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  1. False ultrasounds

    Nowadays I don’t bother with ultrasounds as they can be problematical both ways. i wait until 7+ weeks then X-ray to get a count which is usually spot on.
  2. Breeders terms

    I ask for a pup of my choice for the lease of the girl plus another one if I am also providing the stud. i have always done this and it seems to be acceptable. - otherwise they don’t get to lease the girl!
  3. Bark Busters

    I have not used them myself, but have seen a number of posts which are NOT very supportive of their methods. I am sure you will be able to find private dog behaviourists in your area who are better able to advise you.. Hopefully some of the local Queensland folk will come along and be able to recommend.
  4. Fertility issue on a young dog

    I don’t think this is important. Things happen in the best regulated places! Surely you want to know for sure that your boy is the father - particularly since you have aspirations of a stud career. for him.
  5. Advice beeded

    Jason- you have a very tricky situation there and, after 43 years in the dog world, I can tell you that the current set up will end in tears. Over the years I have had dogs that just do not get on, and try as I might, I have yet to find a solution except total separation. Even then, there is always the chance that someone will unknowingly let the culprits out together and, before you know it, the fight is ON! Nowadays, if I see such a situation developing I do not hesitate to send one of the perpetrators to a different home. I used to think like you are doing, that I was letting the dog down. Not so, life in lock down with your worst enemy within earshot is infinitely worse. I am sure you are man enough to let your dog go. If not, for the sake of your wife and daughter, let both dogs go and agree to start again when your little girl is old enough to be responsible for a new puppy. I know this is difficult but I have lost a dog in a dog fight and would not wish that on anyone. Take care and put your ego aside for the sake of all your family.
  6. Transfer of ownership issues

    make sure you ring the right people. There is more than one company who run “exclusive” pet ID registers and it can be quite tricky trying to find out which register your dog is on!
  7. Transfer of ownership issues

    NB. I could be wrong do you know which register your dog is on? As a registered breeder I get requests from the Central Animal Registry people to sign dogs over to people who have lost the original paperwork and the notice says that if I do not do as they request, they will transfer the dog anyway! - or words to that effect. So I would advise you to send the form in anyway and see what happens. You could also ring them and ask them what to do - I have always found them very helpful (although not very efficient). Tel 03 9706 3187 Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
  8. I would not be happy with an arrangement like this. You should not be asked to negotiate with the current buyer - that is the job of the breeder.
  9. Silent heat?

    Many bitches do not come into season at regular intervals. Just record the date of seasons and see what her pattern (if any) is. Note that in some States, bitches can’t (legally) have more than two litters in 18 months.
  10. at home semen testing

    You need very sophisticated computer programs for semen analysis
  11. Another BS study of e-collars

    There is a saying “if you can’t train a dog without an ecollar, you can’t train a dog with one!”
  12. Fertility issue on a young dog

    Can you let him try a natural mating to get the idea? An experienced bitch will show him how if he is reluctant!
  13. Do you do dna testing?

    Orivet here too.
  14. Your First Dog

    Mine was Bracken, a grizzle Border Terrier. My first working Spaniel —Vicki
  15. What should I do?

    Every dog is different, so you need to reconcile yourself to the fact that there will never be another Kane. Dogs come and go, each of them occupies a special place in your heart, some you like a lot, some not so much,, but each is special in its own way, and each takes with it a part of you and leaves a part of itself behind. Once you can accept this, I am sure you can find the love in your heart for another dog - not another Kane. Please believe me when I say that there are many dogs out there just waiting for the love you can give, please don’t go looking for a replacement for the dog you lost, accept your new puppy for the wonderful animal it is not for what it might have been.
  16. Seller needs advice

    Does anyone know what the law is now in NSW?
  17. Fascinating. Thank you for posting.
  18. In the “olden days” we used to Field Trial Retrievers of all breeds together with any breed of Spaniel. Not sure that this proves anything except that they worked all day, The Field Trials at that time were run on a knock-out system so the winning dog in each pair went on to the next round (like a tennis tournament). until there was just one dog left standing.. one Stake (competition) took all day from 7 in the morning to dark. It was a hard day for dogs and handlers!
  19. The OP is in Victoria and it is one of the items on DogsVictoria contract of sale and in the State legislation. The
  20. I sympathise with your position, but as you say, at the present time it is tricky letting unknown people into your property. maybe you could suggest a meeting at their or your veterinarian and get the vet to check out the pup for you before you commit.
  21. Enrichment yards

    A heap of stones is good. I just get the guy to deliver gravel for my dog yard in a heap, and the “inmates” soon distribute it! Great fun.
  22. Guide for first puppy

    talking a pens for pups got me reminiscing so here are a couple of photos
  23. Guide for first puppy

    Disneyland type play areas are great for puppy’s and older dogs. We used to have one with a huge tractor tyre in it plus logs to walk along and a sand shell to dig in. All gone now except the big tyre which is still a great favourite with our dogs of all ages — now it has a tunnel entrance built by generations of dogs and a great place to sit!
  24. Night time nightmare of my own making

    The. most important thing is routine. He will learn very quickly how to get round you, so be firm and stick with the timetable that YOU want. If he needs to go out during the night, straight out and back - no playing or rubbing of tummy etc