  12. I agree but I did not say never use assisted breeding, I said use it routinely. I have been breeding dogs for 45 years and can count on one hand the number of times I have used AI exclusively and on one hand the times I have elected to have a Caesar that was not due to mis presentation or other problem that developed during whelping. i assure I use and appreciate the advice and skill of my repro specialist vet
  13. I am sorry you feel like that; it was am interesting discussion. I personally do not agree with ROUTINE AI or Caesarian. Any species or breed that relies on artificial methods to reproduce, is headed for extinction.
  14. There are regulations in Victoria setting out your options, I do not know whether they apply to dogs from NSW as well, but you can always ask or contact the appropriate the NSW govt department.
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